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  1. bump for those who want the best in digital this is an outstanding setup!!!!
  2. BIG Price Drop: 2500.00 Or 2700 With SOTM SPS 500 Power Supply and 50cm Stranded Cable!
  3. Available: 450.00 (50cm Cable)
  4. Price Drop: 10,400.00
  5. SOLD, I have the SOTM Atomic clock And SPS 500 Power Supplies left now........
  6. dragon_vibe

    New Aqua Formula DAC (Multibit R2R)

    I agree with this review, The DAC is a master of Acoustic Space, Massive Sound Stage and a smooth Delivery. When comparing the La Scala and the Formula something i found rather confusing. The La Scala Sounded more SS and the Formula sounded more like it has a Tube output stage. The Formula was smoother , Faster and more transparent.
  7. Price drop $10,500.00