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  1. most likely for firmware update. Have been running Intona for a few weeks now. still amazed by the improvement it brought. sometimes we audiophiles spend a fortunate on a cable or footers and still have to convince ourselves whether it did anything. Intona has no problem. it is really the most effective audio accessory i have bought outside of major system components. I can also confirm that getting it to work is a tricky business. Sometimes the exact same setup would fail repeatedly and suddenly start to work. But once the connection is established, it is stable and will stay on...until one of the components on either end is turned off.
  2. +1 My current setup is Aries -> Intona -> Yggy. Two short $1 MonoPrice USB cables allowed this setup to function without using a USB hub. Waiting for the delivery of W4S Recovery and will report back if it will improve sound further.
  3. i know. maybe i didn't connect them in the right sequence. didn't really test too much with the adapter since i no longer need a USB hub. I don't like the idea of using the adapter on the DAC or the source as there is a big risk to damage the connectors.
  4. Forgot to the mention that if I had to use the Lightspeed USB cable, then the only way it would work is to use a USB hub right between the DAC and the Isolator. In terms of sound quality after some AB listening I am happy to report that the sound with Isolator in place with cheap USB cables is audibly better than going straight with LightSpeed USB. I also noticed that the sequence of connecting input/output cables also matters. Try to connect the input side first. wait a few seconds and then plug in the output side.
  5. Just bought two short USB cables from MonoPrice. only $1 each. Now i am able to run Intona without a hub. so basically my setup right now is Aries -> MonoPrice USB cable -> Intona -> MonoPrice USB -> Schiit Yggy DAC. Tried to replace either MonoPrice with my 0.8 meter LightSpeed USB and it wouldn't work. So for people who is having trouble to get Intona to work first try some generic USB cables. The cheap the better. :-) btw, also tried a USB A-B adapter and it didn't work.
  6. i think YES since Intona does something no one in the world is able to archive at this moment which is USB 2.0 full speed galvanic isolation. btw, my Intona is no longer for sale. :-) It is a keeper and it does work with my Aries.
  7. Finally got Intona to work after inserting Schiit Wyrd between the DAC and the Isolator. I also had to replace the USB cable between the Wyrd and Isolator. Now i am wondering if doing this would defeat the purpose of the Isolator. btw, this setup worked for both my iMac and Aries. I guess the main issue is probably caused by Isolator dropping current from 500ma to 300ma and many DACs don't like that.
  8. Yes, just tried that and it finally worked. Now i am wondering if this setup totally defeat the purpose of the isolator

  9. Just received my standard Intona USB Isolator today. Unfortunately it didn't work with my Aries. couldn't establish a stable connection. I think i will have to sell it. If anyone wants to take it off my hand, please PM me.
  10. I would like to try Luis Grané's recording of Iberia by Albéniz.
  11. I remember that it took Mike quite a while to get the USB to its current level. I don't think he is interested in starting all over again. Plus imaging supporting two different sets of drivers. Schiit doesn't like that. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. I have had Yggy for quite a while. Sold BADA2 shortly after. Also had Hydra Z and prefer Yggy USB input more than Hydra-z output AES into Yggy. With hydra-z you do get more bass but lost the Yggy's Magic 3D imaging and instrument separation. With Yggy in my system I have permanently stopped searching for a better DAC. I just don't think a better sound can be obtained without spending A LOT more. Yggy does have its own sound signature (which luckily suit my taste perfectly) and not for everyone, so do give a try first. And yes it does need a good burn-in when brand new. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Great! Auralic is really one of the best companies in the hi-fi world right now, and i can't imagine my listening room without Aries.
  14. same here. tried to delete the app and reinstall. didn't work. i think there is a bug in 2.0 which they need to fix. in the mean i guess i will have to know what i want to listen before i open the app.
  15. I just got a Aries LE recently. Have done quite a lot research before i got it, and didn't really find any viable alternative. At least not something that doesn't require me spending a lot of time to make it work and read countless web pages. I am planning to write a short review for it. The quick impression is that Aries is a fantastic product. It worked very beautifully both hardware and software. I have purchased audio/computer gears or software/apps from much larger companies, and a lot of them didn't show the same level of sophistication as Aries and Lightening DS app. Now i am finally able to sit on my couch and control everything with couple taps. Trust me it worked much much better than my previous setup which is iMac with Audirvana Plus and Apple Remote app. Not to mention my new favorite music source TIDAL simply rocks with Aries. Sound quality? well...i will leave that for the formal review, but i just want to say my Watt/Puppy 8s have never sounded so smooth and musical. People who has owned WP8 know that this is not easy. I am one of those person who has determined to go full digital but never quite satisfied with computer playback sound quality...well...until now. Lastly i just want to say that if people does have a question about licensing, they should just write a formal letter or email to Auralic and seek answer through that way. Posting such questions on public forum and demanding answer on such sensitive subject is really unrespectful if you ask me. I worked at a law firm and i know that lawyers would strongly recommend their clients NOT to post stuff in public since they could turn into evidence if discover happens. So the thinking that "I asked a question and if Auralic doesn't have a good explanation then they must be hiding something" is completely wrong. I completely agree with Mr. Wang's approach on this subject. Again if you have an issue with their software practice, just send them a formal letter and i am sure they will handle it in a professional way. Eric M.
