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  1. From a blog of the audio accessory manufacturer in Japan. There is no reason for me to get the latest version, for I own the initial version. http://blog.jspcaudio.net/?eid=320
  2. Thesycon does not allow the distribution of the original driver through OEM. I confirmed this with them. Sonore must purchase a licence from Thesycon with its own VID/PID. When a person on behalf of Sonore suggests the use of Singxer driver for Windows which is licensed only to Singxer products, it might cause a problem with Thesycon.
  3. The latest version of SU-1 is said to have clocks with double frequency, namely, 45/49MHz.
  4. Some PerfectWave owners say SU-1 does not work with it. DirectStream DAC and DSDAC Junior are OK. You should get the exact pin assignment of your PW from PS Audio.
  5. I own both X-SPDIF 2 and SU-1 in addition to Gustard U12, Melodious MX-U8, LKS USB-100, and am afraid to say that the possible difference between F-1 and X-SPDIF 2 would be within a presumable range. What I could not presume was the combination of X-Sabre PRO and X-SPDIF 2 in synchronous mode with jitter reducer off. See the posts by the North America Matrix Audio distributor and me in Head-fi.
  6. I posted my my impression about the 128fs synchronisation mode with X-SPDIF 2 in Head-fi.
  7. Dual PC, WS2012R2 Server core for Control PC, WS2016 Server core for Audio PC. JCAT NET Card FEMTO on both PC. JPLAYstreamer.
  8. On my Windows Server 2016 Server core, ULTRAstream 700Hz/0.01sec with 8 samles works and is quite stable up to DoP256 and PCM384kHz. I use none of OS optimisation products.
  9. I use SU-1 for my main system (Windows JPLAY) due to its latency setting capability. For my second system (Linux), USB-100 sounds more neutral.
  10. You had better ask this question below: https://github.com/lintweaker/xmos-native-dsd/issues/12 There is no channel swap in my environment.
  11. I do not own MH-DA004. However, all the Amanero boards look similar. I uploaded a correct link (at least correct as of today) for USB-100 in its thread here in CA. A Google search for image "combo384 lks" shows lots of pictures. For example, you see under this link x3 contacts, one of which is a rectangle. Use the this rectangle pin and its adjacent round one among x3 contacts.
  12. With the latest firmware 2003be_71A, DSD512 native can be played with DAC-X20 on Linux. I noticed the link to the internal circuit board photo in my previous post had been changed. But you find 4+3 contacts easily. This current link may be changed later.
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