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  1. Hi Flavio! I have suggested already, and for those who obviously can not attend AXPONA to record or stream this event. This could be only beneficial for wide audience and the whole audiophile community all around the world! There is only so much information you can find about Dirac Live and not everybody is up to read the white paper! The few videos that are out are only very limited in depth and I think it deserves much more than that And yes, I've seen the video from Hans B. (before you mention that one Also I could imagine there would be a huge interest on the Bass (Subwoofer) add-on
  2. Hi Kal! Sorry if this sounded like I would blame you or this community etc. I am just wondering how very little we know about this exciting new features and really no one is reporting on this. Maybe we will see again some interviews later but I would rather see something short where they show the features, talk about the system the choices etc. Arcam has just (a week ago) released some step by step guidance about the Dirac setup how to.
  3. Wow, no coverage from CES about the Dirac Live and the new Bass module? Must be very busy at the Dirac booth. I would love to see at least something not just one picture and the release statement.:((
  4. Hi Flavio, this you can hardly call an overview of the new features or the tablet app and functionality etc. I see so many AV products these days with nice reviews an short clips that can show and promote the product in so many ways. Even Trinov got up to speed on this. Dirac is maybe depending on the brands like Arcam and NAD to penetrate into the masses minds as the premium room correction solution but I personally think that there should be much more done in this department to promote and show of the product. Nevertheless I am a big fan and can’t wait to take the new version for
  5. It's like this product no one has ever seen and it's existence is highly hypothetical:) There is no video from the floor about VR noir Dirac Live with the new GUI from the whole CES 2018?! No demos, no interviews....just long waiting in the dark.
  6. Wow! Thanks for bringing this up! Very nice product it seems. For me with one flaw: if no correction curves are supported for the headphones then you have to only rely on very expensive headphones that should sound decent. I believe this was tested with some measured headphones at Dirac and finetuned the response in order to start with the sensearound technology on top of it. So I believe that it will be less "amazing" with some "ordinary" not corrected headphones. I might be wrong of course. This is just a thought of mine. Let's see.
  7. I've checked this as seen from a different post and it seems this is very well managed and thought through. One thing is to correct the loudspeaker for the environment but there is also some concert hall simulation ongoing but could not find more about that. If the instruments are recorded anechoicly then they can reproduce and create a sence of real instrument in given space with the right in room correction. I think Dirac will do a great job of that. But it would be nice to have some report (interview etc.) from this interesting event. http://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/live-vs-hi
  8. I would agree too. Like I've said. Let's make it 1/2 cheaper!!!
  9. Hi all, (Flavio) this is just a crazy idea of mine that has come to me lately. I've been thinking of one more usage scenario that could work for me where Dirac room correction could be applied. This came to me after I've been using the Atmos plug-in (filter) for headphones on the Xbox one. Since I am not gaming that much on the xbox I regularly use it as a Bluray player and with the Athmos filter for the hadphones for the late evening movies it's kinda nice. It can't really simulate the front front but that's a different topic. So using Dirac Demo on my Media laptop I re
  10. Wow, that's a review I've been looking for! Well done Mitcho! This show exactly what I've been hoping for. Meaning that the potencial those speakers have in the bass and treble department is excellent! I take overly "bassy and trebley" every day if the sound can be reproduced clear and loud. You can (and they will in the Devialet app later) take it down with the DSP (or Dirac, Acourate DRC.) and get your desired curve or sound signature without boosting what's not there! I've been surpriced as well to see the direct comparison with the XD600 being as well a DSP speaker they output very s
  11. Well, using a hifi speakers/system in a untreated (normal) room without Dirac room correction is equally wrong (for me anyways) like using the headphone without proper calibration (Audyssey eq app). I've heard very expensive system in big rooms sounding so terrible that I've walked away after 2 minutes of listening. So any DSP done right that tries to improve the sound of any headphone or speaker is eventually a good idea. And since there is no standard for anything in Hifi and stereo reproduction it will always be only as good as it gets and not exactly the same like in the studio in the engi
  12. The "hookup" with Pioneer sounds huge for you guys and congrats to such a partnership! Hopefully we will see some AVRs from Pioneer with DRC from Dirac like Arcam as I can not imagine what kind of product is meant by ( consumer products and commercial audio applications). I know that you can't disclose anything right know but hopefully the future is bright for the audiophile community;)
  13. Just in time when I am switching from my old laptop to MacBook:)) Thanks Flavio & Dirac Team!
  14. Hi Ray, and did you check the miniDSP website already? They have some nice HW that you could incorporate in your setup maybe.
  15. Hi Phil! I am not the biggest audiophile here and would not dare to recommend something what I didn't try myself. I like Lyngdorf and what they are doing. The system you have look very fine to me. And here it comes: I don't think that a better DAC will get you somewhere or make the system sounds better. The Lyngdorf is optimised to do it's job and I am not even sure if you can infuse the DAC into the pathway. Remember, I am not an expert and this is just my personal opinion here. I would maybe ask Lyngdorf direct if there is a way how to uprade your system without to buying the whole new syst
  16. Hi Guys, here is the video guide about the Devialet SAM and how to. I actually I didn't know exactly how the "uncle" SAM is working but this is giving some very nice details and step by step explanation how to. Of course it's the short version but you can imagine the rest;)) Any thoughts on this topic?
  17. Is it just me who didn't see a proper review of the phantom by any serious audiophile magazine/web with some nice comparisons etc.?! Or is this phantom a real Phantom:)) If it's that good someone should really test properly with some nice measurements etc. I've seen and heard it in the store but could not drag it home and give it a spin or two;)
  18. Hi Arg! Well, it might be that the mp4 5.1 is not supported for playback. I am not sure and could not find that so fast if that's the case here. But it might well be. In that case what I would try and for the sake of quality of course just rip the the original DVD-A in the native format and try if that is playable from the external USB. Maybe you have also more luck if you rip it as an 5.1 FLAC. from the spec.: Additional Disc & Media Formats - Additional disc and file formats, such as DVD, audio CD, HDCD, Kodak Picture CD, AVCHD, MP4, AVI, MKV and other audio/video/picture fil
  19. It wasn't so hard to understand but for the sake of "visualization" here is the graph I came up with (thanks Flavio again). I have added one more point to it.
  20. You mean to deviate from the recommended curve? Because that's what I am using now (on the graph). I might try the additional -+2db as you recommend. Thanks for the tip Flavio! Ciao!
  21. Thanks Flavio for the nice summary and sharing! BTW this is my 2.1 system in my room.
  22. Yes, it seems that there is no black option for now but I guess it will be highly desired?
  23. the black one looks sick! This speaker reminds me a lot of the B&W PV1 Subwoofer
  24. If set properly you can only gain with the sub in stereo. If nothing else you will offload the main speaker so they can articulate better the lower mids as well the amp can play clearer not driving the deep bass so that in the end you can play much louder as well.
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