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  1. Didn't work. Program did not allow me to enter a 0 before single digits, i.e. 01. After saving and then rechecking the disc number was still showing as 1.
  2. Thanks, will give that a try. Makes a good deal of sense.
  3. All the disc number fields had already been filled 1-52 and still it doesn't work correctly 1 then 11 etc.
  4. Thanks Bob, I agree it should be easy to fix and will try and notify Damien. With respect to removing all vestiges of the program before re-installing; I agree and in fact have done so from my ~library. the main Library and even from the System library. Includes all files that have been mentioned as well as from private/var in the system Library. Non of that helped with being able to import/sync with the Music Folder and have all the music imported. The frustration is that I had everything synced correctly before the database file declared itself "offline". So not being able to get back to that point is something I can't understand/ Thanks again for all your responses.
  5. I have been using Audirvana for several years and recently encountered a problem I can't resolve. My music library has grown considerably since I first imported it into Audirvana and last week when i opened the program (after adding 12 new albums to my Music Folder) it failed to sync the new music and when I then went to the Library preference tab the sqlite file was shown as "offline" and was greyed out and would not respond when I clicked on "sync". Tried many things to no avail. Finally I decided to do a fresh import of the entire music folder. I uninstalled Audirvana and all associated files and re-installed followed by selecting the Music Folder in the Library pref and allowing the program to sync the contents. Took two days to sync and when I looked it had missed over 1200 albums from what should be there and had been before. Again I uninstalled and deleted all associated files and tried again. This time after another two day sync it was missing about 850 albums. Not only is it failing to sync to the Music folder fully it is failing differently each time I sync. I suspect it is choking on the size of the Music folder which contains just over 50 thousand albums. Any thoughts as to how to get a full and consistent sync? Music folder is on a six disk external RAID array of 6tb drives. Also, as an aside, one other frustration I am having with Audirvana's library management is that I can't find a way to view a 52 album boxset sequentially. Instead of listing them by their album names (which are identical except for the disc number 1-52) they are displaying disc 1, disc 11 and then when you get to 2 it is followed by 20 etc. Any thoughts on how to get Audirvana to count sequentially 1 through 52? All music files have completed metadata which shows fully in either iTunes or JRiverMC. And on both those programs album totals and song totals match exactly. Also on both those databases the ABC of the Blues albums show sequentially 1-52.
  6. I am not syncing to iTunes, merely using it for entering metadata. I am directly syncing to an external drive which holds my music folder. Making the changes in the view menu bar is not being reflected in the metadata of the tracks or albums. But regardless of the fixes within AV, the broader question is why, when one does a full sync of the music folder, do the changes to diacritical characters fail to be reflected in the Audirvana database.
  7. Further, I can't find where to change metadata for album artist. Is there a way to change album artist within the view metadata column?
  8. That may address sorting issues, but does not fix the issue of diacritcs not being recognized during syncing. Nor does it fix the names of the artist or album artist. Maybe I am missing something.
  9. I noticed a recent issue of diacritics not being recognized in syncing the library. I had previously added three albums from the artist Cheikh Lô, only originally had spelled it Cheikh Lo. Later I made the change in iTunes to replace artist and album artist with the correct spelling of Cheikh Lô. When I did a later sync in Audirvana 3.0.3 it failed to recognize these changes and left the names as Cheikh Lo throughout all the albums. Any thoughts on how to prompt AV to recognize the changed name?
  10. I have posted before about problems I have had syncing with my music folder. Since then I have experimented by using different sized library folders and at least on my system, I have found that music library size is a major determinate as to the time it takes to sync. With a folder (small music library) that contains 11,000+ albums on a single 6tb drive it takes A+ almost 9 hours to complete the syncing process. Even when adding only one new album the program still takes the same amount of time to work through the process. While that is happening the application is functionally unusable as any movement of the cursor initiates a 'beach ball' that forestalls any further action. Yesterday I added a new Aaron Neville album and because it starts with a double Aa I saw Audirvana sync with it early in the syncing process and the song count grow by 12, which is the number of songs in the album. But even after the album had been added, the syncing progress bar remained blue and the program continued to sync for another nine hours before it completed the process and I could play music. I assume that it is progressing to plod through each album folder looking for any possible changes and that the timing is determined solely by the number of songs it has to sort through and the speed of the underlying database application utilized by A+. If I am wrong about these assumptions or if anyone can make a suggestion as to how I might alleviate this issue I would welcome all thoughts and ideas. In contrast to A+, JRiver MC takes about three minutes to import, analyze and re-sync to the folder after adding the one album. While I prefer the sound of A+, having to wait 9 hours each time I add music or make modifications to the existing music folder is a burden, when compared to the expeditious treatment in JRMC. And the use of my large library would be unthinkable. BTW, this is using a mac mini i7 processor and 16 gigs ram with a 240 Crucial SSD internal drive and a 6tb HGST external using USB 3. Dedicated audio machine running no other apps.
