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  1. Stockholm Syndrome Ensemble above...Thanks for posting; enjoying this right now.
  2. We had a power failure 2 days ago and when the power was restored, by DacMagic Plus wasn't. The blue lights on the face come on, but no music plays. I have bypassed it for now, running the signal straight from my Squeezebox Touch to my amp. Surprisingly, there's not a huge decrement in sound, but there is some loss of quality. Can a power surge when the power comes back on fry a DAC?
  3. Please be assured that there is no shortage of BS in the photographic pastime, and that BS may have been invented in the automotive industry i.e. the Hemi engine. I am a camera user and I have repeatedly asked photographers to estimate the level of equipment I used for some of my better prints. Even the most gear-loving 'togs have no idea. By the way, the Audio Critic has been a big help to me over the years.
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