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  1. Next refinement. Tried a new track. Alison Krauss- It wouldn’t have made a difference.
  2. Meridian 101 & 105 . It is about 40 yrs old. I thought audiophiles don’t like EQ.
  3. Transporting yourself to the venue. Recorded with binaural microphones. Use headphones to listen.
  4. At that time I believed nothing can be better than 2 channel SACD.
  5. Polk revived their crosstalk cancellation technology again with their latest L800 series. Here is a glimpse of what L800 could do.
  6. Without having another similar set of speakers placed at 60 degrees, it is extremely hard to work on the crosstalk to get the timbre correct. another try with Norah Jones
  7. Slight refinement. It is hard to adjust without actual measurements. Mad World - two years progress.
  8. BTW, if you pause and play you will be hearing the continuation but with stop and play you will be hearing the repetition.
  9. You can do that very easily to prove Or disprove. Capture the output digitally using a DAW and doing a blind test.
  10. Sometimes we are just hard pressed to taste or hear the difference even if they were identical.
  11. In this video you can compare the sound of Sharp speakers with Sound Lab. I believe if you get your room acoustics right even cheap speakers can sound pretty good. Sound sample of Sound Lab speakers is here at https://youtu.be/P1nBXsInXY4
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