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  1. I'm running on OS 2.7. But the strangest thing happened: This evening, I hooked back the Rendu into the chain and all DSD 128 files can now be played successfully. I tested just this morning and it was still playing back in 24/176k without the Rendu in the chain. Hope that this will continue with no problem. Will monitor closely. I'm happy again.
  2. Other than 16/44k and 16/48k files, I have issues with higher res files. I have only swapped hardware and didn't make any changes on the software side. I tried removing the Rendu from the chain (Antipodes - DAC) , playback is fine using iPeng for all files up to DSD64. But DSD128 files are playing back in 24/176k now. I do not know what has happened suddenly. MSB says it is my software that is now playing DSD128 in 24/176 PCM format.
  3. Today I faced a problem with a USB upgrade module on my MSB Platinum IV Plus DAC: Before: Antipodes server (Linux) - Microrendu - MSB DAC (up to DSD64) works okay Now: Antipodes server (Linux) - Microrendu - MSB DAC (upgraded to DSD128 USB module) cannot playback files > 16/48kHz. What happen is that Squeezelite will be "stopped" and nothing plays. I do not understand what could be the problem here. Please kindly assist. Thank you.
  4. okay... that is a different story altogether now.
  5. I have had similar problems - the high-pitch ringing and all that - with my Level 5 after some "upgrades" as well. It was so obvious that I wonder how this problem can even slip past QC after the upgrade. I can even record this on my iPhone. Where are you located? If in America, I suggest that you look for Fred for some advice. Whatever the case, I will suggest sending it back to Poland and have them foot the shipping bills both sides.
  6. Indeed, I'm happy to report that I have received a brand new unit from the factory. And it works flawlessly. This will not have been possible if Gopher has not stepped in to assist. Very much appreciated!
  7. Hello, my setup is as follows: Antipodes (Vortexbox 2.3) -> ethernet -> Router -> ethernet -> Microrendu (v2.5) -> USB -> Bricasti M1 Controller app: MPad Problem: MPad does not play (I believe the Microrendu is linked successfully to my DAC) so the problem is between "Antipodes - router - Microrendu". Please advise: Microrendu: Should I set this as a DLNA renderer, squeezelite or LMS? Antipodes: What special setting should I use on the Vortexbox and the MPad? Thank you very much for the kind advice.
  8. It is really nice to know that the North American Lampi distributor has offered assistance to this topic. I hope that he will be able to find a solution to my current situation.
  9. Well, it has been a week or nearly 3 months in total without getting any constructive response from Lampi. And looking at the situation, the set will need to be re-assigned to home theatre duties. I have assessed the sound quality over the past few weeks and while first impression was really great, I gradually realised that the Lampi lacked colours and seems musically bleached. Honestly, this has got to be the worst audio purchase experience for me - I would have to warn all potential buyers of new or used Lampi units to really reconsider their options again. Thankfully, I still have my Bricasti M1 - and I'm sending the unit for a software upgrade. And what was Bricasti's response time after I sent them an email yesterday evening? *** IMMEDIATE ***
  10. Hello, it would be: Fw: DAC LEVEL 4 GEN 5 "pop" Sound Thanks for the help.
  11. Thanks for the lead. I have just sent them yet another email. Let us see how far this goes. I'm located in Singapore but my set is from the US.
  12. Finally a new avenue. Can you give me Kris and Anna's email?
  13. I would rather that they look for a fix for my current problems. Yup still zero reply...
  14. Last posting attempt went missing... My source is the Antipodes with zero issues on the Bricasti M1, Chord Hugo/Qute, Marantz even on DSD files. I'm not going to do anything to the Antipodes. Perhaps there's a compatibility issue with Linux? With the lack of response and support from Lampi, it looks like I'm stuck with these problems... It's confusing to me why the unit was shipped back with these issues unchecked. Anyone keen with my unit please send me a message for a discussion.
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