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  1. Folks, I changed my mind on this and am going to keep it. Thanks for your interest.
  2. Hello, I've posted an item for sale and decided to keep it. I can't find a way to delete my post. Any help would be appreciated. John G
  3. Here's my e12 DAC which I bought new from exaSound in 2016, based on the review in this forum. I'm selling it because I bought exaSound's e32 Mk II so I could listen to MQA music. I've been very happy with this unit and it's always worked reliably. It will come in the original packaging (in bubble wrap with another box around it), with the power supply and chord, and a disk containing the owner's manual and the Mac and Windows drivers for ASIO—there are no Linux drivers for it. It cost $2,000 new, and I'm asking $1,000 for it. I'll take a check or Paypal, and the buyer will pay shipping. Here's the description from exaSound's website:
  4. A couple more questions about the exaSound Sigma streamer: 1. Can the device be turned on and shut down by turning off a power strip or conditioner it's plugged into? 2. Is there any sound quality improvement to be had using a linear power supply, a USB regenerator, or an "audiophile" USB cable with the Sigma streamer and an exaSound DAC? 3. Is the Sigma streamer optimized to work with the apparently discontinued exaSound e12 DAC? 4. Is processor in the Sigma powerful enough to support Roon's digital signal processing functions?
  5. As a satisfied user of an exaSound e12 DAC since 2015, I'm curious as to the differences between the Gamma and Sigma servers. Some questions: (1) Do both devices use off-the-shelf standard PC motherboards and processors? (2) Is the operating system for either or both Roon ROCK? The Gamma description says "exaSound-built lightweight operating system optimized for Hi-Res audio." (3) What are the advantages of using an exaSounnd streamer/server with an exaSound DAC? (4) What are the differences between the two units? (5) Can these devices be installed and run "headlessly" using MS Remote Desktop?
  6. Figured us much. The amp's remote works fine to control volume anyway. Thanks for the response.
  7. Roon Bridge, and I should add it's running in Audiophile Optimizer's "core mode."
  8. "Yes, you can control the e28 hardware volume with Roon Remote on Mac in ASIO mode." Is this now possible in Windows Server 2012 with the e12 DAC?
  9. I currently use a CAPS v3 (Intel Atom processor, etc) as a Roon end point in my listening room. It uses Audiophile Optimizer in its core mode on Windows Server 2012 r2. After considerable tinkering with the registry, I got the ASIO driver that supports the exaSound e12 DAC to start automatically at boot. The machine also has an JCAT Femto USB card. The USB card and SSD are fed by a 5vDC linear power supply, which also supplies 12vDC to the Atom motherboard. In addition I'm using one of Paul Pang's SATA cables to connect the SSD to the motherboard. This setup sounds pretty nice, but I'm tempted by the idea of trying Roon ROCK on a NUC, on the theory that Roon's customized Linux OS would be even cleaner and thus sound better than stripped-down WS 2012r2 with AO in core mode. Some questions are: (1) Has anybody already made such a switch (or something similar) and have any thoughts on the SQ improvement, if any? (2) Is there a fanless NUC that will run Roon ROCK? (3) Does such a NUC support an add-on USB card?
  10. If anybody's still interested in the post, I started shutting down the PC at the power conditioner as described above maybe 5 months ago. My thinking was that, since the computer had a solid state drive there was no risk of write errors. The other day I started getting random, brief interruptions in streamed music (from Tidal via Roon) and even from music on my own NAS. Rebooted the PC and the problem went away. So the lesson I take away is: yes, it is better to shut down the PC "correctly" than to just pull the plug.
  11. I'm using an old C.A.P.S., which has the virtue of being fanless. I've been using it every day for about 4 years, and have also fed linear 5v to the SSD and USB card, and 12v to the motherboard power. Also got one of Pang's SATA cables feeding the SSD.
  12. Can't say as I heard a profound difference. Or any difference. But I've only been pursuing this stuff for a few years and don't have a Golden Ear.
  13. Perhaps the forthcoming exaSound Playpoint DM will be a step, albeit at $14K an expensive one, in that direction. https://exasound.com/PlayPointDM/PlayPointDMOverview.aspx
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