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  1. I am also happy with my NUC 4250 as a music streamer using JRMC. For those looking for a NUC 4250, you could either buy the entire kit including an (ugly red?) case that has a fan, or do some tweaking yourself. The streacom NC1 Fanless case in the attached pictures retains the small package, is easy to mount and relatively affordable. The NUC is attached to a (mytek) DAC/preamp via USB. I installed a smaller hard drive than in the CAPS model, and have a NAS where all the music is stored. Just leave the NUC on day and night as it produces relatively little heat and controle your music with
  2. Advice needed: I use the cyrus X power amplifier in combination with the mytek 192 DSD Preamp. There seems to be some incompatibilty with the combination of these two products in practical terms: If I have the cyrus X power switched off & subsequently switch the mytek pre-amp off: the cyrus turns back on again and there is a very loud crackling noise coming from the speakers. The sound is very disturbing and I am worried it might damage the speakers. A (small?) surge of power must exit the interconnects when the mytek pre-amp is turning off because the cyrus automatically tu
  3. General question: when using DoP in jriver 19 with the settings suggested below, DSD Format - JRiverWiki Can the mytek still display the different khz of the PCM soundtracks you play? For instance, when switching from dsd to PCM files without changing the settings.
  4. I believe it is only the mytek (that is noticably affected in any case)
  5. I believe I have the same problem with the "ground loop" as stated above. I have also tried just removing the cables, replacing the (power) cables, etc with no luck. Could you further explain the tips above, in simpler terms (have zero knowledge of electricity etc) so I can safely & simply remove this?
  6. Anyone encountering warm msata SSD temperatures on the fanless cases? My crucial M500 SSD gets around 60 degrees celsius just by playing JRiver Media Center.
  7. Great, i'll compare the usb ports. Anyone else using nuc as music player?
  8. Anyone have advice or experience improving sound quality from a nuc? Currently use i5 5425 board, msata ssd, streacom nc1 fanless case (a beauty). --> Purchased a Cooler master 65 watt 9 volt dc adapter. --> Then hrt streamer, marantz 6003, CM5 speakers. Controller via ipad with jriver, music on nas. Sometimes i hear electrical fuzz... Is it worth getting different dc adapter / power supply? Is there a difference with the "front" or "back" usb outputs?
  9. Just purchased the new 54250 nuc motherboard/cpu, and use a streacom nc1 case with it. Nearly silent except for a slight electrical " purr " if you understand what i mean ( like a laptop makes when thinking...). This is only audible if up close, and when doing your best to hear it... Anyone notice a difference in sound quality with different power supplies or different usb outs?
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