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  1. If you haven't already, 6Moons site has reviewed both of those players
  2. Mitch, you've nailed it again. Love your observations & articles. Rare combo of logical, straight forward writing. Explained so a chunkhead like me can understand & read the entire copy. Sorry but, you can elucidate audio like Richard Feynman could explain astrophysics.
  3. Mark Levinson was not barred from using his own name in public for godsakes. He was barred from using the brand name Mark Levinson on gear after he left the company as Madrigal owned the brand name. FWIW, I think using MF as a forum name unless it is your name is retarded. I call BS on your explanation that no one would read into it. Please. Fremer is a well-known analog evangelist and this is a digital music web site. Yeah, you're right. Nothing there at all.
  4. I found his youtube video to very real & revealing in delivery. Comparatively modest for a reviewer but excellent gear. More like what people in the real world might have. I could listen to music & have drinks with this guy.
  5. Excellent, thoughtfully subjective comparison review. Far better than the "impressions" posted on the Lavorgna etc., version of Audiostream. Seriously if I hadn't invested in 2 Oppo-205s & a 203 I would've sprung for the Terminator. Thanks
  6. Way too late but I can't believe I didn't think of this before but reading Mitchco's review jogged my brain. Kii 3's plus the BXT units. If I ever have the money they're the only thing I can think of would sway me away from my Revel Ultima2s
  7. Roy724, in addition to Robert Harley's purely subjective review, take a look at the Stereophile review of the Schiit w\ measurements & further comments by John Atkinson yggdrasil
  8. Well, in my experience spending time & money on measuring your room and judicious room treatments are more effective in creating a cohesive sound field can make a very modest system sound better than a system several times the price. I'm with beerandmusic here to a point: The recording is everything. Measuring and treating your room 2nd. Many rooms are predisposed to having a nice acoustic. treatments always improve that. Speaker placement comes in 3rd. One thing I have found is that soundstage depth is very amplifier dependent. Soundstage width is due to the speaker, placement and your room in that order but face it, a narrow room is going to be challenged. Jud, I personally haven't played vinyl since 1986, but I do have a couple vinylite Pals & I've listened to their & my vinyl and much of it sounds great. Low play 12" 45s singles are the best. I'm in the process of digitally cataloging my modest LP collection for sale. And you are correct, Sir. I've taken this thread farther OT. Back OT, Archimago is doing a review of the RME ADI-2 Pro FS. Excellent measurements by ASR. Looking forward to it.
  9. First off, I post here infrequently but I did recently suggest some speakers for you to consider. I must have made a real impression ? Sorry Chris, I should have been more specific. My post was overlong. I'm not saying that you are a flaming anything except music lover ? But in my experience, the majority of forum threads on this site deal with subjective topics. Obviously, you are famously flexible on thread topics and content. You only 86 the most egregious members besides trying to talk them down 2 or 3 times. I know I wouldn't\couldn't be as forgiving as you. EDIT: Yes beerandmusic, I am asleep. I prefer to call it napping.
  10. For one thing, Amir's main job is not measuring DACs he owns Madrona Digital in Bellevue Wa. From reading ASR and having met him more than once during his days a Microsoft, he does this because he's interested in it and I seriously doubt he'd want to have any kind of formal commitment. Plus measuring gear for a flamingly subjectivist site like this just doesn't add up to me. Someone name me a going web site or publication that does ABX blind testing? I don't know of one and I've been around the Internet since dirt. Not cost effective or even feasible, that's why no one's ever done it. Personally, I trust like 2 reviewers who review gear that doesn't come with measurements. Robert Harley & Kal Rubinson. I do have to say I don't get the animus for Amir's measurements except that folks have their own bias like owning gear that measures like crap or people who make gear that measures like crap. We all have our biases, me included. To not have bias is not to be a human.
  11. Crickey Chris, I looked at your listing for the TADs. I didn't realize that they were quite that expensive. You can get a new pair of Salon2s straight across if you get your asking price for the TADs. Maybe I need to take a ride on Space X & check out speakers in the ionosphere ?
  12. Sorry, I don't normally respond to rebuttals of my posts but I don't want folks to think I pull sh!t out of thin air & post as fact. Not trying to start anything and I'm certainly not bent out of shape. No point. I searched the Revel thread on AVS and while I could not find that certain post by revelman, I did find this post by the thread starter responding to much the same post as Chris's. It is post #8023 in the thread if you care to look. "Small point, Kevin Voecks is not an engineer. He is a product or technology manager. From time to time we have had actual Harman engineers like xxxx xxxxx who were responsible for the design of Revel speakers contribute to this thread." While the poster may have overstated it saying that Voecks is not an engineer. AFAIR, he worked for Snell Acoustics before joining Harman. It seems that Voecks was chief engineer at one time but was promoted. Those posts you cited are pretty old. Not hard to think he changed roles in 10 or 20 years. I remember clearly reading that post because I was surprised by it. I'm guessing that he deleted the post after thinking better about it or was told to delete as Kevin Voecks posts on the thread often under AKV. I x'd out the man's real name.
  13. Just to clear up a common misconception, Kevin Voecks is not a speaker designer. He's the head of development. This was made clear a couple years back in the Revel Speaker Owners thread on AVS when 2 speaker engineers were contributing to the thread. No snark or disdain but they stated straight up that Kevin is product manager and a great one but he does not engineer any speakers. No biggie. Kevin also chimes in frequently on the thread. Good luck in your search Chris. Should be a blast! Now if you want to let go of those beat-up high mileage TADs at say a 75% discount I'm your man.
  14. TAD speakers are an extremely tough act to follow. I would recommend Revel Salon2 speakers. I've heard them a lot and bought Studio2s based on the Salon2s. I've never read a less than enthusiastic review of either the Salon2s or Studio2s.
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