  16. definitely the best sounding computer stand ever made, and the most expansive.
  17. Here is my pulse in my second desktop system. There are couple issues, but overall very happy.
  18. sorry, my bad. i swear that i have read it somewhere. maybe not from you. anyway, thanks for the quick reply. Looking forward to your Alpha DAC RS review especially comparing to the Alpha 2. Other than extra digital inputs i think they are the same feature wise, so curious to know what they have done to improve the sound quality. Some internal pictures would be great. :-)
  19. Hi Chris, You mentioned before that BA is also planning to make some improvements to the regular Alpha DAC 2. is it still happening? Any idea whether it is just a new firmware or hardware related? Thanks! Eric
  20. I buy APPLE stocks, and APPLE never tells me how they are planning to use my money. I wish they could though, so i would know what's coming next. :-) One invests in a company because we believe that the company is doing a good business, have a bright future and trust the management of the company would do smart things with the money we gave them. Yes, they will use that money for company parties and paying millions in bonuses to their employees. so what? Since LH certainly used some knowledge they learned during the development of Da Vinci DAC, ppl who thinks that the money they contributed in LH's crowd funding projects might put towards the development of a product which only super riches can afford maybe should think that the super riches who purchased Da Vinci DAC actually contributed to both of crowd funding projects. This will make them feel better.
  21. Totally agree. It seems that a lot of ppl think that LH could and should have included the Digital Out, Remote control, USB cable and two-year warranty at the very beginning. Yes, they absolutely could ONLY IF they KNEW that they would end up getting one million dollars in funding to cover the development cost of these additional features. Plus some of the features like femto clock upgrade or LPS were added because they were requested by a lot of the backers. Ppl really shouldn't expect LH not to make a profit on Geek Out and Geed Pulse.
  22. Well...i don't know his background very well, but i certainly wouldn't say "zero experience". heard of Da Vinci DAC??? :-) I think that Da Vinci DAC is the main reason why most of ppl backed their campaigns. If they never made that DAC which is considered one of the best DAC on the market right now, i doubt their campaign would be that successful. Crowd funding is a good way for a startup company to get some capital, but I really don't think this is the case for LH. They did it mainly for publicity. It helps them to better understand what customers really want, and get a better sense of sales number which helps to reduce the cost and increase profit. Do we seriously think that they couldn't come up with $38,000 to start the development of Geek Pulse by themselves? Personally i don't understand why ppl are so against them trying to make the best DAC in the world. Maybe they should have priced it like $6,000, so we all can afford it. :-)
  23. yes, this is it. based on what i am hearing right now and its build quality it is really fantastic. The bass is simply awesome. i never had issue with DI-V3 in terms of bass re-production, but i guess i didn't know what i was missing until now.
  24. Hi, A few month ago I started to search for a new USB/SPDIF interface to replace my AudioGD DI-V3. Since my BADA 2 DAC performs best with AES/EBU input, the USB interface must have AES output which DI-V3 doesn't. I know at this point you are wondering why i just didn't go for the Berkeley Alpha USB. Well...my heart really said yes, but my wallet said NO. Plus personally i think that it is a little bit overpriced. Yes, i have no doubt that the sound quality will worth every penny just like my BADA2 DAC, but still $1800 is a lot for a USB interface. Anyway, one of my friends from China suggested a new USB/SPDIF interface called Pearl made by a rather boutique Chinese hifi company called GoldenWave. It has AES, TOSLINK and BNC output, and supports up to 32/192. The usb chip is C-Media CM6631A. I won't comment on the sound quality until I listen to it at least for a month. For now at least i would say that it runs much stable than AudioGD DI-V3. I can multitask like crazy on my iMac, and music will always flow flawless. This is certainly not the case with DI-V3. I also want to mention its build quality. I know that a lot of ppl are not wild about products made in China. This thing will definitely change your mind. The entire case is milled from one block of aluminum. It feels superb on my hands. The fit and finish is simply almost Apple like. It comes with two colors (black and silver). I chose black to match my black BADA2 DAC. Here are a few pictures i just took... Eric
  25. I have read the same thing somewhere before.
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