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  1. Is anyone familiar with the PS Audio Nuwave Phono Converter?
  2. I understand that I have asked a very broad question to which I have received excellent replies. I think it time to re-phrase, "how can I obtain "acceptable" digital files from vinyl conversion". I own a VPI table with a decent phono cartridge and amplification. I have a thousand LP's that I would like to record to digital. I want to invest as little money as needed to transfer the recording to digital so it sounds exactly like the album. The problem is that I do not understand exactly what I am asking for in cost and complexity. I guess this is where I need help. Many thanks to the mem
  3. Can someone point me in the direction of what would be the best method to convert vinyl lp to computer files, thanks. Mark
  4. I have made two prior inquiries to this forum concerning servers which will sound great. Keeping in mind that I am using an Ayre QB-9, which is asynchronous,the following is what I have come up with: CAPS Zuma with Windows 12 server, Optimizer and JRiver. Cost $2,200.00 CAPS Zuma as above with linear power supply Cost $3,200.00 Mac Mini I7, ssd, JRiver, Audirvana, Amarra Cost $1,250.00 Mac Mini as above with linear power supply, Keces Cost $1,750.00 (prices are approximate) What is the best option weighing in the quality of sound versus cost? Thanks Mark
  5. Thanks Mourip, I am planning on getting Windows 2012, at least try it.
  6. Thanks Deaf Cat, I am running Fidelizer and agree that it did improve the sound. I enjoyed reading about CAD, that is new to me. Is there any one with a Zuma or similar that can comment on the comparison to a standard laptop?
  7. Thanks dminches, I see that you have invested in a very nice system. I am looking at my system the same way; and looking at the investment that I have made in equipment that I already own. We all realize that a source componet is the limiting factor in the system, garbage in; garbage out. Over the years my source has changed from vinyl to mostly digital files being streamed to my system. I have never heard a caps system or a dedicated server, just the computer system that I have now, a fairly decent laptop with an I5 chip and 4 gigs of ram (this is my personal laptop and not dedicated
  8. I need a new music server and have been studying the C.A.P.S. units. What are the other options for a Windows based factory made PC? Are there any decent options instead of spending $1,500.00 or so on the C.A.PS.? Thanks
  9. Thanks Flatmap. Concerning the Zuma, I have come up with three solutions and this adds to my delema. I have a nephew that is capable. Then the other option is to buy it from Small Green Computer or Paul Pang. Paul Pang has a slew of options. I am drawn to the Paul Pang option, however I have never seen or heard any of the C.A.P.S. system. Is the dressed out Paul Pang unit overkill or do I take a leap of faith and order one?
  10. Thanks to you guys and Computer AudiophileI have started to really explore the boundaries of computer audio. My search started due to my recieving computer bighting the dust. Right now my system consists of an upstairs computer streaming flac to a down stairscomputer wirelessly. The down stairs system consists of an Ayre QB-9 24/96 dac playing into an Audio Research SP-11MK2 to a McCormack DNA 500 to a pair ofAerial 20Ts. Over the last several weeks I have been using my personal HP laptop in the system. I use JRiver MC 19 and have used Asioforall for a few years. I have been auditioning severa
  11. Thank you to all that have responded, I much appreciate the input.
  12. David, thanks for the reply. I completely understand that there is no best. Honestly, I have realized that perhaps what I am reaching out for is a "shortcut". My nature is compulsive, and at times I want to get there now! As for the McCormack DNA, I do like it very much. I have gone through the 7 Aerials, the 9's and the 20's with it. My thought process was to get to the 20s in small steps rather than just jump in. Much in the same way that you guys are mentoring in the approach to my current situation. Thanks
  13. Thanks Paul, I tried a few things last night, updated to the latest JR and tweaked the settings. Some I did not like and some I did. Your advice is sound, take some time to let things settle in, maybe some of things I did not like...... However, is an dedicated audiophile server going to sound better than the computers?
  14. John, my system consists of the following equipment, VPI TNT turntable with Lyra cartridge, Audio Research SP 11 MK2, preamp, McCormack DNA 500 amp, Ayre QB-9 dac and Aerial 20T speakers. This system is intertwined with Arcam theatre processors, dvd, etc. I may eventually update the pre, however I am quite fond of the SP 11. The weakest link is my digital sources or so I think. My budget for server, storage, network would be in the 3k range. Thanks John. How do you decide on your CAPS? Is the Zuma better?
  15. Thanks PopPop. My stereo equipment has been selected and refined over the last several decades. Evolvement of the equipment was based on being able to see, hear and feel the equipment. There are few stores and even fewer individuals in my area that have any idea of how any of higher end digital sources work. Where do I start and how do I evolve in understanding what is available, how to acquire the proper hardware and software and how do I configure everything?
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