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  1. I'm surprised no-one has so far recommended the Holo Audio Serene which has a thread right under this. It is fully balanced input-to-output, uses a resistor ladder volume control and sounds brilliant. My system has never sounded so good than with the Serene in the loop, and I just came from an all-digital front end with software volume this time.
  2. scintilla

    HQ Player

    Ok, thank you. I'm sure people on the acourate board have suggestions for that as it has come up before; I will ask Uli. I ordered the Scott Wurcer article to read today and I believe he directs his focus on IIR filters, but there's still much to glean from his work. I suppose it is a lot to ask, but Jussi is the filter expert and it sure would be nice to have an RIAA correction plugin built in to HQP with agnostic or better idealized filters-per-rate. It would vastly simply my digital chain too. Trying to pipe Purevinyl 5.0 output into HQP for transcoding to DSD 256 hasn't been
  3. scintilla

    HQ Player

    Does anyone have coefficients for RIAA correction biquads for rates greater than 192kHz sampling rates? I finally gave up on the TASCAM UH-7000 for phono preamp and A/D and bought an ADI-2 pro fsr which can sample up to 768k or DSD, both of which I think can be piped into HQP for RIAA correction and then convolution of RC filters. I still haven't quite figured out how to implement parametric eq parameters in the HQP interface though.
  4. I have my Serene stacked on the May with 2" ironwood blocks between them. The May runs about the same temp as before I stacked. I have the PS unit separated on a different shelf adjacent in my Salamander Berlin cabinet. I keep the door open on the side with the DAC and preamp boxes, mostly for convenience of using the remote for the Serene. But it does run a bit warmer when i close the door. Even so, I haven't been concerned about case temps at any point. I do suggest some air space between the dac box and anything else and definitely get the PS box away from signal circuitry by a foot or
  5. Maddeningly, it does not. One is labeled RMT-1, and the other RMT-2 and the volume controls on the May remote do not activate the Serene. One of the few ridiculous missteps that Holo has made in my opinion. It's just downright stupid.
  6. I haven't noticed any changes; it sounded superb on plugin and has been on continuously since then. But i didn't with the May either, so YMMV.
  7. Perhaps the latest ipad pro with a USB C port will, as it supports USB class 3.
  8. May firmware for sure, plus probably the USB driver as well. You would need to ask Tim if/when a firmware might be available to allow that.
  9. I am using the linked above switcher for this exact purpose, also feeding my Krell from either HTP-1 or Serene. It is completely neutral.
  10. You want one of these: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07QVKPR2V/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o09_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 This way, the signal stops at the box and you are only driving a little bit more cable.
  11. No. It is because the noise floor is lower with 256 vs. 512 and 1024. There is a sweet spot with the Holo DACs with rates for best performance and it isn't the highest possible rates. Same with the AKM 4499 in DSD direct mode. This is a function of settling times, resistor matching and the randomizing algorithm used but at these high rates we start pushing the theoretical limits and 256 is what Jussi has shown to be optimal for Holo DACs. It isn't because processors can't to 7EC at higher rates. I do ADSM7 512+ fs with my machine just fine.
  12. All the Holo prices are increasing by 10%+ and Tim has warned on his store.
  13. Welp, I just bit the bullet and ordered a Serene. I just didn’t have quite enough gain for DSD playback with my RC filters inline. As the May has been simply superb, I figured the Serene was going to be equally great and the prices are going up tomorrow. Time to commit. I’m so impressed with Jeff’s designs. He’s definitely one of the brightest audio designers of the day.
  14. I found that the gain structure of my May to amp wasn’t enough with an agressive RC filter that I use to integrate a subwoofer with my full rangers. So I just ordered a Serene. I’m certain that will fix my issues and remain completely transparent.
  15. It’s at this point that I say: trust yourself. I ordered May L2 because I don’t believe in magic fuses and silver hookup wire, marketing puffery and the logical fallacy of appeal to authority. I’m quite confident and very secure in my choice. Others disagree and that’s fine. Each must choose based on their own confidence in their decision making process. I regret nothing and don’t even question my choice.
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