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  1. most likely for firmware update. Have been running Intona for a few weeks now. still amazed by the improvement it brought. sometimes we audiophiles spend a fortunate on a cable or footers and still have to convince ourselves whether it did anything. Intona has no problem. it is really the most effective audio accessory i have bought outside of major system components. I can also confirm that getting it to work is a tricky business. Sometimes the exact same setup would fail repeatedly and suddenly start to work. But once the connection is established, it is stable and will stay on...u
  2. +1 My current setup is Aries -> Intona -> Yggy. Two short $1 MonoPrice USB cables allowed this setup to function without using a USB hub. Waiting for the delivery of W4S Recovery and will report back if it will improve sound further.
  3. i know. maybe i didn't connect them in the right sequence. didn't really test too much with the adapter since i no longer need a USB hub. I don't like the idea of using the adapter on the DAC or the source as there is a big risk to damage the connectors.
  4. Forgot to the mention that if I had to use the Lightspeed USB cable, then the only way it would work is to use a USB hub right between the DAC and the Isolator. In terms of sound quality after some AB listening I am happy to report that the sound with Isolator in place with cheap USB cables is audibly better than going straight with LightSpeed USB. I also noticed that the sequence of connecting input/output cables also matters. Try to connect the input side first. wait a few seconds and then plug in the output side.
  5. Just bought two short USB cables from MonoPrice. only $1 each. Now i am able to run Intona without a hub. so basically my setup right now is Aries -> MonoPrice USB cable -> Intona -> MonoPrice USB -> Schiit Yggy DAC. Tried to replace either MonoPrice with my 0.8 meter LightSpeed USB and it wouldn't work. So for people who is having trouble to get Intona to work first try some generic USB cables. The cheap the better. :-) btw, also tried a USB A-B adapter and it didn't work.
  6. i think YES since Intona does something no one in the world is able to archive at this moment which is USB 2.0 full speed galvanic isolation. btw, my Intona is no longer for sale. :-) It is a keeper and it does work with my Aries.
  7. Finally got Intona to work after inserting Schiit Wyrd between the DAC and the Isolator. I also had to replace the USB cable between the Wyrd and Isolator. Now i am wondering if doing this would defeat the purpose of the Isolator. btw, this setup worked for both my iMac and Aries. I guess the main issue is probably caused by Isolator dropping current from 500ma to 300ma and many DACs don't like that.
  8. Yes, just tried that and it finally worked. Now i am wondering if this setup totally defeat the purpose of the isolator

  9. Intona

    Hello, try to use a self-powered USB hub between the isolator and the USB DAC/DDC. It works fine for me for some USB-DAC/DDCs.

  10. Just received my standard Intona USB Isolator today. Unfortunately it didn't work with my Aries. couldn't establish a stable connection. I think i will have to sell it. If anyone wants to take it off my hand, please PM me.
  11. I would like to try Luis Grané's recording of Iberia by Albéniz.
  12. I remember that it took Mike quite a while to get the USB to its current level. I don't think he is interested in starting all over again. Plus imaging supporting two different sets of drivers. Schiit doesn't like that. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. I have had Yggy for quite a while. Sold BADA2 shortly after. Also had Hydra Z and prefer Yggy USB input more than Hydra-z output AES into Yggy. With hydra-z you do get more bass but lost the Yggy's Magic 3D imaging and instrument separation. With Yggy in my system I have permanently stopped searching for a better DAC. I just don't think a better sound can be obtained without spending A LOT more. Yggy does have its own sound signature (which luckily suit my taste perfectly) and not for everyone, so do give a try first. And yes it does need a good burn-in when brand new. Sent fro
  14. Great! Auralic is really one of the best companies in the hi-fi world right now, and i can't imagine my listening room without Aries.
  15. same here. tried to delete the app and reinstall. didn't work. i think there is a bug in 2.0 which they need to fix. in the mean i guess i will have to know what i want to listen before i open the app.
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