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  1. 1) thru 3) are AO provided options when you execute AO -a or AO -u 4) is one of multiple choices when you run the AO command ST to set AO up.
  2. - the Wondeful Sounds of Female Vocals, DSD 64 - Norah Jones' Come Away with Me - Alex Lofoco Beyond - the Mystery of the Bulgarian Voices - Benedictine Nuns of Notre-Dame de l'Annonciation With the Aphelion cables installed and run in, the SQ is natural yet detailed. Well recorded vocals soar in front of and over accompaniments. There's heightened sense of quieter background helping the spot light beamed to the main performers on stage or in the mix leading to immersive listening experience. Same can be said about large scale classical works, only in a large
  3. Prior to using Aphelion cables, I've been happily using PPA red and black SATA, PPA red Ethernet, PACHANKO Refefence back SATA, and most recently THE LINEAR SOLUTIONS (TLS) Ethernet cables. Out of curiosity, I wanted to check out Chan's latest Aphelion offerings in SATA and Ethernet. A SATA Aphelion is installed between OS SSD in AudioPC, and an Ethernet Aphelion between AudioPC and controlPC. After a few months of listening, I'd like to share my impressions on those Aphelion cables. First, let me show the playlist of songs/tracks used for evaluation. It's a mixture of classica
  4. No, once driver installed properly there’s no need to do F8. Actually, with the effective driver installation described earlier, you didn’t need to do F8 in the first place. Forgive me if I was unable to tell you sooner. It’s been a while since my last installation and I was trying to help from memory. Glad it works. AudioPhil should get credit for the technique. I’ve just passed on one of many wonderful tips I learned from him. Enjoy!
  5. Let's try this: Install AO but don't execute it yet. Install DAC driver. Check Device Manager, don't worry if there is an error (yellow triangle with exclamation mark) on the Unknown device. Execute AO in express mode, like this: AO -e Reset AO: st -r Run Device Manager: devmgmt Uninstall DAC driver, leave the Delete file/driver box unchecked. Right click on Computer or something like that on the top and Scan Hardware. Your DAC driver should be installed correctly, indicated by the speaker image next to the Unknown Device/driver. No more seen
  6. Disable driver signature enforcement. At reboot, hit and hold F8 function key until a list of options appears. Select Disable driver signature enforcement then proceed to installing DAC driver.
  7. It asks for the same ISO USB you used to install the OS. Put it back in and AO installation should run with flying colors.
  8. Thanks for the info. I've tried both (Sonore's multi mode transceivers/cable and Planet-USA single mode transceivers/matching cable) and like both with the same LPSUs feeding the OMs. Ultimately preferred the single mode gear, but the multi mode combo is pretty good anyway.
  9. My understanding is that, lowering CPU/RAM speed and voltage is to lower the noise thus improve the SQ, music sounds more relaxed. However, doing so somehow compromises the system's robustness and speed thus impacts the dynamics of music playback. We had put up with that compromise until recently when there're several major advancements in CPU, RAM, passive cooling, LPSU, and networking that allow and motivate innovative folks to go the other way around: turn on hyper-threading, run CPU at full throttle without compromising the SQ. Since I'm still running Haswell CPU, I'm happy w
  10. Glad to hear the Micro iUSB3.0 is working. Since the SU-6 arrived, I've been using the Micro iUSB3.0 to power JCAT FEMTO USB card. Someday I'll get a good enough LPSU to do the job and let the Micro iUSB3.0 do its primary task: reclocking.
  11. That’s it! Many thanks 😊.
  12. Hi, I've read somewhere on this board that someone uses a battery operated ground box. The basic version costs $300. Now that I'm interested, I forgot exact name or link to the manufacturer/seller. Please help refresh my aging memory. Thanks much. Best regards, Thuan
  13. Recently, I replaced the pair of TP-Link MC200CM FMCs with Sonore's opticalModules. They've been here for 2 days only but no going back. AudioStream's review says it all. Sounds like there's an incompatibility in your current fiber setup. Try to isolate the problem, start over with known working components, then add new components one by one. If applicable, try the Force switch position vs the Auto on the back of the FMC. I'd try a different switch (TP-Link?) to find out if the Cisco is the culprit.
  14. Awesome news! You’ve made my day Alex. The oM arrived couple hours ago and are running, powered by 9v, ifi iPower and HDPLEX. Let me try the USB Regen and report. Thanks 🙏. Updates: It works well as you said, powered by MW 7.5V. Thanks again.
  15. Hi Alex et al, Sorry if the following question had been asked earlier. Label me crazy, but I plan on using USB Regen to power one of 2 oMs that will arrive soon. A DC cable with USB type A on one end and 5.5 / 2.1 one the other will connect USB Regen to the oM power input. Does the USB Regen have enough juice to feed the oM? The supplied MW 7.5V SMPS or ifi iPower 9v will power the USB Regen. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.
  16. If possible at all, I'd put a decent audio grade switch or a network filter or both right after the Comcast modem/router. Repeat with either or the combo before the Lumin. Icing on the cake, use the best affordable ethernet cable between the switch/filter and Lumin. A pair of FMCs and certain length of fiber cables will help reduce the Ethernet cable length and that's partially how I've achieved very satisfying SQ. You didn't like the SQ but fiber optics might not be the culprit and worth revisiting. Regardless, Internet brings lots of noise and that's why many of us
  17. Like the JCAT USB Card Femto review written recently, I'd just like to express my impressions on JCAT Net Card Femto in the following bullet points: 1/. I first put one of them on the AudioPC to replace an OCXO PPA v2 netcard and noticed the immediate jump in SQ. Like Gareth I found and enjoyed the increase in air, naturalness, and realism. Bass improved as well. It's just more musical overall. 2/. Later on when the fund alllowed, I put it on controlPC to replace an OCXO PPA V5 netcard. Now the SQ is seriously good, JPAY FEMTO running 1000Hz DAC Link with ease, no
  18. I agree with all Felipe has very well said about the JCAT USB Card Femto. I'd just like to add a few personal bullet points: 1/. The JCAT card replaced a V2 then a V4 OCXO PPA card, and I never looked back. It's superior in reliability, precision build, and SQ. I think it's better than any USB card in the market, period. 2/. It's highly customizable with jumpers. There are 3 jumper settings with regards to how to power the card (internally powered, externally powered, and all jumpers removed). Each jumper setting brings about a new higher level of SQ. 3
  19. Thanks for sharing your wonderful experience. For static IP setup, Phil provides the excellent set_ip script that you can use to tailor make your static IP need.
  20. JazzDoc2 and Felipe, you guys have me run out of my words. I’m totally, completely and absolutely echoing your opinions. What significant about your wonderfully well said words is that, they are from JD a deeply knowledgeable musicologist and a veteran musician and Felipe a passionate, talented and skillful music lover/audiophile. Thanks to JPLAY as the highly revealing music player and its dedicated team, I’ve been honored to know you guys, with whom “hanging out” has gradually but steadily enriched my music life and spirit. I’d only like to add that JPLAY keeps moving forward and upward
  21. Belated Happy New Year to all! Apologies if question already asked earlier, but can someone please tell me the max current amperage of the USB Regen's 5v output?
  22. Don’t waste it. Try it on WS2019 GUI or Core (better). Add Fidelizer 8.5 and it’s even better still.
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