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  1. I run 2 RELs in stereo. I have VERY minor hum, (not audible during use) not unlikely due to cable lenght and mix of stereo & HT cabling at the same time. I have not checked your suggested options of 'isolating' them .... I would suggest to take care of common ground, circumvent ground loops, preferably use a single phase & group (especially for amp & subs). But then, that's all obvious and your 2nd outlet may not fit that bill + you seek a fix for that.... (in that case.. sorry). Also make sure you check hooking up REL to a balanced vs single-ended amplifier (REL does not want to 'see' two hot lines from the speaker terminal - it assumes an unbalanced signal, you have to apply a mod on a balanced amp !)
  2. I ran into the site of HongKong based Clones Audio (https://www.clonesaudio.com/). Their musicserver ('HOST') looks tidy & well built.... The USB-audio card (SHAAR) is also available seperately in four versions (long & short, standard and deluxe). Deluxe is said to contain better power regulation parts.. Anyone have any experience with these USB cards? Thx! Hans
  3. Sound of M.2 vs plain SSD vs. off-grid SSD... Folks, Sorry if I overlooked, but could not find any opinion(s) on the sonic benefits of (not)using M.2. 'Yesteryears' opinion sort of acknowledged that off-grid powered SSD (seperate PSU or battery) provided sonic benefits. That extra level of separation cannot be done with M.2.... but that may matter less when using an microRendu type of device downstream feeding the DAC... Any thoughts / experience on that?
  4. Phil, Any thoughts on the prospect of Nano Server? Sounds like a further trimmed foot-print? "Nano Server is a redesign version of Windows Server which is very lightweight, very small footprint and fully remote managed and it is designed to solve some of the datacenter challenges we have today. Nano Server is a headless, 64-bit only deployment option of Windows Server. Microsoft basically removed all components from the base image. " Source: Nano Server – The future of Windows Server – Just enough OS | Thomas Maurer
  5. Folks.. Interesting thread. Trying to re-engage with this hobby after bit of a CA-sabbatical (divorce crap). Looks like I need to try Roon .... :~) Roons architecture creates lots of options assembling an audio server rig. Recent discussion in this thread focusses on the server/core part and the opportunity to move that onto a NAS box (allready present) as a concenience. I'm also interested in options to strip the endpoint (build an audiophile roon bridge). Struggling to get an insight in various options and experience(s) around. Contemplations... Does going for 2 box setup, moving the core to seperate box improve SQ (due to lesser load on server connected to DAC)? Is Roon + HQPlayer integration the way to go for ultimate SQ? Also if you're in the PCM only camp (Berkely user)? Any experience around on purpose build (CAPS like) stripped endpoint based on Linux or WinServ12+AO using plain Roon bridge?
  6. This is a fun read. Nice to see you had a run-in with Fink, very similar to me... I had this exact same 'how could I have missed this guy?' thought somewhere in 2013. I had never heard of Fink prior to listening to him on vinyl (Sort of Revolution) during a demo at one of the more prestigious dealers in NL. I remember preferring listening to the Magico Q1's playing Fink over the Magico Q7's in the next room playing ...(fill in any well recorded utterly un-involving audiophile stuff). I then ran into the "Wheels Turn Beneath My Feet" live album, which replaced "February" by Kane (Dutch band) as my album of choice for a deserted island. I remember flagging "Wheels Turn.." in a best find of the year '13 thread here on CA. I really like the RCO album, but do still prefer Fink live with his own band. I went to see Fink in Paradiso (Amsterdam) November last year and, what a coincidence, I went to see Fink in the Royal Concertgebouw (without the RCO, just the venue) the day before yesterday (Oct 22).. Paradiso was epic. No more, no less. I felt the Concertgebouw acoustics (highly regarded ) are simply less fit for this particular purpose and the hall, although very classy, does not have the rock-temple vibe & intimacy of the Paradiso. It was still very good though.. FINK in the Concertgebouw (Oct. 22, 2015 - Amsterdam)
