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  1. Significantly may be overstating it but the Mark III T20 RP has more bass than the 40 and the 50.
  2. Perhaps for you and there are many others that would agree with you but I've heard the MK III versions and it's subjective in regards to taste. And oddly the people that modify the 50 units are constantly looking for more bass well the MK III 20 has it in spades, and significantly more than the 40 and the 50 from what I heard!
  3. I upsample everything to 4X DSD on my iDSD Nano and most of my files are FLAC 16.44 and some hi res files to and it sounds incredible! iFi recently did a firmware upgrade and everything runs smooth as silk with only 4 gigabytes of RAM on my laptop, I suggest you try it!
  4. Not really phone capable, I tried with an LG Android and signal was weak, YMMV. Small portable amp, iFi perhaps? Comfort wise they ride a tad close to the ears for me but may not be issue for others. Pads can be upgraded I believe like in the past to Shure and some others!
  5. Agreed these sound excellent for the price. I recently gave them a long listen at the RMAF. In fact all the new models sounded quite good including the neglected Fostex T20RPMK3 Open Type*at the same price!
  6. Thanks Cebolla, I also understand that Resampling is not always beneficial and in some cases can degrade the music, is this correct? I have mostly redbook and maybe 15 SACD's so perhaps an outboard DAC is more advantageous in this regard or a laptop nearer to system, though I must admit I am impressed how good it sounds right now!
  7. " Foobar2000 is not normally being used as a music player in this case, so the WASAPI and Resampler plugins should not actually be involved." Thank you for reply Cebolla, Yes I am using Fb2k's foo_UPnP plugin, so Resampler & WASAPI have no effect in UpnP/DLNA stream whatsoever? And I cannot re/upsample before reaching SONY Blu-ray player in this configuration everything must be done afterwards? Damn, I was hoping for a different scenario here!
  8. Basically, power supply cap replacements, loads of caps & resistors, all over Perreaux SM2 and GTA SE40, custom armboard for Scheu to fit SAEC 308E tonearm and made OB baffles with the help of a friend, this is current setup. I also make most of my wires using Mil spec silver or silver ribbon sourced from jewelry supply. I have a pair of Blue Circle BC2 monoblocks I need to address soon as well, never enough time with family and work!
  9. Hello CA members, really enjoying your website. Been reading it for a year or so and it has been a real inspiration for me in tackling the computer/digital music world. Also the knowledge, respect and lack of pretension here is refreshing coming from other audiophile sights that typically shoot down the less fortunate $$$$ audiophile, kudos to you! Now on with a bit of business, I will keep short. I have been an audiophile for many years with lots of LP's and large CD/media music file collection of mostly classical, jazz, prog rock, krautrock and avantgarde . I have been using a novi
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