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  1. I suspect it is. Prior measurements of the PLL demonstrate its effectiveness in most input settings, including a computer usb bus.
  2. So, that new 180g Kerosene Hat got a play tonight (actually still playing). I had to get a bit tricky to try this a new way TASCAM 192k to macbook air for Purevinyl RIAA, then out to the TASCAM and into the other TASCAM AES/EBU and into iMac and HQP for DSD 512. I am applying my RC in HQP convolution instead of Purevinyl in this setup and running up to 24Mhz. I adjusted my gains in Purevinyl and have plenty of overhead now to avoid digital overs while staying well below -3b in HQP. Finally enough gain for my DL-S1. A little hum, but theres 60db of gain on the preamp. This sounds most exc
  3. scintilla

    HQ Player

    Also, since it edit timed out, I believe that Jussi has stated that internal calculations in HQP are at 64-bit float. So, that might actually be the answer to your first question.
  4. scintilla

    HQ Player

    I'm not Jussi, but I can try a shot at answering these questions: HQP uses the rate that you select for output and transcodes from the base rate and bit depth from the file/stream to your selected output rate at 1-bit depth. If your dac is capable of 48K base rates and you check the 48k box, then HQP will output at the highest rate that you select subject to the base rate. Integer filters won't allow resamping from 44.1 to 48k rates, but others will. So, for example, I have my maximum output rate set to 48x512 and using a universal-rate filter like poly-sinc-short-mp-2s, HQP out
  5. I have it working at 512x on my netwok without the gigbit adapter.
  6. I'm 54, which is starting to feel older than younger for sure; but to your point: yes, I am old enough to appreciate FM radio. I have a T-101 as well and had a T-100 for many years too. There is nothing quite like the sound of a really great FM tuner on a great station and with the T-1000, I can leverage the best of the DSP-based FM front ends with a digital output to DSD upsampling and acourate-based room correction in HQP and out to a state-of-the-art dac in the May. It really does deliver the goods. It is digital audio at its finest. I decided to skip the Groove Salad today in favor of m
  7. My review this evening listening to local broadcast FM from my Accuphase T-1000: OMG. Note the brevity. Please. Accuphase, 24/48k out to UH-7000->HQP adsm7 512+fs, dsd512, poly-sinc-short-mp-2s , + convolution to May.
  8. My late-2012 iMac with a Quad Core 3.4 GHz Intel "Core i7" I7-3770 and no CUDA support in OS (even though it has a GeForce GTX 680MX 2 GB), will do DSD512, AMSDM7 512+fs, poly-sinc-short-mp with convolution on 30.14. Trying it now while also on a vpn. So the older intels can work all the way back to Ivy Bridge.
  9. Who cares? Circle jerk. Just listen, enjoy and get over yourselves.
  10. You may think anything you like. I am listening with my ears, not my thoughts. I report what I hear. I have heard nothing to indicate any change in sound quality so far in any direction. As an aside, I will note that when I played Kind of Blue, I was struck by the quality of the brush sound on the snare in Blue in Green, a track I have listened to countless times. The brush sound was palpable. I know that sound quite well because I have made it myself on my own snare. That was one of the distinctions I have noted so far between May and the other dacs I have owned.
  11. I do possess an L2 which has been "burning in" since Friday. The impartial person, with a very good ear, employed to evaluate the L2 as it "burns in" is me. I know what to listen for in terms of aural cues, soundstaging, imaging and frequency balance and overall resolution. It is playing now. It sounds delightful. There is little doubt that the May is a superb dac. But magic fuses, silver wire, willful imagination and a distributor who's a salesman, not an engineer all contribute to a cult of hyperbole that I find rather amusing and somewhat ridiculous.
  12. I think y'all are nuts. Break-in is real: you need to adapt; it isn't the device, it's your ears and head (which you are all up in). My May sounded great when I plugged it in. At chez sparky there's no intolerable break-in periods because I understand that I need to get used to a new device and disengage analytical thought. Drink more alcohol my friends and stop being so dramatic. The difference between the May and the D90 is subtle, at best. Is there a difference? Yes. Is it enough to write 600 words about? No, unless you write for a journal and get paid by the word. Tailored suit vs. ra
  13. scintilla

    HQ Player

    I checked the DSD 48 box because my new Holo May can do both rates. When I stream a 44.1 from Internet radio it appears to be changing the rate to a 48 base unless I use an integer-only filter like Sinc-M. Is there a setting where it just plays based on the base rate rather than sample rate conversion?
  14. Balanced. But I believe that it is the 6db attenuation for DSD that I was hearing rather than the overall gain. In source going to 768 is sounds louder than the DSD and about the same as the Topping. I got to see Dvid Lowery last year right before covid shut the world down. He recorded a local band at his studio in GA and then came here to headline a show with them. They opened, then there was a Camper set and finally Cracker. He is an amazing guy. Learned, talented and a showman too. I doubt many people know what a polymath he is in the music world, but he teaches mathematics at the un
  15. My L2 is playing Groove Salad after a quick swap out for the D90. A bit lower gain structure than the D90 but so far it is sounding smooth and very nice. Will spin some vinyl this weekend to test it out. Just got a new 180g pressing of Kerosene Hat.
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