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  1. Thanks for that - wondered why I couldn't see a AO process running ......
  2. I'm new to AO - just installed 1.30 in dual-PC mode and it's superb ! Phil is on leave at the moment - can one of you AO gurus answer a couple of questions for me - Is there a list of all the AO and ST command switches anywhere ? I am particularly interested in how to start AO without going through the options list every time - also, can I see what options I am running with - or even, if AO is running at all ?? I'm sure one of you experienced users will know the answers. Thanks
  3. I am a big fan of JPLAY, but find it a pain to have to dedicate 2 PCs to the task, if top results are to be attained. I have read that MQN is maybe the equal of JPLAY in terms of SQ and only needs a single PC. However, I have had problems knowing how to install it - I have not seen a nice simple step-by-step guide on the procedure. Can somebody please be kind enough to walk me through it from start to finish ? Many thanks !
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