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  1. If your DAC has either a BNC or RCA (spdif) input then yes. I'm using a Pi/Digione into a Grant Fidelity TubeDAC-11 and it processes all 16 and 24 bit signals (up to 24/192).
  2. Another iPeng user here. I am trialing the iFi iDSD Nano LE expressly for use with my iPad and enjoying up to 24/96 in my wifi environment.
  3. I am very much enjoying an iFi iDSD Nano LE I picked up. A strong desktop performer for use with my NuForce HEM8 iems.
  4. I have read through this, but suspect I am missing something, or it simply cannot be done. For wifi streaming of LMS I am using: iPad 2 running iOS 9.5.2 iPeng 9 with replay purchased 30 pin CCK iFi iDSD Nano LE with supplied cabling NuForce iems I can stream music to the iPad no problem. I can decode 16/44.1, 24/88.2, 24/96. 24/192 files appear to be being decoded as 24/96 based on the LED light on the iFi. Is the iPad 2 capable of 24/192 in my environment?
  5. This s/w continues to interest me, though I have not yet tried it. Does the h/w platform drive performance much? i wonder how my Atom based Netbook with 2GB of RAM would fare?
  6. Appreciate the replies. That is what I had been thinking about, so interesting options to consider. I will follow the development of affordable streamers, and enjoy along the way.
  7. I have followed the whole DSD thing with interest, but have not yet gone there. As a long time PC front end guy, I currently use a dedicated netbook (Win 7 32 bit, 2GB RAM) running LMS, with a 2TB collection of FLAC, with a limited collection of 24/XX. I use a hacked Pogoplug as the player (Vortexbox VAMP) Ethernet connected, with an HRT Music Streamer II DAC, controlled with iPeng. I figure this could be referred to a streamer in this config. My question is - is there any reason to upgrade my server, given my implementation? If so, what would likely lead the bang for the buck
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