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  1. Depending on where you are in US .....check if your local library has Hoopla service . ECM recordings can be borrowed for 7 days and played through the app. They can also be downloaded for offline listening during the borrowing period and for my library you can borrow 10 a month . Definitely a good way to check them out and see if you want to buy them . I am not sure if Hoopla has same catalogue everywhere. cheers
  2. If you like Watkin's cello suites, this one , while not on a cello is also very good on same label. Just got it today from Qobuz in 24/96. Wonderful. cheers [/THUMBIMG]
  3. I like the VNC Viewer app to control the Qobuz Desktop on my headless Mac Mini. Specifically because it behaves like a Mac in that you move the curser with your finger to what you want to tap .. and then tap which is how the mac touch pad works. This is in contrast to tapping for immediate gratification as we do in IOS which I find does not work as well with the Desktop. In preferences about half way down there is a pull down which should have your dad listed ..if it is plugged in when you start the qobuz desktop. Have to restart if switch DAC during a Qobuz session. Excellent hi res d
  4. Really enjoying Misty on Qobuz! Are What a Wonderful world or Midnight Sugar available for download anywhere? Thanks
  5. Is this (new Giovanni Mirabassi) available for download somewhere? Thanks
  6. check out Amarra Sq 2 . Works well with Qobuz, Spotify and Rdio. I think there have been some hiccups with Tidal but they may be better in SQ2. There are a couple of threads on SQ running.
  7. Thanks Musicophile. Well worth the purchase price , the SQ is wonderful.
  8. So I see Linn has 25% off of Dunedin Messiah . 24/88.2 Any thoughts on this one? Linn Records - Handel: Messiah (Dublin Version, 1742) Thanks
  9. Is there anywhere to download the Giovanni Mirabassi album? Haven't been able to find it on Qobuz or HD Tracks . Thanks
  10. Hi All: Question from a newbie. One of the recent free downloads from Linn's 24 bits of Christmas that really caught my ear was the slow movement from Chopin Piano Concerto 1 by Ingrid Fliter and the Scottish Chamber Orchestra. Wonderful sound and balance. Checking the Linn site this will not be released until Feb. Does anyone have other hires recommendations for this piece. Thanks in advance. Cheers Rob
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