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  1. It sure would be great if BluOS supported multi-channel file playback over network though. I have all these multi-channel music files in Roon to play and no way to get them into my HT receiver unless I buy a NUC or A/V pc to provide HDMI out.
  2. I'm afraid that I can't help you yet. I haven't yet done sweeps, I merely got a signal flow that output sound through the plugin and out to HQPlayer. Once I get a chance to do sweeps I will post my results.
  3. I used Roon--> Soundflower-->Hijack-->Room Shaper-->Loopback-->HQPlayer. This works on MacOS, there's no reason to think it won't on Windows too. I am also using HQPlayer with acourate DRC filters. The place for Room Shaper is before HQPlayer and convolution. The developer has indicated that you should if possible have Room Shaper as your first plugin or signal processing in your chain. You also will want to do your sweeps with your DRC engaged.
  4. An integrated Room Shaper solution with stream capture or configurable input (RAAT would be ideal) virtual device output and a host for the AU would be much preferred on Mac for those of us using Roon. I'd like to use this plugin, but configuration so far is proving quite difficult and not at all elegant. Add some development cost to a free standing application and I will pay more, since I will end up paying for a virtual cable application and an AU host. I'd like to be able to insert his between Roon and HQPlayer with minimal difficulty.
  5. I used Roon--> Soundflower-->Hijack-->Room Shaper-->Loopback-->HQPlayer. I then tried Roon-->Soundflower-->Puremusic streamthrough-->Loopback--HQPlayer. The latter would be preferred if I could get Room Shaper to work as a plugin in Puremusic, but so far I can't get Puremusic to recognize it and allow it as an AU in the list or to get plugins even working in the chain. Loopback is not easy to configure. I found that I could put Room Shaper between Roon and Loopback though and that may be my only option right now. None of this is ideal.
  6. Thanks Bob, I tried that and got a chain that worked using Audiohijack with Roon outputting to Soundflower rather than system. I think it is worth playing with on a trial basis now that this plugin is available for Mac.
  7. I'd like to try this plugin once it is available for MacOS but I can't figue out how to configure it with my Roon-->HQPlayer set up. I tried Audiohijack and that doesn't work application to application. I was looking at Puremusic streamthrough but it isn't capturing the signal out of Roon. Nor can I specify the output to HQPlayer. There must be some way to do this. It would be helpful if either Roon or HQPlayer supported plugins. I'm not willing to give up this playback configuration atm. I may try it as a plugin for Purevinyl just to test it. Anyone have suggections here?
  8. scintilla

    HQ Player

    Understood. I may try that just to see. I already use acourate-built 131k tap RC filters in HQPlayer's convolution engine and it works wonderfully. As I understood Mitch's review, this plugin works in real-time to further reduce room mode decay times based on the time-varying signal, which isn't something a static filter convolved with the signal can correct. Right? I am limited in what I can do for room treatments because I live in a brick loft and I can't attach anything to the bricks or mortar. I could add some bass traps but the good ones (SpringTraps) are cost-prohibitive for my room volume (~6000 ft^3). So I thought this might be worth at least a trial. Thanks again, Jussi.
  9. scintilla

    HQ Player

    I gather that I could set HQPlayer to output to built-in output on my iMac and hijack the stream, process using a plugin and then output to a device? I'm trying to game-up a way to try the Room Shaper that Mitch just reviewed in my Roon-->HQPlayer set up. I currently have HDMI direct wire into my M51 dac from the iMac because the USB input went out and I can't use it anymore for the networked audio that I hade previously with a Allo USBridge and NAA. I know there's some way to accomplish this but I gather that I don't want to intercept the Roon to HQPlayer stream because of your work to stabilize it. Comments? Thanks Jussi.
  10. scintilla

    HQ Player

    What is the best way to configure a digital input stream into HQplayer, say an FM tuner with a digital out, to implement RC convolution on the bitstream? Also, is there any hope for AU or VST plugin support at any point? Thanks, Jussi.
  11. Am I missing something here or is there no Mac folder for the plugin on their website in either VST or AU?
  12. I updated the sparky using ssh just before a move. Once I got everything hooked back up, first my NAD M51 wouldn't lock at all now it isn't found even when it indicated a lock. Also, I have to SSH in to start my services. Something is very amiss and I have tried everything I can think of so far except rolling back to a prior DietPi version. Anyone have some troubleshooting suggecstions to get my system going? Also, the NAD is functioning correctly as far as I can tell. Welp, it appears that it may be the XMOS USB receiver in my NAD, since I can get the HDMI input to register with a direct connect to my computer, but the USB won't register the NAD even with a direct connect to two different Macs. So I guess I'm screwed for the USB input now.
  13. I tend to agree with some of the interface frustration but I have had success with 3 of my systems now for basic room corrections. I took analog filter design and DSP in college more than 20 years ago, but I don't really think any of it helped. All I can remember from DSP (even though I still have my book, homework sets and notes) is suffering through all of the algebraic substitutions for time series and trying to grok convolution. None of that is particularly helpful for using acourate. Like most things, I think it is simply an iterative learning process that builds competence. I bought Mitch's e-book but haven't started it yet. I am sure I will learn a few more things that way too. In the end, my system now sounds better than any system I have had in my life. Using Pure Vinyl with a plugin convolver Roon and HQPlayer, I can RC every source including vinyl, casette tapes, an FM tuner, CD's and digital files. Let me tell you, a casette made in the early 80's on an early 70's pre-Dolby BIC deck by my father of a 1950's record sounds a whole lot better than I thought it did once I could hear it properly reproduced.
  14. scintilla

    HQ Player

    Great! I bought a license yesterday.
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