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  1. Is it the dac or the streamer that most impacts sounds quality ?
  2. Member since 1/15/16 = Troll thread .
  3. First of all , this reads like a troll post . I'm beginning to believe this is a troll thread I would have your ears checked.
  4. Well I must say that ITunes sounds the worst in my setup compared to Audirvana , Amarra or through Roon using a Auralic Preamp , Schiit Yggdrasil dac and IMac .
  5. The Kef ls 50's need plenty of power period . Absolutely nothing less than 125 watts , better at 200 watts or above . Tube amps like the Primaluna or Rogue Audio don't need that type of wattage . The Rogue Cronos Magnum II is a terrific pairing with the Kef Ls50's and a good dac . I prefer the Kef ls50's with a tube amp versus solid state any day .
  6. Lol . Miggy has that problem !
  7. Yep . They would have no sibilance !
  8. Lol .Miggy this is so true . Hmm how many versions do I have of Kind of Blue !
  9. This is the most logical and likely correct explanation anyone has offered .
  10. Yep.All of these moves by Meridian the way I see it is to get in the best position to sell MQA enabled dacs, particularly their own.
  11. I have seen this with earlier versions . Have you completely turned off and Mini (unplug) and plug back in . This has worked for me in the past
  12. So I'm I right in reading that Merdian has changed their mind about allowing streamers without a dac to use MQA ? If this is yes , then do they want dacs specially equipped with MQA decoding capability ( theirs mostly? ) to be the only ones to get the MQA supposed benefit ?
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