  7. Arjun, Reviving an old thread... I am in a similar place, contemplate choices for subs to match my new Dynaudio C1 sigs. Interested in how your choice turned out & why.. Thx, Hans
  8. Marcell, That was me...:-) And yes, I have a plan, but still need to start building the new CAS for my Teradak ATX 275. Problem is I am currently doing a complete overhaul of my entire audio stack (all but my DAC is up for replacement, so CAS, cables, AMPS, Speaks, the lot). So I will not be doing this anytime soon. There are various ways to use the 5VSB: A) Charge a battery. Then use that battery to feed either a USB card (such as the PPA) OR feed an SSD. B) Feed that 5VSB to SSD or PPA directly. Note(s): Ad A) If you use a plain USB power bank, many (if not all) of these have buck/booster section at the output. So they do not provide clean power. I would not use such config on the PPA. You CAN use a battery on your PPA, but I would use a booster/charger card before the battery, use a battery of higher voltage (>6V) and a quality voltage regulator on the output, feeding your PPA. That is a more complex config... Ad B) 1. Using it on the PPA directly implies the PPA is ON, when the PSU is ON. You need to swith OFF the PSU after the powerdown cycle of your CAS is complete in order for the 5V to not get to you PPA card.... Also, understand that the 5VSB line is ALSO present in the main loom and in the large ATX plug feeding you mobo. It is likely used for little, but it is NOT an isolated 5V source. 2. Using the 5VSB directly on an SSD kills much of the benefit. KEY is getting the SSD off grid, hence feed it with a battery. Feeding the SSD with the 5VSB line will polute it and feed that polution back to the mobo. In short: I would use it on a 5V USB battery bank and use that bank to feed the SSD. To make sure the SSD is turned off, you will need one or two relais to switch the power to & from the battery. I plan to use two of these (one to cut the line feeding the battery and one to cut the line FROM the battery, feeding the SSD): EXAMPLE My understanding is this relais can be switched using the 5V coming from the main loom (the 5V that is normally feeding the SSD is now used to switch on the battery power to the SSD). Hope this makes sense. If not, you'll have to wait untill I have built & documented my own go at this... Hans
  9. I unpacked mine. All seems ok. Will not be able to fire it up until I have built the CAS for it... One minor glitch: one of the black cables has come off one of the plugs of the loom. Should be an easy fix once I know where to put it back. Has anyone studied the colour coding of the wires of the loom yet?
  10. Just recieved a Whatsapp form internal affairs (the other half) that a rather heavy package was delivered.. from HongKong.. (I'm at work...). Anyway, I haven't started ordering my CAS parts yet. I only bought an FC5 EVO case (black) so far.....
  11. +1 ML06 case is constrained in hight. If you want to go haswell / i3 (instead of SOC such as Bay Trail Mini-itx, in which case I would choose the ML03, nicer) you might want to consider as case with more hight and/or vertical mobo placement, allowing bigger cooler and proper airflow(without fan). Also, you might want to consider a 35w version of that i3 CPU. Also, unless you have HT plans with your build, your mobo has lots of features (components, power regulation) going unused... You might want to spend elsewhere.
  12. @Jock, I'm not a DSD guy. If your goal is to feed your DAC with DSD, the hqplayer route using twin pc might be a good way to go. Coming back to your original question: any of the j1900 Bay Trail motherboards will likely be a suitable drop-in replacement of your current mobo. Do a search on bay trail on this site... Hans
  13. @Adam, THE big 64m$ question: how does it sound on your pipeline compared to your previous capsv3 on the teddy? :-) (I know, apples & oranges, but want to know anyway)..
  14. Do I see 4 (!) LEDs? Are these part of the ' mod' ? In that case, what rail is using the 4th LED? I assume the 12v, 5v and 3.3v are coming from the reg-boards on the side...
  15. @Ben, Thanks for the info on the mad panic crap shoot / Chinese new year. It explains why I recieved a shipping notofication 11 feb, but my PSU (on paper) has never left HK and there is no planned arrival date... We'll see...
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