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  1. Time and time again AudiophileStyle is the place to find invaluable info, actually feels like a Xanax against audio nervosa. Could not be more thankful for the article! Thanks so much, it is exactly what I needed!
  2. kravi4ka

    The Quest

    Dali Lama probably does not know about Audiolinux optimisation and the existence or non existence of cable sound signatures Could teach him a few things about A/B/X testing of ideas on life and would require measurements on perception of light and if the taste of mango is actually what it is, some time on audio fora would make him question the definition of patience, at least...
  3. kravi4ka

    The Quest

    Dear Bob, You have not only achieved satisfaction, you have achieved wisdom. This is a passionate hobby, sometimes we are caught speeding trying to get there and I personally feel great respect for the way you share your experience. It is so objective in its way of being subjective that it feels like I myself am doing these changes, that is very rare indeed. Let me say it is truly appreciated,indeed. We talk a lot about the satisfaction level with my friends. One of them has a saying that I like very much:"A system needs to have some mystery in it. If there is no mystery and it is extremely revealing you lose the magic that music brings. And if there is too much mystery you are left wanting. All the cassette players of our childhood, all the primitive vinyl players had that just a bit too much amount of mystery that could be improved upon and gives us the joy of feeling closer when we improve little things here and there. Just not too close, please. And no speeding "
  4. I have told the story of how the MAN301 transformed my Dutch and Dutch 8c, from merely quite good with the RME Adi 2 pro as AES source to shockingly amazing with the AES from the Weiss. I never expected such a profound difference! And now you have made it THE source, thank you very much!
  5. Thanks for the wonderful review! And when I say thank you it is more than that, I am actually also relieved that words now mean something, you can understand what the reviewer is saying and feel what he is feeling, you get the perspective where things fit, it feels like a friend is telling me about the equipment and not the Stereophile "I am good with words but you will not know if the damn thing sounds good or not" type of writing. Audiophilestyle becomes the site that is home to the natural, human reviews of equipment and civilised talk about audio and music, thank you Chris!
  6. Tremendous! Never seen anything like this before, thank you so much! The Hurting come from the times when childhoods were full of music sharing but not with playlist and a new interesting CD was a treasure. Made me feel great, now if someone can say that listening to Future Sound of London's Dead Cities a million times too is OK I will be relieved...
  7. No, I am a good man, I am just infected by the same disease Honestly, these are magnificent headphones. I have since sold the DAVE and the Mscaler I had to replace them with an Resolution audo Cantata 3.0 which is a calls above DAVE/Msc but that required a headphone amp. And it sure took some time for them to open up, the first weeks were a bit,hm, blant... But now after some time they are transparent, fast, full bodied, live, breathing, MUSIC. Just give them some time and good source and amp, they are world class and you price is simply ridiculous... I envy you
  8. I have a pair and I absolutely love them! I went through all HP on the last Munich show and these on the Chord DAVE were the only ones that sounded musically engaging to me and I was there the buy the Focal Utopia...
  9. I have been through that many times, I think I have spent something like 50K in the last three years trying "giant killers" like that one. I went through 47 labs, T+A DAC 8 DSD at DSD512, discrete DSD DACs of all kinds, NOS DACs of all kinds and I am tired of that "what if". It looks like the CD player is using the same Sanyo transport that was the Magic trick in the shigaraki transport, I had 4 of those and I don't want to go back there. NOS DACs come with their own strengths and problems, we don't need that debate again. If you can afford the Cantata then you can buy one and compare it to the CD, let us know what you find if you do. But to sit there and rely on a single post on a forum is a waste of time, just like reading mine. If you have 3-4 people who have changed the Cantata to a Sparkler-nice, buy one, might be indeed good. I sold the DAVE and I am happy with the 3.0.
  10. I am happy for the guy, if you are after NOS sound then no Wadia or Cantata will be good enough.
  11. Can’t really answer that question... I am struggling to make the Phasure work most of the time and I have just a Gen1 computer. The Phasure is at work and there I can only use the Ether 2 so not a direct comparison. But the Phasure has a certain ease in the way it presents music that is intoxicating, if only the software was not so damn difficult to play and a bit less ugly... The Cantata is more demanding, it is not a relaxed player, it is fast, detailed and a bit dry, especially compared to the Wadia s7i which is warm, lush and even more details are evident but the Cantata makes it all come alive somehow. Like real people in the room, like a real cello in front of you, it gets the essence of the music as nothing else I have heard.
  12. Just for the record - the Cantata 3.0 just murdered mercilessly a Chord DAVE plus M scaler and S.I.N. audio links( a substantial upgrade indeed)... It was so shocking! Some parts of the music was missing with the Chords, I would not believe it myselsf after all the rave reviews of the DAVE/Msc... I am owner of both, I was hoping the DAVE would be the new benchmark and I even had a customer for the Cantata,not good as it did cost a lot.
  13. Uhmmm, what is exactly the purpose of this post? Why does everybody want to be the ultimate judge? Diesel is better than petrol. Really? Which diesel, which petrol? Nooooo, diesel is better. You came to the conclusion by listening to two you tube songs? Speakers ary by far the least technologically advanced part of the audio chain and when you factor in the room it gets crazy. No meaning to offend you but that post simply does not have any reasonable information in it.
  14. Haha, Cool Chris is great indeed. Well, I am trying to follow all threads, to read every single post and not miss anything. There are several people here who are to be loved for sharing it all, have not seen anything like that for many years. But what I decided to do in the end is just do what bobfa did and just copy his NUC design. Even if it is not the BEST there is it sure is something I CAN do. FOMO is a serious medical condition now, might easily kill the whole purpose of listening to music, be careful.
  15. Can anyone,please, point me to the right size/type of Optane drive for the Euphony NUC7I7DNBE setup? I would hate to buy something that will not work, a shop in the EU would be wonderful. TIA
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