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  1. Are you just not listening to your CDs anymore and would like to rediscover your collection through a curation software like Roon? Have you been putting off ripping your CD collection? Do you have hundreds of discs and don’t want to spend months ripping them one at a time? Would you rather spend your vacation listening to your music collection rather than ripping discs endlessly? Do you want your CDs ripped in the most error free, Lossless format so that there is ZERO sound quality lost? Do you want the music to be identified and album art attached? This is an offer for the fastest CD ripping setup PLUS I can build you a customized Mac Music file server. Price is negotiable and many upgrades are available. If this is a good solution then we can work something out. I put this equipment together to rip 1000 CDs and would rather not dismantle the cluster and resell everything so let me know if you can use it. This is setup that cost me over $2000 to put together! Here is the offer- Buy a customized pre-configured music server Mac from me and I will send you the fastest home CD ripping setup on the planet to borrow! Get your CDs ripped in record time and the Mac Mini will be your secure, convenient music storage for years to come with a worry free backup drive attached. ***My unique compact setup (that I will loan to you) consists of 5- 10 Mac mini computers sharing a single monitor, all configured with tested hardware and the latest audiophile grade software to rip high quality files from 1000 CDs in one weekend! All the music files are then compiled onto your server for years of effortless access to your music library! I can configure your Mac server to your liking with a high capacity hard drive or a silent, durable internal solid state drive, and matching external backup drive, configured to backup all your music files securely to a “enterprise” grade backup. The combination will give you peace of mind that your music is safe for posterity with no maintenance. You choose how to use the server: 1) ultra- High End audiophile solution: Use it as an affordable secure file server (NAS) only, connected to a network that is then accessed by a dedicated separate music core like a “Small Green Computer SonicTransporter” or a “Bluesound Vault” or Antipodes, Innnuos or Aurender and control it via ROon or Bluesound controller. 2) Cost-effective ROon Core: use it as a Roon Core in itself, controlled by your iPad or iPhone. This is what I am using and I think it works very well, particularly when separated from the stereo system over an Ethernet network. I use Sonore UltraRendu renderers/streamers as my ROon endpoints and LOVE the combination. 3) A perfectly enjoyable dirt cheap iTunes server hard-wired to your stereo or streaming wirelessly via Airplay speakers, etc. you can just use it as an iTunes server connected directly to a DAC or receiver/ integrated amplifier. I have done this for many years with very good results streaming music around my home to airplay speakers in every room and outdoors. I believe this is the most convenient home ripping solution to ripping your CD collection. Rip all your discs in one weekend in your own home! Commercial ripping services charge $0.69- $1.79 per disc to rip them, and you still have to box them, and replace them when they’re done. Do it at home for a fraction of the price and not much more time! The server you can purchase, will store your files. It can be either a refurbished 2009 Mac Mini (the last Mac to use an external power supply and considered by most to be the best suited for audio playback), or a 2010 Mac mini (the last to include a built in CD drive), or a more recent Mac Mini model (even a new one) with more computing power if you prefer, to use as a dedicated music file server (or Roon Core). With a little know-how and time, anyone can configure a mac to do this, but what is unique to this offer is that I will do this for you, and let you use my ripping hardware. My ripper cluster is a Unique solution to Ripping your CD collection: 10 rippers that can run simultaneously, to get the job done in a day or two, that might normally take weeks or years. You can rip an entire collection of hundreds or even thousands of CDs in a weekend!! My story: I wanted to rip 1000 CDs in a weekend into audiophile quality files. I did not want to spend a year doing it 5 discs at a time, or a week doing it non-stop. I did not want to lose sound quality by ripping faster to low resolution MP3 formats, or skipping over features like error correction to save time. So I came up with this unique ripping solution for the highest quality ripped music files. I have set up TEN Mac Mini computers as ripping machines with the best ripping software for computers and refurbished them with new CD drives and quality hard drives to ensure NO DATA LOSS! The problem is that newer computers require an external Disc drive as they no longer have drives built- in. So I went looking for the older model with the CD drive built in. Unfortunately these are sometimes hard to find in good condition because ten year old computers break! It cost some money but so figured, I can’t be the only one who needs this done! So here we are... When you are done (it should only take a day or two) I will guide you on how to finish the job and compile all your music into a coherent single library. Then you package up the equipment in the boxes I sent you and these will be returned to me. Please contact me with questions as I am feeling out interest at this time! Cheers Enjoy your music!!!!!
  2. Anyone interested in borrowing this setup let me know... I am in NYC area but could conceivably ship too. cheers
  3. I went with AIFF - no compression I think and storage is so cheap these days. 20 years ago when I was first ripping on iTunes storage was a buck a gig. Now it’s more like 3-4 cents per gig!!
  4. Haha. It does sound excessive but I had five dead macs with various issues that I refurbished, and then shopped for 5 used 2009 to 2010 additional ones. The equipment is worth maybe $2000, but I should be able to recoup some through reselling if nobody is interested in reusing this setup.
  5. So just curious how the software manages multiple drives at a time ripping- I didn’t think that was doable... cheers
  6. HI all, I am new to the forums. I recently was faced with how to rip a 1000 CD collection into high quality lossless (AIFF or FLAC) files, PAINLESSLY AND QUICKLY. The last time I tried this I was doing about 10 an hour. At that rate I would use up an entire vacation to rip 1000 cds. Rejected solution: I looked into buying a ripper, but the cost of these appliance like devices is high and they dont improve on the ripping speed much. Rejected Solution: CD ripping services that charge $0.69 to $1.29 per CD seemed on their face like the most painless... but the prospect of packing CDs in their fragile jewel cases or onto spindles and shipping them off to have them ripped and archived Seems anything but painless! Unique solution?: I put together a cluster of 10 used macs, invested in DB power amp ripping software for each one, fixed their hardware (The CD drives on old computers are often fried and the hard drives are often on their way out) as needed. Laid out on a large table, using 4 monitors and some HDMI switches, the cluster was able to rip an entire library in a day or a weekend at most! I haven’t seen this done before but perhaps others have done something similar? Any better solutions? (I have held on to the equipment and would welcome Ideas for how to make use of this cluster for other projects.)
  7. I use the same strategy. Superduper has been reliable for me since a CCC failure- made a non-bootable copy.
  8. i will take Stone Temple Pilots, Dire Straits brothers, and REM automatic
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