  11. "It may not be what you want to hear, but A+ speed improved significantly when I upgraded my 2009 iMac to an internal SSD. I highly recommend this step to anybody with a significant library size." Have had an internal SSD for several years, 16 gigs of ram and an i7 processor. If you read the original post (695) you will see that the issue is transient. Works fine after I trash the library and reimport all songs but once I add even once additional song after the rebuild of the library the sluggishness returns.
  12. one thing to remember is that you can't have the original music HD with "organize' checked and a clone of it with the same 'organize ' checed as well or they will alternate redoing everything to correct file path issues. When you had it working I suspect that the organization option was only checked for one of the drives. Which should allow it to work as you want it too. At least to to extent I understood your issues.
  13. Freann... I think you rare right, time to bite the bullet and wipe the slates, importing the newly named hard drive from scratch. And I think it will work. BUT the fear here is that as soon as i modify the new mint library by adding music or changing metadata the sluggish behavior will reemerge. And while I can experiment each time I restore the testbed back to a responsive state, the fact that to do so takes a couple days to do the fresh music import, makes it an issue I would like to explore little before having to go through two many iterations of instal/remove/reinstall to try and nail the issue down,
  14. Thanks Freann for the suggestion. I am using a mac mini i7 with 16 gb of ram and an internal SSD (256gb). The machine is dedicated to audio. I have been running it with up sampling set to none and have tried various combinations of exclusive mode, direct mode and integer mode and the sluggishness remains in all configurations. Just timed a switch from one song to the next (using the skip button) and it took just over fifteen seconds. About six seconds before any reaction (original song just kept playing), then beach ball for about seven seconds (silence) and another two seconds as you could see it preparing to play the next song.
  15. Thanks for the suggestion; tried it and it didn't help. Still switching between songs takes a very long time. Unless someone has another suggestion I will trash the entire library database and re-import all music again. I suspect this may help, as it did before (see message #695) but if it subsequently slows after the next time I import music, then I am back to where I was unless the cause can be determined. Perhaps, it is simply an issue of library size, although other music apps are not similarly affected.
  16. I had posted a question (message #695) enquiring about issues regarding responsiveness of A+. As there were no replies, I can only assume that I have somehow eschewed the proper procedural modalities of this forum and that I should inquire elsewhere or in a different thread. Where would be the best place to ask these questions? Thank you.
  17. I have a question regarding responsiveness of A+ when switching from a song that is playing to another song, either by hitting the skip button or by double clicking on a new song. On my system it takes about 12+ seconds of spinning beach ball until the new song begins. Very sluggish. I have had this on all versions of A+ except right after the upgrade a couple versions back that required the library rebuild because it was adding a field to the library database. After that update A+ ran great and was relatively snappy until new music was added to the library; at which point the sluggish behavior returned. Have tried re-syncing and that has not helped. I have 150k plus songs in this library and all metadata seems complete and correct. I guess my questions regard why the sluggishness; why it disappeared after the update a couple of versions ago, and why it reappeared after new music was added to the library. And the big question, what if anything can I do to alleviate the issue. BTW, no such problem with JriverMC or iTunes. Thanks
  18. Yeah, I had the exact same problem and used the same solution. Can't quite remember what I did the next time I was changing drive paths but the Copy and Move tool worked. I think it may have had to do with changing the forward leaning /s to back leaning \s. I noticed that they are used in the same place in the path but are different from windows to mac. I think its an issue that may not have been fully addressed in the mac porting. Now I just try and make sure the drives are named the same when I sub in a new one and avoid the issue entirely. Still like JRMC better Windows but the mac version is sounding better and better and I may be content soon with the mac version alone. Still tag in iTunes first then import and analyze in JRiver.
