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  1. I do It too with a Brooklyn And have been very impressed with the results. Anyway because I love Ifi have alot of records and I’m not really fond of tubes that is why I asked
  2. Very Impressive and considering the phenomenal price/ performance ratio of the cheap ifi dac amps I presume this dac will be killer.. Not without a price though.. At 3000eur approximately It is also very very close to the AMR dac. In fact if someone has that sum available in cash the only thing from stopping them from going straight to the AMR 777 is it's much poorer format support. So will you update this as well I am not asking about the price as It is sure to go higher with any update.. Finally a personal comment. Even though at this price it is not realistically, financially approachable by me at this point of my audiophile life I can't help but saying that If it had an Iphono2 incorporated instead of the tube output stage It would surely make me lose a few hours of sleep. So are there any plans for such a version anytime in the future? Thanks for all the fun guys by a black label micro owner!..
  3. Well hope is the last one to die they say where I come from..
  4. So will santa bring it this year or we can assume sometime within the rest of the decade?
  5. Ι use an ifi micro I dsd black which I find a much better product. More versatile and with true hi fidelity sound. Try toaudition one. I find It a quite competitive device up to twice the price.
  6. During my short lent use of a Mojo It became apparent to me that this little dac is definitely unsuitable for serious listening as a line out device. Just my opinion in case anybody finds it useful.
  7. Exactly If I could afford one I would buy It with no hesitation for archiving purposes.
  8. My thoughts exactly. To my ears, listening through headphones, I did not hear a nesessarily better but a slightly different dac In my brief session with the Brooklyn +. My thoughts (If the same character goes out through hew line output) are that the Brooklyn + closes the circle for mytek from the clearly pro 192 DSD to the clearly audiophile Broklyn +. Not that the brooklyn + can be characterized coloured In any way. More pleasant is my impression of It by the means of a slight but clear Tint to the sound. I did not find that difference bad at all but going back to my regular Brooklyn and Senheiser 650's I found my self Immersed In music again thinking that I will not work all my life to pay off audio manufacturers. Don't get me wrong I found the brooklyn+ more to my preferences but not so much to lose myt sleep over.. I'll wait for the next couple of years for the truly next generation dac from Mytek to part from my beloved Brooklyn. If somebody allready owns the brooklyn and likes It, I believe thet It is not a bad Idea to get It a good linear PSU (as I have) and enjoy a mature and fully functional and technologically on the edge product, without the Idea that he /she is missing a huge difference.
  9. I had a brief listen through headphones. The headphone amp section seems to be improved therefore good news for headfiers since the original one was allready great. Mid bass was fuller and had more presence through headphones (I tried a couple of them to make sure) Cant say that I noticed anything different to the resolution and separation but the previous version was allready too good. Maybe an A-B comparison through a speaker system might reveal improvements but I dont think It would be a night and day difference.
  10. I have just left a local headphone audio show and look what I came across..
  11. If 100 pages of comments in a dedicated thread in CA and all those official and unofficial reviews out there in the web aren't helpful then what could be I do not know..
  12. The only way to overcome your inhibitions is to listen to one for your self if possible. The stereophile review is on the spot. I have mine for two years now and It is not going anywhere. You also buy a 2k phono as well ..no kidding..
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