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  1. The unit is very stable. It is on 24/7 and with the Covid-19, it plays music at least 10 hrs/day. A worthwhile upgrade.
  2. Good work, electrafixion! Learning from your mod, I did also on mine. Since I have caps around, I was able to fit a Kaisei 4700uf. The size is 25mm diameter x 35mm length. Link to the cap here: https://www.partsconnexion.com/ANKECAP-83880.html There is still about 3mm extra room at the diameter and about 7mm at the length so the fit is just right. I thought the capacitance is too big which is twice that of the Elna Tonerex that it replaced. I was concerned it will blow up because of the longer current load but after a couple of "burn-in" on and off cycles, everything is fine. I was ready to add a coupling cap just in case I lose my highs. Audio Note also does not advertise the ESR of Kaisei but, to my surprise, transparency is even enhanced. Highs are preserved and even provided more clarity and details. Mid is magical and sweet. Mid bass is now more pronounced. Bass is driven with ease and the unit is not even fully burned-in yet. Wonderful mod. Thanks, electrafixion!
  3. i want to try it on a Kaisei or Black Gate if there is of same cap value that is available.
  4. I was originally build #14 but but was moved down to build #15. Interesting.
  5. Only the output device to the ones used in the 6A modules were upgraded on the 3A rails. The rails are still classified as 3A continuous standard unless a 6A rail is specified.
  6. From the Paul Hynes thread.... Here's where I plan to assign them to: SR4 - router (12v/2A), server (19v/2A), and DAC USB power (5v/2A) SR7 - DAC main power (12v/3A), regen (12v/3A), switch (5v/3A), and streamer (19v/6A). Comments and advise welcome!
  7. It's a Streacom FC9. I'm surprised how compact it is. Perfect for my desktop set-up.
  8. Thanks. 2 rails are 5-15v (3A each) and the other 2 are 9-19v (3 and 6A). Just got an email from Paul this is the first Streacom FC9 chassis he built. He built an FC10 before. He has to use the chassis because the transformer mass is just too big for the specs I specified with the standard case. I will be powering the entire chain from router, switch, NUC server, NUC Roon, SOtM regen, split cables, etc up to DAC together with 2 units of SR4-12 and a unit of SR4-19. Transparency, details, and instrument separation is what I am after for the type of music I listen to (instrumental) so PH power supply is very important for my set-up.
  9. SR7MR4XL, ordered July 2017 - Build 15 received safe. Excellent packing. I hope you all will get yours soon.
  10. News we've all been waiting for. Build 15 shipped!
  11. I have not requested for external voltage selector for Build 15.
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