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  1. I forgot to mention you can also use the in built File Streamer On Oppo to play music Directly into the DAC, It plays all sorts of files from NAS network. so basically anything a oppo can play or do you can stream data directly into the DAC via the PL connector as seen in the pic.
  2. It will play anything a Oppo can Read. The Modification Card cost me 1800 dollars to buy and get installed at the factory. The oppo was a few hundred dollars only but cant remember what i paid this one has Darbee
  3. Up for Sale my Playback Design Merlot DAC and Oppo Transporter which has been modified by Playback Design to be used as a Transporter for Blue Ray Audio or any Audio Files Oppo Can Read, Via using the Fibre optic Connection Please See Pictures Attached. DAC Information is found here: http://www.playbackdesigns.com/#inline_content_MerlotDac Oppo Audio board Upgrade is found here: http://www.playbackdesigns.com/#inline_content_OpBox Unit is set for 220-240V but can be internally set up for 110-120v with jumper cables Condition is 8/10 Used for 17 months Both units work flawlessly. At the moment they are not being used and collecting Dust, I can pack this up and ship world wide Via Fedex. For US buyers I would recommend the Following Step up Transformer as this seems to improve sound better then using Jumper Cables internally. https://www.hammfg.com/electronics/transformers/line/178-240-89-98mg Asking price is 4750.00 + Shipping. negotiable. Paypal is accepted from Confirmed PP Address, All PP Fees are buyers responsibility. Bank Wire is possible, Shipping from Asia.
  4. Up For Sale SPS 500 Power Supply Open box tested working was supposed to be kept aside for my personal server but i am using a ATX Linear Power Supply which has the Voltage i need hence this is not needed anymore. Price is 677.00 dollars New, Asking for 450 US dollars Negotiable + Shipping and PP Fees Location Jakarta, Can ship worldwide Via Fedex Express, Can Accept Paypal As long as your Account is Confirmed. For any Credentials. Check Out: Phantom-audio.com Audiogone: Phantom_AV & Dragon_vibe Thanks Pictures Attached.
  5. unit is no longer available on this platform is is now only being sold on Audiogon.
  6. Yes Its Available but could be sold in the next few days as its posted on Audiogon 3 people have asked about shipping cost to their address. I can Ship almost anywhere in the world via Fedex.
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