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  1. IMO, after the bricking incident, I would not want to support Sonos. It would be like voluntarily banking at Wells Fargo. Did I say IMO?
  2. Why would you ever have the desire to enter an airport or shopping mall without a mask? Wearing a mask says "I value my fellow humans and I am willing to work toward a better existence for all of us" What are trying to convey when you don't want to wear a mask? Ha Ha this will piss off liberals? I simply see no positive benefit to yourself or society by not wearing a mask when appropriate. Seriously, what is your motivation to not wear a mask if not health-based?
  3. I also find the whole Tears in Heaven thing to be in poor taste, to put it mildly. As one who now has fewer children alive than I used to, I know that there are many forms that this situation can take. Making millions of dollars from it, well, that just never occurred to me.
  4. Agree 100% w/ the OP. I just never got it. Never heard one thing I found interesting or compelling from him. A member of my Most Overrated Musicians Hall of Fame for sure.
  5. I still want a folder view. I put my files in folders for a reason and now they cannot be used as intended (I have 2L folder that I used to play from. Now those tunes can no longer be selected without a lot of work as Roon has scattered them asunder). I didn't ask Roon to make it much harder to find those files. Why can't I just tell Roon to look for my files in the exact same way Iook for every other file on my PC?
  6. Check out the Digital Amplifier Company for massive linear Class D. Proprietary modules (not off the shelf consumer stuff). If you want Class D monoblocks each with an 1800 watt linear transformer here you go. Sound quality is superb.
  7. I enjoy music more now that I can learn from the best drummers in the world on the web and have access to streaming services vs. still using only my pre-computer vinyl collection.
  8. I found one very cool thing about running my main system off of a $35 Pi - It is easily replaceable! I accidentally fed it 9V. Don't feed your Pi 9V. It makes one distinct pop noise and then starts to smell really funny. Oh crap, I blew up the centerpiece of my stereo! Another $35 and back in business. Very good article and a nice counter to the Extreme Week server. Going for maximum bang for the buck can be very satisfying, and get you a significant chunk of the big-dollar sound for relative peanuts.
  9. Hi Everyone, I have been playing with a Rotel Michi preamp. Sounds good, built like a tank. When I use Roon to upsample to DSD, Roon has different HF cutoff filters: Conservative: 24KHz LPF Recommended: 30KHz LPF Permissive: 50KHz LPF Unfiltered: Use with caution The differences between them are clearly audible. I don't believe these 56 year old amateur drummer's ears are hearing actual changes above 30-50KHz. What am I hearing? Why the difference? Any ideas? Does DSD have aliasing that is in the audible range etc? Thank
  10. Really? Not significant differences in the sound between different filter types? Seriously?
  11. Ahh, the old "If you think you think a cable or power supply made a difference then that proves that your equipment is poorly designed or malfunctioning..." It must get old someday, hopefully soon. Sorry for the OT...
  12. Another vote for the A2's. The treble is somewhat soft to me in my system, which is just fine for PC speakers - The opposite of bright and fatiguing. But I really like my HD6s if you swing it. See if integrated Bluetooth is important to you. I probably wouldn't use either pair as studio monitors but for pleasing listening, I like 'em.
  13. The gear I have experienced that was uniformly head and shoulders above the competition that I was familiar with are the Class D amplifiers from The Digital Amp Company (DAC - not the best acronym!) (disclaimer - I am close personal friends with the owner/designer Tommy O'Brian, so ignore this if you wish, I understand). These class D amps are 100% designed by Tommy and do not rely on commercially available modules. If I understand correctly the modulators run at several times the frequency of competing Class D amps and this may play a role in their relative SQ. They usually featur
  14. Where is the need? For you to save me from making a voluntary purchase of a good that I desire? For you to demonstrate your superior state of audio knowledge? Where is the need indeed.
  15. To some extent are we discussing the different digital filtering that the software does? Last I looked at JRiver I did not see how to get it off of a linear phase filter. So it sounded really hard and sterile. Can the digital filters be changed in JRiver? IMO it is difficult to dissect differences between players when the pink elephant of digital filtering is hiding behind the speaker.
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