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  1. In case you missed it. If you are a K701/702 fan, this may be worth getting. They changed the headband and ear pads. The pads are memory foam now and no more bumps on the headband. [video=youtube;0xavIoI-KWw]
  2. I'll do my usual unboxing and overview video and then let it break-in for a couple of days before listening. I requested the black version because it's not shown anywhere in marketing materials, but I'm not sure if they shipped black or silver. I'll know tomorrow when it arrives.
  3. Mine is on a FedEx truck. Stay tuned for my unboxing & overview video. Impressions to come.
  4. I really like how this look and initial sound impressions are pretty good. [video=youtube;P0ueyNWMU-Y]
  5. I like the sound from my MS400. Is the MS300 more bassy?
  6. I wish I was there. Thanks for sharing Chris.
  7. I bought this one. Beats didn't have review samples at the time of launch.
  8. I tried them out during my lunch hour. It's 86 degrees here in San Francisco and I didn't feel any heat discomfort. Passive noise isolation is very good. The headphones are all aluminum and feels great in the hand and on the head. The BIGGEST disappointment is that it has to be powered by batteries with noise canceling ON to use. No passive feature. There is a bit more hissing noise from the electronics than I like. Sound signature is definitely smoother than the Studio. Bass is not heavy at all. I need more ear time. Stay tuned.
  9. Just got these today. Very excited to try them out.
  10. I agree that it's a bargain for the performance you get at $199.
  11. I am waiting for the 1R to hit the streets for the U.S. market.
  12. My UE6000 is kinda wide with little clamping force. Is yours? I like a little more force.
  13. I didn't hear much treble increase with the NC active. Bass is like a Dr. Dre headphones with NC ON.
  14. This headphones may be the best $200 cans on the market. I am really enjoying mine.
  15. I have something in mind to say about the UE6000's sound signature, but I will reserve that comment at this time. I need more ear time to confirm this.
  16. Are you keeping the UE4000? Compare the two if you can.
  17. The UE6000 is very good. I am trying to secure the UE9000. Dale, you should upgrade to the UE6000. You may like.
  18. Gave the XB600 & XB800 some ear time last night after over 24 hrs of break-in. The XB800 is definitely the better buy in terms of sound. It is a lot more open with smoother midrange. Bass is boomier. I feel the bass on the XB800 could be a bit more controlled. Is the XB600 bad? No, but the price increase from the Xb500 makes it harder to recommend. The vocals on this tracks sounds great on the XB800. No, this girl in the video is NOT Sia. I listened to the CD, not the YT video.
  19. You guys know I love my Apogee Duet 2 as a Dac and a headphones amp for road use. The biggest concern for most people with the Duet 2 is the lack of Windows support. When I saw the Forte Press Release I thought this may be the perfect alternative to the Duet 2. I just got it today so stay tuned for my unboxing. Take a look at the details. I'll report back on how it sounds. Forte | Focusrite
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