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  1. So, if I understand you correctly, the 16/44 streams that you listen to with your paid Tidal subscription can somehow be saved and burned to a CD, but the MQA/Master files cannot? Is this the major issue with DRM? Sent from my LG-V410 using Computer Audiophile mobile app
  2. I'm still having trouble with Port Forwarding. I guess I'm not as smart as I thought.
  3. I like Tidal, but I can't switch over from Spotify until there is a "Connect" feature where I can control my laptop playing the music from my smartphone (Android).
  4. Here is a 20% off code for the new Tom Petty releases on HDTracks : TPETTYHDFAN20
  5. I don't think Tidal has changed that. In the article posted earlier in the thread, they used the term "high-resolution" to describe the streaming used by Tidal.
  6. Is Tidal "High Res" or HiFi? CD quaility is better than 320kbps, but is it really high resolution?
  7. Is it really "high-resolution" or is it just HiFi? I know it has been discussed many times on here, but is CD quality high-resolution? As for Tidal, I am all for it. CD quality is a great option over 320kbps. Plus, I do like the fact that the artists will get paid more for streaming. As long as it is ALL of the artists and not just the big names in the presentation.
  8. I have VLC loaded and it works great at my work office! It is even able to play my 192/24 FLAC files.
  9. Is it possible to install a program like Foobar on an external hard drive to play my FLAC files (also on the same external hard drive) on a Windows (7) computer? The computer is at work and I don't want to install any extra programs on it. I know I could just convert all of the FLAC files to MP3's and use WMP, but I wanted to check before I do a large conversion.
  10. I just spent over an hour searching for info on how to stream my JRiver music library to my HTC One M8 using the mobile network. I have no problem using Gizmo to stream music using WIFI on my home network, but I want my music outside of the house.
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