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  1. Did you compared both card? If you did, it is great to hear you are satisfied with PPA card. like I said. I think it really depends on how your system and space reacts to the cards. I had my friend tested both cards again with me last night, and he had the same experience as I have. First, two cards sound very different. Maybe my system has been adjusted to a very good balanced stand that is very sensitive to any change. Or I am very sensitive to my system. Second, PPA does produce enough bass. Don't get me wrong that PPA card does not produce better bass than the USB off the MB. What I am really referring to is a good hiend bass has to be deep and profound, and not just powerful. It has to be very profound and deep to a stand that it is so well absorbed and melted into the music itself. Sometimes it maybe even "disappeared" because it is very well balanced with mid and high range. Forgive me that I find no words to describe it besides "disappeared". A powerful bass yet very superficial or shallow will only cause sound to be unrealistic or artificial. In turns of this, I find SOTM does a much better job than PPA.
  2. Chris: Can you please tell me if QB9 DSD will work with SOTM tX-USBexp and Jplay? I have the first version of QB9 not upgraded at all. It has compatibility issue with SOTM tx usbexp if I use jplay. Without jplay, it works fine.
  3. I believe full breaker in will make difference. However, there are two things make me stop trying. 1) Once you have enough experience, you can distinguish that something are the main nature characteristics which can not be changed with times of burn in. I don't think the difference of the bass I noticed will be changed much of longer burn in time. 2)I can not stand longer with the sound that annoyed me much. I think if one finds his system is lack of clarity but good deep profound bass, maybe PPA card would help. In general, PPA card is a good card for its price. But to my stand with my current setup, I feel SOTM has more hi end standard to me.
  4. John: If you don't have SOTM card, I suggest you try it. Maybe you will find the difference I noticed. My system was very well balanced with SOTM card. When I first tried the PPA card in my rig, the sound was collapsed. I did try to work it out with my space and my system and see if I can still find the well balanced sound I had with SOTM card. Unfortunately, I just can't find the analog like and the deep bass sound I had with SOTM card. If you do have good sound with PPA card, I would say you have found a very good balanced sound of you system with your space. Maybe SOTM card can improve your already well balanced sound further. Who knows? But please do try the SOTM card before any judgement made between them. Usually one has to be compared to know the improvement needed.
  5. PPA card does provide more clarity than SOTM like many other reviews indicated. But like I said, the bass with PPA card is very shallow, superficial and inflated. When a system does not have a good deep and profound bass to be a foundation of its sound, no matter how clarity it is, it will annoyed me. For those who have both cards, please focus on the bass instead of the clarity when you are comparing them. I wonder very much if this happens just in my system.
  6. I think it really depends on the differences of system. Some might find PPA better. Some might find SOTM better. In my system, SOTM does sound better than PPA. Especially the bass. SOTM can provide a bass deep and down while PPA's bass isn't deep at all. After a while, I actually can not stand to PPA card for more than 5 mints listening because I will feel very annoyed.
  7. By reading many positive reviews for PPAstudio USB card, I finally got one from Paul Pang a month ago. Based on my good experience with his sata cables, I was very excited that it might improve my CAT system by replacing my SOTM USB card like other reviews said. my first impression with PPAstusio USB card was it provides a very different sound than SOTM card. I tried to make myself focus on the main strength of the PPA card pointed out by the reviews. I do agreed to many of them but not most of them. I think it is caused by system difference itself along. I stared to think it might be because it needs sometime to burn in, so it can completely brings out all it's goodness. I let my system run 3 days all day long, and after 3 days, the card really started to stand out. i stared to compare SOTM card with PPA card by switching them again and again. I found PPA card can not really outperform the SOTM card. It is true that at some certain areas, PPA does have its strength over SOTM card but in general SOTM card provide a much more analog musical sound. The PPA card tends to perform in a HiFi stand. The most important reason I choose to stay with SOTM card was because the PPA card tends to provide a shallow bass while SOTM card can provide a deeper bass. I can not stand shallow bass sound at all, because it will make the music sound unrealistic and I will get very annoyed if I listen to it for long time. For all that said, SOTM costs much more than PPA card. PPA card in turns of C/P value is unbeatable.
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