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  1. a fellow Head-Fi member found a solution for me. In AudioMidi, the PHA-1 has to be set to 24/96khz. That fixed the noise issue.
  2. Just got mine today. Having issues with OSX. It makes scratchy noises in the audio stream when playing music from iTunes. I am trying to figure out why.
  3. what do you mean? The Denon is leather with white stitchings while the UE6000 is all black plastic.
  4. Happy to report that these are not like most modern portable headphones with bloated bass and rolled off highs. Initial impressions are there is plenty of treble to make it sound lively. Midrange is slightly bumped bringing vocals out. While bass doesn't overwhelm the lower midrange, it is on the loose side. I do wish there was a little more punch and speed. More sound impressions to come. Comfort is extremely high. They are so light I barely feel it's on my head. The cups are on-ear, but the cushions are so big it covers my entire ear. Full review to come. So far, I enjoy these more than my Sony 1R.
  5. The AH-D340 was recently announced at CES is made for the mobile audiophile. The headphones are a LOT smaller than the D600 & D7100 and priced much lower $299. Check out my unboxing.
  6. Thanks for your help Junker. I'm gonna order it now. I may still order the DT from Amazon to compare the two. I'll return the one I don't want.
  7. The DragonTail looks like that but with Audioquest logo on the ends. The cable itself doesn't have any fancy jacket on it like other AQ products. Does that extension cable you linked fit the DF securely? Does the metal on the USB connector show at the joint? The cheapo I got from eBay is a tight fit and covers the entire metal part of the DF. The only issue is it's white and it's 3ft. long.
  8. I got to see the DragonTail in person today. I am surprised that the fit between the DF and DT is not completely together. You can see the metal from the USB connector. It makes the two look like it doesn't go together or an after thought. Am I being too picky on a $30 1/2ft. USB cable? Please tell me if I am out of line.
  9. I got a chance to play with this at Philips's press event in S.F. Thank you Philips and Jude for setting me up. I hope to get a review sample soon so I can give you more impressions. Enjoy!
  10. I have been a fan of the Beyer Custom One Pro, but these takes it up a notch. Pairing it to the Beyer A1 amp is really good. BTW, I tried the velour pads, skip it.
  11. Brand new Ferrari by Logic3 T-350 Cavallino collection. It looks amazing and actually sounds really good. Bookmark this page because I will bring you more exclusive first looks in 2013. Ferrari By Logic 3
  12. Thanks for sharing the video. It's too bad they didn't really do their homework. Seems like ML just want to get on the bandwagon while it's HOT.
  13. I just got this because I've been wanting a pair of DT-770. Hope it doesn't disappoints. Stay tuned for impressions.
  14. Thank you! It was a lot of fun reviewing the Nighthawk amp. Don't forget to put your name in the hat for the giveaway. TONEAudios latest contest
  15. Review of the Nighthawk in this issue's TONEAudio magazine. http://www.tonepublications.com/MAGPDF/TA_050.pdf
  16. Initial impressions are that the DAC is very life-like & natural sounding. It has details and refinement of a modern DAC without any hint of dryness or overly bright. Low frequencies are well defined and controlled. I have to say that it sounds well balanced. More to come.
  17. Straight out of the box the sound is not impressive. Sometimes this is a good thing. I hope this is the case and it improves after a few days of burn-in.
  18. Just got this yesterday. I'm breaking it in right now. Here's a quick unboxing on it. Stay tuned for impressions.
  19. I compared the Q702 vs. K702 ANV, I can't say that they sound "different". The basic signature is the same. I do find the midrange on ANV is slightly smoother with less edge. Bass is a little fuller. Nothing really jumps out and tell you that you are listening to a "better" K702. You won't be able to tell unless you compared the two side by side, critically. The million dollar question, is it worth getting the anniversary version? Yes, if you like a more comfy fit, slightly smoother sound and you fanboy. Otherwise, go with the lessor cost standard version. You're not missing much.
  20. Video is up guys. I'm gonna break it in for a couple days before listening. [video=youtube_share;jyERa2jxE-0]
  21. It's LONG.... I had a hard time carrying it home on the bus. This thing is HEAVY for a DAC. Not having a car can be a bitch sometimes. Looks like I have the black version
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