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  1. I am in full agreement here borrows, i have them, they sound fantastic
  2. i just received my 2.8 card , no life, re-install my 2.7 works. i did this 3 times, no visible sign of damage. greg
  3. i also want to give a shout out for the Ghent Audio usb JSSG 360 cable, 35.00 its a no brainier , its way better than my Supra, very happy with how it sounds in my setup. Has any one here tried the their ethernet JSSG360 cable? thanks Greg
  4. I am with you Speed Racer, sure would like to know if the changes made would also effect the SQ ( for the better ) I haven't had any issue with them at all, they sound great with the Vandersteen 2ce.
  5. Crenca, my point is Chris is the reviewer , people trust what he says, do the review with stock tubes and listen to the jfet as well and the passive give us a base line of what your getting from Schiit. i love the sound of the jfet over the tubes in my system, but other may love the sound of the tubes in theirs, even with better tubes. if your going to do a review, do an honest one, as you got it from the company, for better or worst.
  6. Speed Racer, my brother you shouldn't` get offended by my request, you did`nt do anything wrong. Read my post.
  7. Chris if you could..please do a review on the stock system that you receive first, with the tubes that where sent to you, so people will have a base line of what the system sounds like. People at the shows.. that I`ve read love the sound of both the Freya and Saga with the stock tubes with the Vidar. just my 2 cents, you would be doing your readers and potential customers a great service by doing so. Greg
  8. i think Alex at Uptone has something for you. you need to email him about these .
  9. Hell i`ll give a thumbs up!!! mine should be here in South Carolina Friday. btw are you still going to release a how to setup for the Audrivanna 3 stream soon?
  10. i have a pair of Vidar on the way too, should be here Thursday. 2 Schiit Vidars Schiit Freya Schiit Mani Phono Schiit Gungnir Multibit with Gen 5 usb Vandersteen 2ce Signatures MKII can't wait to hear it together!!!!
  11. it just gets better and better from Sonore, thanks thats great news indeed!
  12. you my brother... are the man, thank you sir!!!
  13. I ordered my new 1.4 board and shipped my MicroRendu to them today. thanks for the update guys.
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