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    XLD Ripping format of filename question

    I have transcoded it in XLD to MP3 finally getting in the correct order with album name, artists etc. When I import it into iTunes , iTunes overrides the track list details i've entered (artists etc as displayed on the cd) and just adds a basic track listing
  2. aspernpapers

    XLD Ripping format of filename question

    I have entered the Album Artist as "various artists" and its fine with the flac, but with the transcode iTunes just overwrites the names of the individual artists names and gives it a generic artist name/group even though this isn't applicable to all of the album. Thank you for all your help
  3. aspernpapers

    XLD Ripping format of filename question

    Thanks for all your input. I tried mwheelerks recomendation %n/%T/%n%t but it produced separate folders.I had to edit the metadata for the track names etc as the cd isn't listed on freedb.freedb.org and what info it takes from the cd is very basic. I completed the fields for artists etc. bplexico's recommendation /%A/%T/%n %a - %t wouldn't work in this instance as its a soundtrack with different artists. Pooger's %n %t - %a %T (%y) worked in flac but when it can to creating a transcode for use in in iTunes it splits the album so not all of the tracks appear under the album title. What I'm trying to do is get the soundtrack cd in flac format in the correct track sequence, than transcode it in XLD for iTunes so it displays like any other album with all the tracks listed.
  4. aspernpapers

    XLD Ripping format of filename question

    Im trying to rip a official soundtrack cd to flac and have set the file naming in preferences to %A - %y - %T [%f]/%n - %t which produces the flac files in the wrong order (the cd details are not available on freedb.freedb.org and I am having to enter the details manually. When I try %A - %T (%y) [%f]/%n - %a - %t I get three different folder. Please could you let me know what naming format I should use to get the tracks in the correct order and in one file.