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  1. The Archphile image for Odroid C2 is up: Archphile 0.99.5 alpha for Odroid C2 is up - Blog - Archphile
  2. Archphile 0.99.4b Beta is up for all supported boards: - Raspberry Pi 2 - Odroid C1+ - Udoo Quad - Cubox-i 0.99.4b is up for R Pi 2, Odroid C1+, Cubox-i and Udoo - Blog - Archphile
  3. Hi all, after a long time I am really happy to announce that I am working on the next Archphile image. There is no ETA yet, but I believe that it will be ready in the next 30 days. Some worth noting details: Last but not least I have prepared some unofficial packages that will be in playground repository for squeezelite and LMS. I will not support these packages but feel free to experiment with them as it will be very easy for MPD and squeezelite to coexist in the same system. Currently I am doing all development and testing on my new Odroid C1+ and in the n
  4. Hi all, I thought that it might be interested to share with you my experience so far with DSD reproduction alternatives: MPD package with SACD/DVD-A ISO support - Blog - Archphile MPD with native DSD mode support - Blog - Archphile Although native DSD support is still under development, it appears that SACD ISO support works ok for many Archphile users. However, in my opinion the best practice is always to convert the ISO to dsf files. This way you can get rid of the multichannel part of the ISO and free up disk space. For anyone that wants to test the sacd ISO package,
  5. 0.99 beta for udoo quad and cubox-i are up! Archphile 0.99 beta for Udoo Quad (and Dual) - Blog - Archphile Archphile 0.99 Beta for Cubox-i - Blog - Archphile
  6. Hi all, I decided to remove the image “supposed to be stable” image for the raspberry pi as I found some last minute annoying problems and I believe that it’s best to apply some more fixes and do some additional testing. Later today or tomorrow I will upload a new image hoping to be the final beta for this device. I really apologize for this inconvenience. Regards, Michael
  7. Hi all, Archphile 1.00 Stable for Raspberry Pi B and B+ is up! Archphile 1.00 stable for Raspberry Pi B and B+ is up - Blog - Archphile
  8. New packages for mpd 0.18.12 are up: New MPD packages for Raspberry Pi and Udoo Quad - Blog - Archphile
  9. I just uploaded a new guide for an android ssh remote control for Archphile: Archphile - A Linux Audiophile Distribution - Android SSH remote control for Archphile
  10. Hi Krisbee! Thank you very much for your post! Let me tell you some history on archphile and network configuration. When I started archphile, i only supported the raspberry pi and all i needed was ethernet, both static and dhcp. I started making images with netctl. I made a single file with both configurations and the user had only to uncomment the configuration he preferred. After some time, I started experiencing some instability with netctl and I decided to move to systemd-networkd for dhcp and static with no support for wifi. With systemd-networkd I had two problems: 1.
  11. I built an unofficial image for cubox-i. Details: Unofficial Archphile image for Cubox-i devices - Archphile
  12. 0.30 Beta for Udoo Quad is up! Users of Udoo Dual can also use this image with some extra steps must do. Announcement: Archphile 0.30 Beta for Udoo Quad | Blog | Archphile Download: Archphile - A Linux Audiophile Distribution - Downloads Changelog: Archphile - A Linux Audiophile Distribution - Changelog for Udoo Quad
  13. First image of Archphile for Udoo Quad is available for download: Archphile for Udoo Quad - Download 0.25 Beta | Blog | Archphile
  14. 0.25 Beta is out. Changelog: [color=#333333][font=Open Sans]- updated firmware with SKIP_BACKUP=1 rpi-update[/font][/color] [color=#333333][font=Open Sans]- removed FIQ_FSM options from /boot/cmdline.txt as they are enabled by default[/font][/color] [color=#333333][font=Open Sans]- removed CMA options from /boot/config.txt[/font][/color] [color=#333333][font=Open Sans]- updated to latest ArchlinuxARM[/font][/color] [color=#333333][font=Open Sans]- updated to ympd-archphile to 1.2.1[/font][/color] [color=#333333][font=Open Sans]- changed fstab shares examples to read-only to ensure that
  15. Hi everyone! I am writing this post in order to present you a project I have been working on the last months: Archphile: Archphile - Yet Another Archlinux Based Distribution for Raspberry Pi Archphile, is a customized ArchlinuxARM distribution in order for the Raspberry Pi to be used as an audiophile mysic player along with the use of USB Dacs. The whole spirit of the project is to keep it simple. The main ingredients of Archphile are: - ArchlinuxARM - MPD - Ympd (a nice web interface for MPD) There are no automations and there will never be. Usb disks/st
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