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  1. Made in Switzerland, Maya 3D studio DAC.
  2. I think you wanted to say Audiophinics. 😂
  3. They were random measurements to identify all the speakers ( 32 of them) timing. The only reliable portion of the measurement should be from 100 to 6000 Hz. @John Dyson, Flat nor notches or dips really matter in a well setup system. But as far as equipment design is concerned, I would always want the most accurate ones.
  4. Audio Symphony Monoblocks. Only 14 of these ever made about 20 years ago. It’s a hybrid amp with 2 driver tubes driving output MOSFET transistors.
  5. Pink noise response at in ear microphone with my pinna. It will further modified at inside the ear canal like this.
  6. I have a SACD of different microphones sound of piano made by DPA. IIRC, SOS used to have lossless samples. Music is not complicated. It is meant to be enjoyed for what it is. Not looking for difference that would be masked when we listen them for pleasure anyway.
  7. When it is in 24/192 or 24/96 also the same response.
  8. Thanks to DSP, I think the importance of mics may soon disappear. Not many could distinguish good and poor quality and I am totally useless at that.
  9. Sonic Frontiers SFT-1HK CD transport. This is a Hong Kong version.
  10. That guy is mocking audiophiles. Yes , I have seen speakers designed with toilet. The curve piping extend the bass or something like that.
  11. I told my friend to take the temperature. But he thinks the problem is related to something else which is too complicated for me to understand. Acoustic Transmission measurements at ears should reveal them them.
  12. Wrong! Used ones will be firm. Please allow sufficient time to interact with the atmosphere. Depending on the humidity level, your part of the world would probably need more hours or days. I hope we all learned the importance of break-in by now. LOL!
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