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  1. On your comment about Elac not having something that met your requirements, I am guessing that meant no digital inputs? I have a pair of the ARB-51 that I use with my LG OLED TV but I have a Bluesound Node 2i set up that I have been pleased with, but that is not a desktop system. My son has a pair of the older XEO 2 in a desktop Mac system and he loves it.
  2. The small 2.0 audio system I have in my living room to provide sound for my flat panel TV had a failure of the Emotiva UMC-1 surround processor I was using. In the interim I replaced my LG plasma with an LG OLED and decided to cord cut using YouTube TV..So this essentially took my sources down to 2 (AppleTV and Blu-Ray). So I decided to directly connect HDMI sources to the LG OLED and take the toslink output to a stand-in Fosgate FAP-T1+ surround processor. It is too big to really fit the cabinet and I lost the remote...So I am looking for a DAC/Pre to just decode toslink and dr
  3. If I wanted to drive both an amp and subwoofer crossover from my Lumin A1 via the XLR outputs and I am building my own XLR cables, is there any reason I could not or should not build a Y cable (1 Female XLR to 2 Male XLR) to drive both devices?
  4. Which XLR switch are you using? I am doing something similar using RCA switching with a Manley Skipjack, but may need to look at using the XLR outputs of my A1 to have more output voltage so I have a broader choice of amps I can choose since the RCA outputs are only 2VRMS max
  5. This is a potentially dumb question. I have an A1 and been using the Leedh volume control to connect directly to my amp. I am looking at potentially changing amps and noticed that the A1 has a max output on RCA of 2 VRMS. Many amps have an input sensitivity of between 2 and 3 VRMS to drive to full output. Is there any potential mod to increase the max VRMS over the RCA outputs? I suspect the answer is no but just wanted to check. I do recognize that the newer models went to 3 VRMS on RCA and 6 VMS on XLR. Thanks
  6. I have been successfully transcoding DSD128 to PCM 24/384 using Minimstreamer for my Lumin A1 using: Stream.transcode: dsf(128):wav24;384, flac:wav
  7. I have done enough testing that I know I want to be able to connect my Lumin A1 directly to my amps, however I have other needs in my system... I have a phono preamp, I have an integrated surround sound system where I take the L-R output of the surround processor into my preamp... I also current take the XLR outputs of the Lumin A1 run that into a Jensen ISOMAX (isolation transformer) and send those outputs to my master bedroom system. I also drive a pair of Seaton Submersive subs via a DBX PA-2 drive rack currently via a 2nd set of outputs of my preamp. I have just been re-cabling to
  8. In my test I was playing back vinyl that had been ripped at 24/382 with an RME ADI-2 Pro ADC. I first played them in my normal mode (Lumin - TRL Dude Pre - TRL Samson amps - Green Mountain Audio C-3 HX). Then I re-cabled to remove the TRL Dude Pre. All the cabling was Silent Source. I need to do more testing but my initial reaction was that there was more clarity and detail and also more body to the instuments and more dynamics with no apparent trade-offs so far (other than being limited to one source input.).
  9. I got a chance to test the new Leedh volume control last night briefly. It was fantastic. Typically having an active preamp has produced better performance in my system. This test has me thinking,....I know this is not recommended...on the A1 what if I used both sets of outputs to drive the amps for my main speakers and the XLRs to drive a pair of active subs? What performance penalty on the A1 would I see? Thanks
  10. Peter, Before I got a chance to do that the A1 downloaded the firmware upgrade. So I am good . Thanks
  11. Peter, That is great news and support. I have an A1 that has the setting to check for firmware updates turned on. My A1 seems to be on Firmware 11.0 when I select the "About" option on the Lumin IOS app. I think I need to be at firmware 13.0 for this new Leedh Processing Volume option. Is there something I need to do to force a firmware download/upgrade? Thanks
  12. So this is what ended up working for me in terms of ripping on Catalina. 1) copy sacd_extract folder to my Downloads folder and rename to SACD_Rips 2) CTRL-click on sacd-extract binary and chose "Open With" and chose 'Terminal Program" 3) Open Terminal program from "Utilities" 4) cd Downloads/SACD_Rips 5) to rip stereo tracks to DSF I execute the following command ./sacd_extract -i -2 -s (insert your Oppo 10x or other Blu-Ray player ip address)
  13. I did the chmod +x sacd_extract after I navigated to the correct folder. That seemed to work. I then renavigated to the sacd_extract as you suggested and I got this message again. I used the sacd_extract from the zip file as opposed to compiling it from the source. I was less sure about my ability to do that
  14. I am also trying to get this to run on Catalina as it was working before on Sierra. I downloaded the [email protected]_git_2019-03-21.zaip Once I moved the folder with the jar file and sacd_extract from my external hard drive to my Macbook internal flash drive and use the CTRL button when launching the .jar it would run the sacd_extract..My problem is that once I hit run, it immediately shows a [DONE] message and I do not hear any spin up of my Oppo 103D reading the disk. I got the same result whether I chose to RIP an ISO or a 2 channel DSF. Is there something I am missing on
  15. I have an ADI-2 Pro that I acquired for ripping vinyl at 24-352 or DSD128. Has anyone experimented with an Sbooster LPS to see if you get any performance improvement? I see others in this thread I experimented with other LPS with success. Since ripping is very labor intensive, I want to get the maximum performance out of the RME unit. Thanks
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