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  1. Thank you, but I think the person will primarily use I-phone as a source (via Bluetooth, most likely)
  2. Because you are experts, and this is not my area of expertise. Im much more comfortable with the analog aspect of the hobby, I don’t use any digital sources at the moment.
  3. Here is another question- if I were to use older amplifier/receiver with no Bluetooth connectivity, is there a stand-alone device, that will accept Bluetooth signal and will have analog outs to connect to receiver analog input?
  4. Got it, no offense taken. I’ve gotten much worse on other forums. I do appreciate all the advice, I can get.
  5. Any specific recommendations? Im afraid in this price range, choices will be limited to Class D
  6. I intentionally stated, it was for someone who has neither clue, nor any audiophile aspirations. For reference, my personal system is around $150 K retail, or so. so, maybe he could reconsider?
  7. Thank you, that looks like exactly what I need.
  8. Are any of the current receivers have built in internet radio (Pandora, etc.)?
  9. $100-300 no size restrictions.
  10. I need your help in choosing components for a very simple and affordable system. I got speakers covered (one of the Pioneer bookshelf models, designed by Andrew Jones) I need some kind of integrated amp to connect I- phone (as a source) to, possibly with built-in streaming and maybe Bluetooth capability. Simplicity and affordability are the key words. This system is intended for someone, who is decidedly NOT an audiophile, but enjoys music and can appreciated better quality reproduction. Appreciate your help in advance.
  11. Thank you again. I was kind of expecting you liking S1 more, than A1, but you are right about the pricing. I'm hesitant to pay double $$, compared to A1. I wonder how much custom PS unit for A1 from Hong Kong (Kenneth Lau) improves it's performance. Also, it'll be interseting to see some new competing products coming out.
  12. I meant to say "comparison b/w Lumin A1 and stock Sony is NOT very fair"
  13. Hi, Thank you for sharing your experience. I suspected that to be the case, though I think comparison b/w Lumin A1 and stock Sony is very fair. Modified units would probably narrow the gap. But the convinience of use is something, that is very important to me, as well. How would you compare S1 to A1 ( I read 6 moons review, but still would like to hear your opinion). And how much S1 retails for? The last question- what NAS are you using/ Best
  14. Strictly speaking it's not, but I don't see how the difference would preclude one to consider both as an option, and to compare. As an example, you wouldn't discuss relative merits of 12AX7 based phono stage vs. 6h30 one?
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