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  1. I have been through that many times, I think I have spent something like 50K in the last three years trying "giant killers" like that one. I went through 47 labs, T+A DAC 8 DSD at DSD512, discrete DSD DACs of all kinds, NOS DACs of all kinds and I am tired of that "what if". It looks like the CD player is using the same Sanyo transport that was the Magic trick in the shigaraki transport, I had 4 of those and I don't want to go back there. NOS DACs come with their own strengths and problems, we don't need that debate again. If you can afford the Cantata then you can buy one and compare it to the CD, let us know what you find if you do. But to sit there and rely on a single post on a forum is a waste of time, just like reading mine. If you have 3-4 people who have changed the Cantata to a Sparkler-nice, buy one, might be indeed good. I sold the DAVE and I am happy with the 3.0.
  2. I am happy for the guy, if you are after NOS sound then no Wadia or Cantata will be good enough.
  3. Can’t really answer that question... I am struggling to make the Phasure work most of the time and I have just a Gen1 computer. The Phasure is at work and there I can only use the Ether 2 so not a direct comparison. But the Phasure has a certain ease in the way it presents music that is intoxicating, if only the software was not so damn difficult to play and a bit less ugly... The Cantata is more demanding, it is not a relaxed player, it is fast, detailed and a bit dry, especially compared to the Wadia s7i which is warm, lush and even more details are evident but the Cantata makes it all come alive somehow. Like real people in the room, like a real cello in front of you, it gets the essence of the music as nothing else I have heard.
  4. Just for the record - the Cantata 3.0 just murdered mercilessly a Chord DAVE plus M scaler and S.I.N. audio links( a substantial upgrade indeed)... It was so shocking! Some parts of the music was missing with the Chords, I would not believe it myselsf after all the rave reviews of the DAVE/Msc... I am owner of both, I was hoping the DAVE would be the new benchmark and I even had a customer for the Cantata,not good as it did cost a lot.
  5. Uhmmm, what is exactly the purpose of this post? Why does everybody want to be the ultimate judge? Diesel is better than petrol. Really? Which diesel, which petrol? Nooooo, diesel is better. You came to the conclusion by listening to two you tube songs? Speakers ary by far the least technologically advanced part of the audio chain and when you factor in the room it gets crazy. No meaning to offend you but that post simply does not have any reasonable information in it.
  6. Haha, Cool Chris is great indeed. Well, I am trying to follow all threads, to read every single post and not miss anything. There are several people here who are to be loved for sharing it all, have not seen anything like that for many years. But what I decided to do in the end is just do what bobfa did and just copy his NUC design. Even if it is not the BEST there is it sure is something I CAN do. FOMO is a serious medical condition now, might easily kill the whole purpose of listening to music, be careful.
  7. Can anyone,please, point me to the right size/type of Optane drive for the Euphony NUC7I7DNBE setup? I would hate to buy something that will not work, a shop in the EU would be wonderful. TIA
  8. There are sites that compare Honda/Acura and Toyota/Lexus and come to the conclusion it is the same car and you just pay for some nice wood plates and some aluminum here and there and a few stick-on bitumen pads. To all those guys I say go buy the Toyota and make it a Lexus. Same with speakers - go buy the drivers and make yourselves a Wilson speaker, I have been DIYing speakers for 25 years and I still do but I listen to a pair of speakers that I bought and that is not cheap. The drivers cost 400USD if I buy them now new, the enclosure about the same and probably the XO parts as well, I paid 4000euro for it and honestly, I have never been happier in my life, there are certain things that the truly talented designers of speakers achieve, any number of drivers in an enclosure will make music and the designer will tell you this is the way it has to be, the only good speaker on the planet. Every designer has a great ego, especially the stupid ones, check Dunning-Kruger. Very few are special indeed. Same with DACs, same with amps, same with anything in audio, in life. So if it takes a certain amount of money to make someone happy and listen to music all day,man, that 12K is well spent. A good sales person can trick you into buying anything, there is whole science behind it and every body wants to change the market as Steve Jobs did. I only hope that I am still critical on what I am doing and spend some more time thinking of the other options so when I hear the Genelec later I don't go:"Sheit, I could have bought 5 of these..."
