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  1. Trying to apply the MQA update to my N100H but the purchase fails saying "Your purchase could not be completed" then "Software update failed to install". Any ideas? Credit card details are up to date on the app store. I'm running the latest firmware and app version.
  2. Thanks. Updated and running well. Looks really fresh in white. 👍
  3. Anyone here using an N100H with an iPad Mini 2 by any chance? I'm tempted to update the firmware/app/ios to check out the new Conductor features but I'm reluctant to as everything has worked flawlessly on whatever older version I'm using.
  4. Use MakeMKV to "backup" the whole blu-ray to your hard drive, this will bypass the copyright protection. Then open the backup folder with DVD Audio Extractor and select the files to convert to FLAC.
  5. Quick question, maybe someone here can help. When trying to access the media server on my N100H from my Oppo UDP-205 it keeps telling me the username/password is incorrect, when it isn't. It used to work. Only thing I've changed recently is my router. I can still access the Aurender from my Mac. Any ideas?
  6. Apologies if it's been posted already but does anyone know what size connector the power supply has? It can't be the standard 2.1 x 5.5mm as I've bought two different 15V 1A units off ebay and neither fit.
  7. Holding the front button for 5 seconds puts it in sleep mode apparently.
  8. I went through all that yesterday, thanks. It seems the Aries is constantly checking the media server, much like Sonos does. Annoying. UPDATE: Aha. Didn't know you could force it to sleep. I'll try this.
  9. So I installed Minimserver and my NAS still won't sleep. It's definitely the Aries as it always shows as connected in DSM and is shown regularly accessing the Music folder in logs. I emailed Auralic who replied "The Aries will check the connection every so often so there is no way around this." I'm slightly puzzled as to why this doesn't happen to everyone here. Do you switch the mini off somehow?
  10. Will do, thanks. Yes I am using Lightning server.
  11. My Aries Mini doesn't seem to let my NAS sleep, which is annoying. Anything I can do about this? I had the full size Aries and I don't remember it doing this, although I might be wrong.
  12. I'll be using it with my Hugo TT. I had the full size Aries with LPS and prefer the sound of my Cyrus streamer in my system so I've got a Mini for Tidal.
  13. Mine reads: INPUT: 100-240V 50/60Hz 500 mA OUTPUT: 15.0V - 1.0A Would this work? AC/DC MAINS SWITCHING POWER ADAPTOR/SUPPLY/CHARGER 1000MA/1A 15V REGULATED 2.1MM | eBay
  14. Got my Aries Mini at last. According to Igloo, there are currently no Mini's with a 3 pin plug and English manual for the UK market, only the German two pin, which wouldn't bother me except for the fact I can't fit the plug under my hifi rack with a travel adapter attached. Do any other UK buyers have any idea where we could source the 3 pin attachment for this "wall wart", or an alternative PSU that would work. I don't want the LPS.
  15. That'll do. The Auralic remote clashes with my Cyrus remote and it's a right pain. Thanks.
  16. Quick question (and apologies if it's been answered already) Can you turn this one on/off from the app? I see there is no remote on the specs sheet.
  17. There's no way to turn the Aries off from the app is there? The remote conflicts with my other equipment.
  18. Hello I hope this is the right place to ask. I just got an Aries. Very, very impressed with the sound. I'm having a couple of minor issues with the app however. My music is on a Synology DS212J with Synology Media Server. When I select "Folder" on Lightening DS I can browse the Synology "DMA menu style" I like however the embedded cover art only shows in the now playing window at the top left and when expanded it's not full resolution. I don't have "transmit low res images" checked in Synology and I have "default profile with original cover art" selected in the device list. That gives me full res art with other streamers. Also, when I select "Library" on the app it just seems to list all the Album names in alphabetical order, even if I choose Artist on the right. The only thing showing in the left hand column is "All Artists" then "#". Perhaps a Synology user can suggest a device profile that works better or something. I'd like to stick with Synology Media Server if I can. Thanks in advance.
  19. Ah, I think you're onto something there ELF, thank you.
  20. Thanks. I'm sure I tried DVD AE but I'll try again.
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