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  1. Where can we get our license key/number? On the computer or on website ??
  2. Pocobear

    HQ Player

    All my Mac's can do DSD256, no problem.
  3. After several days of burn-in my iDSD Pro sounded so much better, so I routed the Ultra back into the circuit, based on your experience, and it did make a nice difference in SQ. My iMac is used only for music, Roon Server, so my cpu usage is very low, 3-8% all the time, so I probably had less problems than you to start with, with you using it for a work and music. I think with the Pro doing all the upsampling, it doesn't use much CPU time at all now, that's got to be a good thing! Good luck
  4. The SoTM doesn't help with the Pro at all, IMS, I tried it and decided to keep it simple. It helps with my Holo Spring Green Lv 3 as it's not galvanically isolated like the Pro.
  5. I have the same setup, iMac > audioquest Diamond > IDSD Pro, and the bass got better, tighter, less boomy, with it straight into the iMac. Yes the galvanic isolation is really good on the iDSD Pro.
  6. I have iMac > Roon > HQP > iDSD Pro. If I upsample PCM to 256 in HQP with the Pro set to1024, I get 256 on the Pro. If I upsample to only 354/384 or lower I get 1024 on the Pro. It appears like DSD is passed straight through to the output, without further upsampling. I really like . PCM to 512/1024. I also tried running the Oppo 205 via coax to the Pro, WOW, CD's never sounded that good before. Does break-in show any improvement over time, I got mine yesterday, so only one day burn in so far?
  7. I can play 256 just fine on my iMAC and MacMini w/o any special drivers, 512 no, 256 yes. DOP yes, no Native.
  8. I second that, El Capitan is far better on my system than any of the newer Mac OSs.
  9. Charente, Thx for the reply. I had uninstalled all A+ apps(again x4), so I tried again, by installing 3.1.1, And now it works! So I downloaded and installed 3.1.2 over 3.1.1 and it still works. Aw, the power of the internet, I ask about the problem, and it fixes itself, wish all problems could be fixed that easy. First time it's run correctly in over a week. 3.0.7 worked great.
  10. I have a problem with 3,1,*. It will play one song only and halts, to stop you have to hit he STOP button before you can do anything else.This happens with direct attach, USB, and via ethernet. A+ 3.0.7, works fine.
  11. A link to the new 3.1 thread would be nice. Also, how do you completely uninstall A+?
  12. Alex email today. UpTone Audio LLC via yahoo.com 3:41 AM (9 hours ago) to pocomo Dear valued UpTone Audio customer: You are among a large group of people who placed an order for an ISO RE
  13. If 3.1 works like HQPlayer it doesn't bypass rendering. What would be the point if it did? The idea is to bypass the noisey USB port on the computer, and give you isolation from noise. Try it you will love it!
  14. I bought a new NUC, can I move it from my laptop to the NUC?
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