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Audio System

Currently I'm running my DAC directly into my Amp with XLR cables and using the digital volume control of the DAC.  I'm using digital room correction filters generated by the free DRC-FIR  software.  The convolution is done using BrutefirDRC on the LMS server.  I use a UMIK-1 mic and REW for room measurements.


Music server: Logitech Media Server 7.9 (over 84k FLACS) running on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

Transport: Raspberry Pi 3B+ running piCorePlayer 5.0 (wi-fi connection)

DAC: Auralic Vega USB (auto clock mode; filter #1)

Amp: Bryston 3B-SST (balanced input, 23 dB gain)

Speakers: Buchardt S400


Interconnects: Bluejeans XLR

Speaker Cable: Some 10 AWG zip cord with large spades from Bryston in the early aughts.


Other gear:

PreAmp: Balanced Audio Technologies 3iX (standard 6922 version with phono card).  Tubes are Amperex orange globe 6DJ8 (4) and current production

JJ 6V6 (2).

Amp: Rogue Audio M-180 monoblocks.  Tubes are Preferred Series KT88 (8), Preferred Series 12ax7/7025 (2), and NOS Philips JAN 5814 (4).  The amps are usually set to triode mode.


Analog rig:

Turntable: Michell Gyro SE with Orbe clamp, HR power supply, and tonearm decoupler.

Tonearm: SME 309 

Cartridges: AT33PTG; Dynavector 20xl; Benz Micro Ace high output; AT150MLX; Benz Micro L2




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