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  1. Thanks Greg. Lots to read in that thread, thanks for the link.
  2. Wondering of any owners of the Sony HAP-Z1ES have done any modifications and, if so, how good were the results? One thing I'm considering is replacing the IEC AC connector, since the stock connector doesn't hold my uber-expensive audiophile power securely. Any recommendations or suggestions? Thanks, Major Roadrash
  3. I too am 63 years old. I've been listening to Sgt. Pepper's since 1967, when my sister received a vinyl copy as an Xmas present. I've had various other copies since then, stereo vinyl, regular CD, remastered mono CD. This is certainly the best version I've heard, the greater depth and fullness in both instrumentation and vocals, which are buried in older versions, bring out details that, I think you could argue, are likely closer to what the Beatles envisioned when they were in the studio. My advice? Buy it and enjoy!
  4. Has anyone tried an upgraded power cord with their HAP Z1ES? Any recommendations? Thanks.
  5. Yes you're right, I meant "What's New". After quick listen via headphones, I prefer the FIM 44/24 download from eclassical to the 192 download from HDtracks, smoother and more analog than the irritating hi rez version. Here is the link: http://www.eclassical.com/what-s-new-1.html
  6. I've been meaning to look into Nina Simone's music for ages, based only on what I've read about her. In fact, I didn't know anything about this recording (including that it even that it existed). I downloaded it based on your post and I'm absolutely blown away! Amazing musicianship and song selections, not a weak spot anywhere. So thanks very much for bringing it to my attention. Obviously I can't tell you if this download better any other version but I can tell you it's 96/24 and sounds terrific (full and liquid) playing through Audirvana Plus, an Audioquest Dragonfly and Sennheiser HD 650 phones. I suspect if you're not happy with the redbook version, this download will do the trick. On another topic...I see they are also offering the FIM version of Linda Ronstadt's Lush Life for only $6.59. It's a 44/16 version but if it's anywhere near the other FIM recordings I have, the sound should be stellar. I'll report back once I've had a listen.
  7. I just came across this Montreal based site yesterday, unlike HDtracks its downloads are available to residents of Canada (and USA residents too). I downloaded my first purchase from them yesterday (paid with my VISA) with no problems. Not a big selection yet but it's a start. And they expect to offer DSD downloads later this week. Here's the link to their site: ProStudioMasters - Audio Uncompromised™ - High-Resolution Audio Files
  8. I'm listening to the HDtracks 176/24 download right now. Abraxas was never an audiophile reference recording but, like MarkS and audiosaurus, I think the download is noticeably better than the MFSL gold CD version...more separation, air, deeper bass and more detailed. Much closer to the vinyl I listened to in the 1970s. So two thumbs up from me. Keep 'em comin' HDtracks!
  9. I downloaded it last week and have played it twice. Not too impressed, it doesn't have much life or presence. I don't have any other versions of it to compare so I don't know if this is just a lame transfer or not. On the other hand, my download of CCR's Chronicles from HD Tracks sounds great...
  10. Thanks for posting about this 57gold. I had no idea this recording existed, let alone that it was available for download. I've downloaded the FLAC and listened briefly to several tracks via earphones. This is the best live recording of the Stones I've heard, sound quality and performance are both top notch. An unexpected and very nice Christmas present!! Now if only they would offer it in hi-rez... Major Roadrash.
  11. I've been assembling a laptop based system over the last year. Until recently, I was connecting my Red Wine Audio DAC to my MacBook with the run-of-the mill USB cable that came with the DAC. I decided to try the Nucleus USB cable from Locus Designs, based on the good reviews it was getting in some of the online audio magazines. I was skeptical but they let you try it for 30 days and return it if you're not happy (less a restocking fee). Well, the difference was significant and immediately apparent. I would compare it to the improvement going from lamp cord to good speaker cables. The digital "edge" to the music is gone which, by itself, makes the cable worth its (very high) cost. In addition, there is more separation between instruments, more solid bass and a wider soundstage. My wife notice it right away and she wasn't even in the same room. Please take these comments as you will, I have no interest in promoting Locus or any other high end USB cable and even less interest in an online debate or argument. I just wanted to share the results obtained in my system as I know there are people interested in this topic and in hearing from those who have tried it out. And keep in mind that I didn't try any other USB cables so perhaps there are lower priced ones that yield results that are as good or better. Dan.
  12. Thanks Chris, I've only been using an iMac for about 6 months and my attempts to share its iTunes library never worked. Your instructions were perfect and I got it working on the first go.<br /> <br /> One question...can I assume it is safe to delete the original library (to save hard drive space) once the new library is set up?<br /> <br /> Best Regards,<br /> Major Roadrash.
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