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  1. I'm definitely interested in this. I'm basically a newbie regarding computer audio. I've ripped my vinyl, CDs, and cassettes to my NAS in FLAC and ALAC format, and I'm using a laptop running Windows 10 with Foobar to access/play my music. I'm about to start a trial of JRiver. The ADC I used to rip my music also can function as a DAC, so I'm using it as a cheap DAC to connect to my Denon AVR-2106. I hope future articles in the series will help with a DAC decision. I'm also thinking about a system for my office/den that doesn't have a lot of space. The land of confusion for me is network streamers/music players and music streamers. I don't know where they would fit in (if at all), if I need them, and how I would use them. I've read a little about them and still don't understand how I would use them. Hopefully the series will be of help to me.
  2. I know of people who use products from www.jewelsleeve.com
  3. If you have questions about Mp3tag, their forum is helpful. They helped me with some issues when I started to correct and add the tags in my FLAC files.
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