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  1. 25 years after his death... Astor Piazzolla, Suite Troileana
  2. Sorry to relive this old thread... Someone can confirm that the Qobuz download is actually "24-96 (master)" I ask this because the bluray version [Complete Orchestral Recordings on Deutsche Grammophon] seems to come from a remaster pcm (from the sacd[?], which in turn comes from pcm) Beethoven (classical noise of the modulator) Instead, Schubert seems to be fine And Brahms is of origin 16-44.1 I am interested in the version as close as possible to the master Sorry for my english
  3. Rostropovich: CD2 - Britten: Cello Suites 1&2, Sonata for Cello & Piano
  4. Someone who can recommend the version with better sound of both works? Downloads: PCM, DSD (of G. Marino master -of PCM origin) Physical support: original CD, MFSL, SACD (original, Japan, APO=G. Marino) Other? Thank you
  5. Pieter Wispelwey - J. S. Bach: Gamba Sonatas, Riddle Preludes, Baroque Perpetua
  6. Bach: Goldberg Variations, arranged for String Trio
  7. A (bash) script is perhaps the most appropriate solution. I do not use Mac (Linux only) but bash syntax is the same. In this case only renames flac files, not to directories. It can be modified to do so. I recommend you try it in a directory created for this purpose (with a copy of some flac files in multiple directories) to see if it does what you expect. The format is: track n° - title You only need to install flac and metaflac if you did not. You can check this by opening a terminal and typing metaflac --help. If the program is recognized skip to 2- 1- If the program is not recognized, you must install: - with Homebrew brew install flac -Or downloading binary (eg Rarewares, not the latest version but anyway) and copying it to your PATH -as root or with sudo- eg: mv flac metaflac /usr/local/bin cd /usr/local/bin chmod a+x metaflac flac 2- If you already have them installed, copy the following into an empty file: #!/bin/bash for i in *.flac do TITLE=`metaflac "$i" --show-tag=TITLE | sed s/.*=//g` TRACKNUMBER=`metaflac "$i" --show-tag=TRACKNUMBER | sed s/.*=//g` #ARTIST=`metaflac "$i" --show-tag=ARTIST | sed s/.*=//g` #ALBUM=`metaflac "$i" --show-tag=ALBUM | sed s/.*=//g` mv "$i" "$TRACKNUMBER - $TITLE.flac" done save it, name it as you like (for example renameflac), and move it to your PATH -as root o with sudo- (or you can create a symbolic link, especially if you want to change it later) eg: mv renameflac /usr/local/bin cd /usr/local/bin chmod a+x renameflac Close the Terminal. Thus it became a "pseudo-program" 3- You have everything ready. Now navigate with the terminal to the directory where you have all the flac: cd "path/to/directory with flac files/" in your case I think cd "/unix/Volumes/Old Files Recovered/" *It may be more comfortable be placed in the directory with Finder and "Open a Terminal Here" I think Mac does not have the "Open Terminal Here" function but can be added with ShellHere In this terminal type: find -name "*.flac" -execdir renameflac {} \; Remember that only renames files, not directories. This can be changed (I am not an expert of bash scripting, but I can try to help) Sorry for my english.
  8. Excellent ... just be careful that the most reactionary members not surprised enjoying Bertolt Brecht/Kurt Weill
  9. The binary works, will be a permissions problem?... Open a terminal in the directory containing the program and try ./sacd_extract --help What response you get? If the binary is not recognized, you may not have execute permissions... In the same Terminal (in the directory that contains sacd_extract) try chmod +x sacd_extract And then again ./sacd_extract --help Now what answers the Terminal? googlecode no longer updated (you compiled version 0.37). The project is now hosted on GitHub
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