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  1. I'll set it back to -3. Perhaps it will prevent issues. Thanks Jud!
  2. I've never really understood this, unless perhaps one almost maxes out volume. It had been set at -3 in the past and I just ended up turning the volume a bit higher. I haven't heard clipping or seen any other negative.
  3. This is what I like in my system. Your mileage may vary...
  4. I have more options showing under Low Level Playback Options as shown below including Mute During Sample Change. I don't know why yours is more limited.
  5. I have an issue with the display of local folders on the left side of the display. In the older version 2 I clicked on one of them and it opened showing all the playlists within indented a bit to the right. On the left in album view version 2 showed the album covers. In the new version 3.5.8 most local folders display no longer open to show playlists within. All I have is the album covers to the right. Anyone else see this? FWIW these playlists were migrated from version 2.
  6. Thanks! That is more than I knew. I knew about the ASIO & HQP, but had only guessed at how much Direct Mode might be standing in for the Exasound driver. I probably won't test Audirvana without the Exasound driver for now - it's nice to be able to route hi-rez music seller's samples on various web pages thru the DAC.
  7. In my case I use an Exasound e-22 DAC which comes with a proprietary Mac driver from the company. I'm thinking I still need this driver installed for the mac to recognize what hardware I'm using. I can and do use Direct Mode. Am I in effect using the Exasound driver to identify the hardware to the mac but then substituting Direct Mode to handle the sound? I am doubtful I could take the Exasound driver off the mac and still play the music. Would you agree I likely need both drivers?
  8. It depends on which Mac OS you are running. My old 2008 Mac Pro is dedicated to just music and Direct Mode plays fine with El Capitan. Later versions of the OS need a workaround to enable Direct Mode. Look around this topic & you'll probably find directions to bring a kext file from an earlier OS to those post-El Capitan.
  9. Try setting the "Native DSD streaming method" to DSD over PCM 1.1 where shown in this screenshot.
  10. see screenshot on next post
  11. Yes it does have Direct Mode.
  12. It took me awhile to test this fix (busy) but it took care of my issue. Thanks again, @RunHomeSlow !
  13. I'm getting a fair amount of "SysOptimizer Error" which I cannot click through on my ipad. I must return to my desktop to clear the box. I don't know the cause.
  14. I have recently seen a couple of articles which reveal that the newest Macs containing the T2 security chip have problems with overflowing USB processing and causing dropouts in attached pro audio gear. Here is one such article: https://tinyurl.com/y426cknu No one has said yet if the fix is easy or difficult. But I would be wary of buying a new Mac now with the idea of running your audio software through it to your audio gear until more is known. Apologies if this topic has already been raised - but a search of the forums gave me no hits.
  15. Glad you found your answer! I'm mostly a reader of posts in these forums, but a shoutout goes to @RunHomeSlow who goes over & above to be of help to people here. He's a class act.
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