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Audio System

Room: Dedicated 25 x 14 x 8 treated room
Computers: (in utility room): Linux wkst (headless) running lifetime ROON server with local library. High end wkst #2 Win Server 2019 running HQP
Network rack: (in utility room): Managed Fiber Switch, QNAP NAS
Endpoint: Fiber to SONORE Optical Rendu w/ LPS, Sbooster USB vbus2
DAC: Lampizator Lite7
Pre: Atma-Sphere MP-3 Mk3.3 Pre
Amps: Pass XA100.5 Mono's
Speakers: Revel Ultima Studio2 (GAIA footers) with Dual PSA X15 sealed subs
Isolation: Components on custom roller bearings + compression springs
Cables: Wireworld Platinum USB / Analysis Plus PC / Gotham 4/4 XLR / AQ aspen spkr


Office: Win10 wkst with Spotify or ROON controller >Topping E30 > Yamaha RX integrated > Polk audio signature Monitors >12" sub

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