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  1. @LHCommSquad No update for 2 months on the Indiegogo site. Crickets on Head Fi (reported a post that hurt your collective feelings and was removed - not here pal). Whether you like it or not Jarek, you are racing toward the Larry, Gavin, Casey, Gina, Manny reputation. Oh, I know.........computer generated mock ups and a cool spec sheet is coming soon. Defend these crooks. Better yet, send me a refund 😂
  2. Installed 3.5.20 just now. Mac Mini running 10.13.4. Re-started after install. Albums, songs and Tidal all show on both desktop and A+ remote. Select song, press play.....shows loading(loaded) but progress shows nothing. Both local attached files and Tidal. Had small issues in past, but never anything like this. Been relatively reliable. Makes me question my recent upgrade. Any help?
  3. Happy Anniversary! 5 years ago I contributed my hard earned $ for a ‘world class DAP’. I hope Larry, Gavin, Casey, Gina, Manny, Jarek, blah, blah have enjoyed wining, dining and buying toys with my pledge. I expect nothing at this point. Nothing except Karma.
  4. Stop. You put out 'updates' for the past 3 years claiming 'actual work and progress'. We are not sheep.
  5. Ruined his reputation ? Audioengine almost immediately hired him as head of marketing. They subsequently came to their senses and canned him. I agree that Gavin is equally culpable in this and fueled the whole perk frenzy. I’ll give it to him, he fulfilled his mission.
  6. Thank you Jarek. You have confirmed my earlier contention that you are nothing but a run-of-the-mill internet troll. Save your 'game' for the white girl from Ohio.
  7. I’m sure it’s great. But at that price, I’ll continue to be thrilled with my Peachtree DeepBlue 2 at $300.
  8. Bumping this post so as not to get lost. Send your info people.
  9. Once you explain how anyone could be ‘unreasonably’ testy for this s-show, I’ll take you seriously. Jarek, you are nothing but an internet troll. Providing no useful or productive information but succeding in enraging a whole bunch of folks. I’m out $231. That’s it. I continue to be ‘one of those 30 or 40’ that complain. It’s a bad debt to me that was written off after year 3. I speak for those who do not wish to or can’t due to language / personal reasons. Casey/Manny/Gina/Jarek/........next.
  10. For those of you may not know the backdrop, this email was sent after he left LH and Audioengine (I believe). Gavin’s email (below) and my reply. You got some big balls dude. Sent from my iPad
  11. Wow......and here I thought Gavin Fish had huge cahoonas for stealing LH labs mail list and emailing me inviting me to some ‘not gonna happen pal’ venture. They approve and endorse. How nice of them. My favorite part ‘for or against LH Labs’. I agree with Cecil - Classic!
  12. ‘OK, I think we're either going to take a break from the forums again or put certain individuals on "ignore". Again, the toxicity and bad information by certain forum commenters revolving around this topic is strangleholding conversation. Thanks everyone.’ Jarek (Stuck Limo), LH Labs ‘mouthpiece’ - Head-Fi post. Sorry we hurt your feelings. Apparently ‘conversation’ involves pics of generic developer boards and Larry Ho with 3 men that could be his cousins (the Wave development team). Money is emotional, especially having it stolen. Try to ignore. We are not going away.
  13. All I know is both you and LH Labs aren’t very good at your jobs. Can’t figure out which one of you is worse.
  14. Let’s not leave that snake Gavin Fish out of the discussion or off the hook. Judd, our money went for all of them living large in Cali. At least Gavin was ‘smart’ enough to get out when the getting was good. He’s not dumb, just a shister. And let’s assume we get our products. When something goes wrong, which based on experience it will, what is the possibility it will be fixed?
  15. Good lord, you are a piece of work. I think I’ll take the word of Alex and Uptone over you and your ‘friends’ at LH Labs, Light Harmonic, Madoff II, or whatever the preferred name is this week. My $229 Wave 64 contribution paid for Dim Sum dinners for Larry on one of his frequent ‘trips to Asia to meet with whomever’. I’m over that. But slam a firm that actually delivers a quality product and has respect in the industry? Again, you think we are sheep.
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