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  1. Thanks for the reply. I have done some further testing, and the only contributing variable seems to be the microRendu. I went back to a USB connection from the Mac mini directly to the Mytek Brooklyn, and the "DAC Only" setting in Audirvana behaves as expected--it does not control the volume of the DAC. I then reconnected the microRendu, leaving the setting within Audirvana as "DAC Only," and yet, it now controls the volume of the Mytek Brooklyn. I have not changed firmware on the Brooklyn, nor have I changed anything else. Another odd thing I've noticed is that if I stop a song during playback, the level meters not eh Brookyn "freeze" in position, even though supposedly no signal is being sent to the DAC. This does not happen with a direct USB connection. I'm wondering if there are any other users out there that can confirm these anomalies. In any event, I wonder if somehow the DNLA implementation is allowing Audirvana to control volume even when the Audio Volume is set to "DAC Only." I'm not even sure if this is a new development; it may have been the case since I installed the microRendu and I never noticed it until I accidentally moved the volume slider in Audirvana.
  2. This is my first post to this Forum. I've been a very happy user of a microRendu since I purchased it last December (2018). I use it with a Mytek Brooklyn DAC, and the microRendu is attached to it via a hard USB connector. I use a Mac mini running macOS High Sierra, and I'm using Audirvana version 3.2.15 (the latest as of this writing). The goal in my settings is to avoid any Audirvana software control of the DAC that might degrade the sound, and on the Mytek, I have its volume control disabled so the only thing controlling the volume is my preamp. In Audirvana, I have chosen "DAC Only" setting for the Audio Volume setting. I use the microRendu in MDP/DNLA mode which has no volume setting options. Until a few days ago, all this seemed to work fine--but suddenly, even after restarting the microRendu, Audirvana and even the Mac, now the volume is controlled by the Audirvana software. Worse, the sound appears distorted a times, even if I back off the volume control within the software. Of course, I DON'T want any software control of the volume, but I can't seem to get the system back to the wya it was operating a week ago no matter what I try. Does anyone have any ideas of what may be going on or how I can fix this issue? Thank you--
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