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  1. I'll save you the time from checking on IGG..... See the renderings of the updated chassis Bluetooth and WiFi now working Software team is busy working on OS Repeat every 3 months or so. It's really not a very difficult job Jarek. Larry is really overpaying you.
  2. Congratulations @stuck limo this could be the first honest post you’ve made in any forum. Tomorrow, 5/14 is the SIX YEAR anniversary of my contribution for the Wave. How about sending me the cheapest set of earbuds as settlement? I can use them riding around on my tractor cutting the grass. Just like I do with the ‘awesome’ Verb.
  3. This is easy. Mikey8811 is a friend of Larry Ho and took offense to Alex engaging and upsetting Jarek (Stuck_Limo) on LH Labs fraud. Nothing to see here.
  4. Jarek is on the job (non-paid lol). He’s had a couple of my posts removed from that thread for calling him nothing more than a troll at this point. He must have some relationship with a moderator beyond just an industry one.
  5. Hmmmm. I wonder who 'brought it to the attention of the moderators'? Could be the same person who 'brought it to the attention of the moderators' who subsequently removed 2 of my posts regarding Jarek doing nothing more than trolling all of us at this point? Someone has incriminating pictures of someone at HF I rekon.
  6. I can’t be happier about the last 2 days. Purchased a Node2i that was running Tidal directly to my integrated for mqa. Good, but had a better dac. Signed up for Qobuz last night, running thru my Teac 501. College football and great resolution with -0- dropouts or issues. Sorry Audirvana / Mac Mini and Tidal. I just want to sit, turn on and listen. Too many issues before.
  7. Well.....I see how Jarek (aka @stuck_limo, aka @LHCommSquad) spends his time. Reporting ‘objectionable’ posts on Head-Fi. 2nd time I called him out for being nothing more than a troll at this point, 2nd time he’s asked for it to be removed for being personal. Must have struck a chord. Here it is.....someone explain what’s false about this? Dying on a hill?I’m out $231.00This isn’t about money. I won’t stop calling Larry, Gavin, Casey, Gina, Manny......and you Jarek out for being either a crook, or a troll.I’m going to get back every single dollar in the satisfaction of replying to your crap on every forum I can, for the unfortunate ones that are are out hundreds or thousands more.
  8. ‘Some people love us and actively seek to buy our products still’. Absurd.....again, troll...and not well at that. Another take. Good, you have cash flow. Refund the damn $ I sent years ago. Better yet, send me their address and I’ll send them (on me) a POS Pulse (door stop) as a thank you for funding my refund.
  9. On a previous post of mine on Head Fi, you took exception to my questioning what your value was at this point and giving my opinion that you were nothing more than an internet troll. You cried to them and had it removed. Your reply to Alex (especially point #3) proves me correct. Be constructive with REAL information or scroll on by please. I still want a refund 🤣
  10. Message from Tidal was that it could no longer run on the version I was on (Yosemite). I had fought upgrading due to loss of Direct Mode, but this somewhat forced my hand. At the same time, I paid and upgraded to 3.5+. Had no (minimal) issues until then. Now, I get the intermittent no play. Load bar shows track loaded but will not play. Funny thing is that last night I could get it to play thru my TV, but when System prefs and Audirvana showed my Teac as the output, nothing.
  11. Direct. Audirvana 3.5.22 on 2014 Mac Mini to Teac 501.
  12. I continue to have this issue at least once a week. Resolves itself for no reason and then pops again. Started after I was forced to update to High Sierra due to Tidal. I can play thru my TV (auto output), but not my Teac 501 dac, even though both the OS and Audirvana show it as the output. Single use Mac Mini. Frustrating and leaning me towards something else (Roon?) @Damian.....any idea?
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