  9. Just a quick review of the Phasure NOS1a G3. I have had it for years but I was struggling with my fragile patience to really dive into the XXhighend interface and all the settings. I was frustrated. I got some help from Peter and I heard it for the first time in unattended mode today with all the RAM and other recommendations and it is STUNNING. I had spent quite a lot of money recently on digital and my current reference was a Resolution Audio Cantata 3.0 which is fantastic, a friend has a Wadia s7i that I know quite well, these two for me are the opposite in the spectrum. The s7i is a warm day in late Autumn in France, you are full of energy and relaxed after the wonderful summer and it is very enjoyable to stay in the sun. The Cantata is a warm day in early spring(France again) - trees are showing the dazzling new green, the air is fresh if a little cold for a T-shirt and you are full of energy, life will soon explode and the air will be filled with flower magic. I love the Cantata, it is pure, lightning fast and honest and it touches my heart in a way that nothing has. The G3 does not need to be compared to food, days or colours. I hear all the music at once, it is a whole, a marvellous expereince , it is coherent and all the instruments are fully developed and the decays last forever. Stage expands enormously when needed and shrinks and comes forward for intimate recordings. Just WOW. Realizing how your digital heroes are great but nowhere near what is possible is painful. There is a song in Roger Waters' Amused to Death with a thunder. The Cantata was the stage champion - stage expands in the surrounding apartments, the G3 expands that to the horizon. I can go on for hours. May be a few hours less than possible because I get the weird messages ("engine #4 could not start on time" anyone?) and frustration hits again, hard but when that thing is playing I simply do not need anything else, not sure if I need food at all. Thanks Peter, there is way obviously, just need to walk the path more often.
  10. Guys, Miska tried to tell you, very politely, that it is not so simple. You can do that for cars, icecream, tooth brushes or whatever. Things change dramatically when you try to do it yourself. And trust me, I have been through that, it was funny to follow the Mivera Purepower amp design and manufacturing process at audiocircle, Mike was hit by a truck and it is well documented. He thought he will make a simple good looking amp case in a month, took one year and something around 100k. So please, stop that BS, you are not going anywhere with that.
  11. Indeed, your integrity is worth more than anything else. Find a way to give that guy the silly 2.5K and just learn how to avoid people like that. You should have avoided him in the first place... No matter how bad you feel about it you chose the risk dealing with him and unfortunately you lost. Sad, I have a "friend" here who acts the same and I just keep contacts to a bare minimum.
  12. Nagra would say that if you try to manufacture one you would go crazy. A DEVICE DOES NOT COST THE SUM OF ITS PARTS. If that guy is so smart he should start manufacturing those batteries himself, he will make millions.
  13. It is funny how we always find comfort comparing numbers and making decisions based on what is written and the choice of DACs or regulators, do we ever learn that it is more than the specs? :) I don't imagine a company like Merging does not know how to make it sound right, at that level of technical expertise they sure have the means to make it transparent. But we have enough transparent DACs on the market. What I find highly desirable is the pro level of let's call it robust operation. Weiss, Merging, RME and companies at that level have products that are subject to extreme software abuse and their products need to be bullet proof in operations. A friend of mine has a Weiss MAN301 that has been ultra reliable for 7 years, never a glitch. So if I can just plug the Anubis in my network, get a software player to talk to it I would pay gladly what they ask. Honeslty, I haven't had flawless computer playback so far with USB DACs, something breaks, hangs, does not recognize, gets updated, looses data, loses connection etc. ALL THE TIME. Does anyone have an idea how to control the Anubis? I mean what software player could be used?
  14. I do have the DNBE, I just got lost in all the options... It is all clear now, I hope in the next few weeks I will make it work and report, I wish I had more time. But I will be able to use the Dutch&Dutch 8Cs(simply great, those Dutch ) with the Mutec 3+ USB with a separate LPS. Hopefully the Euphony will be compatible with a firewire card so I can try the Weiss INT202 as well, it is one helluva AES EBU source...
  15. Well, I am almost computer illiterate... I checked Intel site and they had a list of NUCs and the DNBE was not there and I decided I am out of chance. Could you please, please give me a link for something that might work, I am that desperate... Thanks in advance!
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