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  1. Is this still for sale? If so, could W10 be loaded on it in order to run Audirvana? I would attach a 4TB HD via usb for music files. What would the best size for the OS Drive be? And what would your recomendation for RAM be? Lastly what would the cost be to have you put it together? Thanks Brian
  2. Thanks Judd. Sort of surprised at the lack of interest regarding the server questions. I am inclined to just get a decent laptop and forget about it, but whatever noise attaches to the data signal in the laptop/server, beginning with the external music drive attached to it, effects the sound here. I presume that's why Small Green Computer offers the Sonictransporter I5 for Roon and HQ Player folks. Guess there is not a purpose built W10 based server for Audirvana users? You should really give fedilizer a listen on your desktop. Its easy to Install/Uninstall. If you do try it run it in Purist/S
  3. Thanks Judd for your input. I guess I wasn't entirely clear: by "server" in my post I meant the laptop itself. I am already using a Rendu product, the older Signature Series one as listed in my signature. What I'm asking about is the laptop itself. So many things concerning the laptop seem to effect the sound. Is there a better solution than a windows 10 laptop or is there an optimized windows laptop or PC, like Small Green Computer offers, but for Windows 10? Or is the best solution to use an Apple product as that is what Audirvana was originally built for? Have you noticed that the configur
  4. I posted the following in the networking section of this forum. Any replies greatly appreciated:
  5. Looking for recommendations regarding the server portion of my system (see signature below.) Am currently using a Lenovo T530, with Fidelizer 8.7 and it sounds very good, especially when I run the laptop off batteries. However, EVERYTHING, seems to effect the sound regarding the laptop: usb cable connecting external music drive to laptop, linear PS of external music drive to laptop, wired v wireless connection of laptop to the network, etc. Am wondering what the best server solution looks like given my current commitment to Audirvana playback software? I am not really that computer savvy and
  6. Hey Josh, thanks so much for so thoughtfully sharing your expertise. What a pleasurable read. Any recommendations on the best versions, digital, of Drakes other two albums?
  7. Pontus price is now $2,300. Guess this review caused a $700 price increase......
  8. Would you consider 175 just for the optical module , which is 289 new?
  9. I found the Digione Signature mounted atop the USB Signature Bridge to sound significantly better than the stand alone Digione in the plastic case. Also, I prefer the Digione output over the USB output of the Bridge. YMMV
  10. Takes the digione sig a couple of weeks of burn in. Also the type of SPDIF cable makes a significant difference.
  11. So sorry I didn't reply sooner. I thought I had marked the add as sold but apparently something went wrong. Yes it is sold. Thanks
  12. View Classified MINT EtherRegen $565 Shipped (Lower 48 USA) Selling my mint condition UpTone EtherREGEN for $565 shipped 2 day USPS Priority in the USA. No waiting for next batch! Original Box, Power Supply and documentation included. P-mail me for PayPal info. Price is net, so add 3% if not gift funding. Brian Seller Boleary3 Date 07/13/20 Price 565.00 USD Category
  13. This listing is completed.

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    Selling my mint condition UpTone EtherREGEN for $565 shipped 2 day USPS Priority in the USA. No waiting for next batch! Original Box, Power Supply and documentation included. P-mail me for PayPal info. Price is net, so add 3% if not gift funding. Brian

    565.00 USD

  14. Interesting. I don't use Roon so I can't say I'm familiar with either of the configurations you describe. I'm using the Shanti 5v 1 amp tap to power the Revolution. To my ears, in my set up, there is a decrease in SQ with hardware volume enabled (upsampling filters turned on). Though it sounds very good it sounds better with the filters bypassed, though I do loose volume control and the remote is just a lot of fun and is certainly convenient. On the other hand, I have to turn my amps off (no pre-amp) when switching sample rates with the filters bypassed (no volume control) because of a loud
  15. Wow. Certainly worth every penny. It's only been on for 20 hours so I expect more changes but this thing has fantastic tonal balance and accuracy with an overall non-fatiguing sound. Turned up-sampling off in Audirvanna and turned it on in volumio, 32 bit, 384 sample rate and the high filter algorithm chosen. In the Revolution I'm running asynch and have the oversampling filter bypass turned on. Haven't tried any of the filters other than default. Am using software volume control, no pre-amp.Expect to have more to say later. Anyone having further suggestions regarding settings I'm all ears.
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