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  1. Mike you also might want to talk to Larry at Pareto Audio. He built my W10 based server in January and it dramatically improved SQ. It's a dual boot system with Linux/Roon and W10/Audirvana. To my ears Audirvana sounds better. Here's the web address: https://paretoaudio.com/
  2. Ad nauseaum? Here? Watch out folks, here comes the vitriol of a troll.
  3. Mike, how much memory in your NUC? I'm using 32 gig in my W10 server; I wonder if that makes a difference to the stability of the Studio display?
  4. @Mike Rubin, what version are you using? I had that type of behavior with the original release of Studio, 1.0. It stopped here with the first update.
  5. Well as Fats said, one never knows, do one? But (then I'll shut up; I promise.) let me add that Fedilizer doesn't turn off a bunch of services and once installed the program provides a quick way of reverting back to your original settings: just click on the option and reboot. Done it hundreds of times. Also, I used the laptop with Audirvana running and never had a problem with other tasks, cruising the net, printing, etc. However, to really get the benefit one should purchase the pro version, around $70, and select the purist/streamer options. Here it has been a really nice bump in SQ. Have a
  6. Just want to thank Jud and Bobfa for their input regarding my search for a server to my Rendu product. As Bobfa suggested, I ended up purchasing a Pareto Audio server and I am very satisfied with the results. It has literally transformed the sound in my room. I am currently running Audirvana Studio, W10, on the server but am able to switch OS's on the server and can run Audiolinux OS with Roon as the player. The Audiolinux OS is specifically designed for Roon playback. So far I prefer Studio, W10, but that could change. Jud, have you tried Fidelizer? Just wondering what your impressions might
  7. @jos, been a long day. I know how to disable R8brain; thought you were referring to the ever running metadata program and got excited about the possibility of turning it off. Hopefully soon.
  8. @jos, how were you able to disable r8brain?
  9. Though to my ears Studio with kernel streaming in W10 sounds significantly better than 3.5, I cannot believe Studio is sounding its best constantly analyzing the audio files, using about 15% of memory(total 32 gigs). Will it ever end?
  10. As far as I know you cannot. Volumio sees the allo Signature and the digione as separate devices and you can only select one output device at a time in Volumio. Maybe other OS's have a dual output option?
  11. Is this still for sale? If so, could W10 be loaded on it in order to run Audirvana? I would attach a 4TB HD via usb for music files. What would the best size for the OS Drive be? And what would your recomendation for RAM be? Lastly what would the cost be to have you put it together? Thanks Brian
  12. Thanks Judd. Sort of surprised at the lack of interest regarding the server questions. I am inclined to just get a decent laptop and forget about it, but whatever noise attaches to the data signal in the laptop/server, beginning with the external music drive attached to it, effects the sound here. I presume that's why Small Green Computer offers the Sonictransporter I5 for Roon and HQ Player folks. Guess there is not a purpose built W10 based server for Audirvana users? You should really give fedilizer a listen on your desktop. Its easy to Install/Uninstall. If you do try it run it in Purist/S
  13. Thanks Judd for your input. I guess I wasn't entirely clear: by "server" in my post I meant the laptop itself. I am already using a Rendu product, the older Signature Series one as listed in my signature. What I'm asking about is the laptop itself. So many things concerning the laptop seem to effect the sound. Is there a better solution than a windows 10 laptop or is there an optimized windows laptop or PC, like Small Green Computer offers, but for Windows 10? Or is the best solution to use an Apple product as that is what Audirvana was originally built for? Have you noticed that the configur
  14. I posted the following in the networking section of this forum. Any replies greatly appreciated:
  15. Looking for recommendations regarding the server portion of my system (see signature below.) Am currently using a Lenovo T530, with Fidelizer 8.7 and it sounds very good, especially when I run the laptop off batteries. However, EVERYTHING, seems to effect the sound regarding the laptop: usb cable connecting external music drive to laptop, linear PS of external music drive to laptop, wired v wireless connection of laptop to the network, etc. Am wondering what the best server solution looks like given my current commitment to Audirvana playback software? I am not really that computer savvy and
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