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  1. Was given this by my uncle when I was four or five. Used it more to play than for listening. Loved the way the toy soldiers spinned on them. Taken by a family friend who promised to get it repaired and repainted. Never saw it again. Picture form Picclick.co.uk
  2. I wonder how many passes the so called original copy went thru before reaching Esldude. So why an additional of three needed to stabilize? Maybe something else you are overlooking.
  3. Are you suggesting that after the third generation the files will no longer degrade?
  4. That is true but that’s for a different reason. The more you listen to the playback and the more you are exposed to natural sound , you begin to see the flaws. OTOH, we tend to overlook the obvious defect because we learned to adapt and filter them to equate a real performance.
  5. On the contrary, I think show a photograph of your system tell nothing about it. It just like someone who claims to be a good photographer only shows his equipment. I do regularly upload my system to Youtube. I don’t think any sensible person would expect to hear the actual sound from the Youtube but it still can tell alot about your room and setup. Firstly, if a playback is real enough than a recording of that should also sound like a recording of a real event. If you have a small ensemble of a 60 degrees stagewidth than the sound in your video should provide the positional accuracy and with good microphones the fidelity too. Using the same microphones and capturing the playback will tell alot about how good or bad the setup is. Even to those untrained listener could recognize a playback from the video. A good 3 dimensional system will sound more convincing in the video. Hearing is funny, the longer you are exposed to a sound, the better you get in ignoring the defects.
  6. Hi to all, There are three samples which I use to evaluate my system. I would appreciate if you could give your preferred choice among the three samples. Please comment if you think there could be some improvement to them. Thank you. ST Sample B.wav Sample C.wav Sample A.wav
  7. Is it possible to share the file properties of the plabable and non playable files? I came across this problem many years ago...
  8. Have you tried checking whether the format is associated with JRiver?
  9. Try Mick of http://www.supratek.com.au/ He makes custom preamps. I used one his preamp and it sounded fabulous and accurate. It can be bypassed for HT too. Not sure if he make all you wanted within $4K though.
  10. Great to hear more audiophiles are interested in crosstalk cancellation.
  11. All speakers benefit from a good subwoofer except for a few full range speakers. Even then, LF reproduction accurately for music is more of an art then science. Sound Lab with subwoofer works fine like any other full range speakers.
  12. Oh I see. Either Jriver or DAW such as Reaper is what you need. You can even compensate for the inherent delay between the channels in their SPDIF output.
  13. I couldnt find your earlier reference to 90ms and distance. That is a very long delay. Is any of your speakers is about 90 feet further than the rest?
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