  19. Thanks for the responses. I suspect my issues may be directly related to the size of my music library which is around 12k albums taking up close to 6tbs, but even if I only add a few albums it takes several hours to complete the updating process. Will just learn to expect and live with this for now.
  20. One question with 2.0.9, how long does it typically take for Audirvana to update the database relative to changes and/or additions to the music folder? I am finding that it is "beach balling" for many hours before it becomes usable after any restart when files have been added to the music folder. I don't know if this is a product of the automatic updating procedure or the size of the music folder. Is there a direct way to force it to update that might avoid this problem? Thanks.
  21. I agree that OWC are very helpful, but this is not an issue they can solve; its an OS issue and has been ongoing since Mavericks. Hundreds of threads on it and Apple has recently stated it is a 'feature' and not considered a bug. I have seen it on several brands of firewire enclosures.
  22. Since Mavericks most firewire 800 connections will not sleep or spin down. Numerous threads online on this issue. Either have to dis-mount the drive and then turn it off or switch to another interface. I have been using the firewire interface to make large file transfers and USB most of the rest of the time for playing music. USB interface allows normal drive spin-down and sleep. Been waiting a long time for this issue to be fixed.
  23. Thank you for all the replies. I think tonight I will begin the import process. I will not be adjusting the metadata within A+2 for now. I still find for my purposes I like to use iTunes for importing and tagging and have been using Jriver with bootcamp and running Windows 8.1 for playback, as I prefer the the sound quality over iTunes (mac 10.9.5). Have used earlier iterations of Audirvana but always found a few hiccups with iTunes integration. So my hope is to be able to continue to tag in iTunes but listen with A+2 and eventually be able to abandon the double boot set up and use of Jriver. Although I do really like its 'theatre view' for display of artwork during playback on my large screen tv. I do have everything backed up, but since the size of the collection presently requires two 4tb drives, making additional copies is not a trivial exercise. I have ordered two 6tb WD Red drives and will be moving those into the backup enclosure soon and retiring one pair of the 4tb drives. Since they (the retired 4tb drives) will have a full copy of the collection I will then have 2 backups which will allow me to sleep better. I have had a couple of occasions when I have lost data on a copy and I was really anxious until the issue was repaired. At those times two copies does not feel safe enough. I think three copies, while troublesome to maintain, is probably prudent. Thanks again to all who responded to my questions.
  24. Hi...quick question. I have a somewhat large music collection which initially was tagged in iTunes (mac) with complete metadata and embedded artwork. When I imported it into JRiver the process was successful and there were zero metadata errors. All artwork came through fine and I have not had to make a single correction. Given that, am I likely to have the same degree of success with A+2? The collection now consists of about 23000+ albums so the notion of having to make corrections to metadata is not appealing. About a quarter of the music is from recordings made from LPs & 78s, many of which are quite old and for which the metadata is not available from online sources; therefore all tagging had to be done by hand. I guess, I can always just try and import into A+2 and see the results for myself, provided that I can be assured that Audirvana will not make any changes to the music files themselves. I dedicated last year to spending about five hours a day going through the entire collection, one song at a time to check the tagging on each file to be sure it was correct. It took almost the entire year to do and I don't ever want to do it again. So, dare I try this now or should I wait until A+2 has had more time to mature?
  25. I know that at least a few of the reported bluetooth problems resulting from a SSD installation in a mini occurred as a result of a failure to properly re-seat the bluetooth antenna connector during the install process. I think you may also find more info on this issue at the OWC site blogs. My bluetooth mouse and keyboard seem to be responsive from my listening position which is about 16 feet away. I use the mini with a 57" Samsung TV so sometimes we are on the sofa at the far end of the room and even there we have not encountered issues. My mini now has two SSDs in it and I have only had good experiences with the result. One using Mavericks and one with Windows 8.1 with bootcamp (newest version) and am very satisfied with the audio quality and speed. Have not heard noise degradation due to increased electrical noise.
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