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  1. Thank you very much for all the info, I’ll try and send a message to JRiver as I don’t see Mytek with any plans soon.
  2. Yes, I can do DSD128, no problems, Mytek sent me a message that it was because of Mac that I couldn’t do DSD256
  3. Hi. My bad, I forgot to say that I had a Mac. I Learned last night hat no DSD256 for Mac users, only windows. thank you for your reply.
  4. Fixed it. It was the display off that changed settings to 3s
  5. Hi guys, I have a Mytek Brooklyn DAC that i disconnected for about a week and now I plugged it back in and the blue M lits on then I turn it on pressing the knob or by using remote and it turns on and then back to standby or sleeping mode. I use a Sbooster MKII as a power supply but also tried it with the power cord that comes with unit. also it’s getting kind of warm while on standby, months ago was cool to the touch. also how can I get DSD256? I use JRiver and I get DSD64 and DSD128 but don’t get any DSD256. any help will be much appreciated. thank you in advance
  6. Question........can I rip my Blu Rays using the same software (method) or do I have to use a different one? Thank you in advance
  7. @haggis999 I’ve got it. Thank you very much!!!!
  8. Thanks a lot for the quick reply , I’ll try as soon as I get home and let you know.
  9. Hi Guys, can somebody post the right autoscript to download so i can rip sacd on oppo 105? I've been trying for a few days now and it crazy how many times i tried and all i get is the same message, failed to connect...my ip address. i read that the autoscript from sonar does not work but i can't find the other autoscript. maybe is something else that i am doing wrong, who knows. thank you in advance
  10. You are right. Ill try that, right away. Thanks.
  11. Hi everyone. i just upgrade to JRiver MC 20 Mac thinking it would solve my problem, but, it is still the same. I can't get to highlight the songs I want or different albums using the mouse or trackpad like I used to do before without having to go to edit and then select all. I still have MC 19 and I can't do it no more like I used to months ago. Latest Mac update messed up a big part of my library and erased all backups I had, so I have to do it all over again, and highlighting would of great help. Thank you in advance.
  12. Thank you for your response. All I can find are back ups from 2013, I have no idea why can't find the latest back ups. it jumps from 2013 to before restore, restore that it did because of mac update. rest of updates are gone or I can't find them. i really don't mind organizing the library again, although it will take me a long time, there are more then 200,0000 files , I just want the settings and when I organize something to stay that way. when I close JRiver it goes back to the screen that says Welcome to JRiver Media Center.
  13. Sorry for all the questions but how can I always leave the same player in playing now and not having to pick the one i always use. i have overview, player, samsung tv, oppo, playing main library......I want oppo that is the one I use. also sometimes oppo disappears from playing now so I have to close JRiver and open it again. thank you again!!
  14. Hi guys, my Mac Mini did an update an erased everything in Jriver, I imported all my music back and I am trying to do all the settings again but everytime I have everything the way I want it and close JRiver and open it back the art cover and lettering is in size 95 so I have to go to tree and view and fix it back to 36 that is what I want. how can I save the settings so it stays in 36. Help please!!! Thank you in advance.
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