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  1. PRICE DROP: $750. I will pay shipping via Fedex and PayPal fees, Continental USA only.
  2. Have 2 but only using 1, I'm selling a Mac Mini 2.3 i7 Quad Core with 16GB RAM and 1T Fusion drive. Original box, power cord and DVI to HDMI video converter. Even have the original plastic wrap around the computer. This computer is in brand new condition ... only powered it up a couple of times. Original system 10.8.3 installed ... No other apps installed. Asking $850. I will pay shipping via Fedex and PayPal fees, Continental USA only. I don't eBay but I have a perfect Audiogon record under the handle "cheezewhiz".
  3. I agree with that assessment. The 24/96 is not good. "Empty" is a good description of this recording. But its "Bat Out of Hell" so I had buy it. A lot of good times in school were had while listening to this album.
  4. Those are fight'n words ... Don't make me come over there
  5. Should have checked my email ... I got one too. Thx Booster
  6. Hey Alex, What order number does that put you at? (under my breath ... come on 1810) David
  7. Hi Alex, You have any Regen's shipping out this week?
  8. I bought one of these to use on my soon to be delivered Regen. The "El Cheapo" arrived a couple of days ago so I thought I'd "break it in" on my external thunderbolt SSD drive. Unplugged the generic PS and plugged in the "El Cheapo" via a spare Shunyata Venon 3 PC. Instantly the music was more "airy" and "open" ... Base was more controlled. Now I preload my music to cache before I play from my Mac Mini as to minimize the use of the bus during playback. So I was hoping to hear a little improvement but really didn't expect much if any. Wow, wasn't expecting what I got. I'm always amazed a
  9. Hi Melvin, If you like the iFi "Blue" USB cable you should try the iFi Gemini duel cable. I'm a true believer in separating the power from the data cables.
  10. My El Cheapo arrived yesterday. Although my unit is a 115V / 9V I noticed the fuse cover states its a 240V fuse and the fuse itself is stamped as a 250V fuse. Since I'm electrically challenged I thought I'd ask if this fuse should be changed out to a 120V. Thanks
  11. Thanks for the delivery update Alex. Anxiously awaiting the arrival of my Regen. Best Wishes David
  12. Duhhhhhhhh ... A mind is a terrible thing to waste All good now
  13. Well, can't get "swap" to turn off in the terminal. Tried 3 times and conferred after each time the value was still "4". Should I restart ... I don't remember having to restart when I turned swap off in 10.9? Wondering if the CAD script has locked something in the terminal?
  14. That gives me something to experiment with, Thanks much Le Concombre.
  15. Yea, I wouldn't have thought Photo Agent would be running. Also I almost positive that the CAD script gave me to option to turn wifi off, which I did … I see some wifi processes in the list. But the sound is much improved. Also still wondering about the "swap" process I turned off back in 10.9. Sorry if the screen caps aren't to good … had to take from my iPad since I'm running my mini headless.
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