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  1. Theobetley

    HQ Player

    So what combination do you use for dsd?
  2. For me it is transients (clean and quick), mid bass and bass weight of the orchestra along with a sense of space within the orchestra. And of course the wonderful color of woodwinds and bite of the brass. And of course the sweetness of the strings. You have all that you have a good facsimile of the original event.
  3. Theobetley

    HQ Player

    What is your twitter handle Jussi?
  4. whenever i turn on hqp i have difficulty connecting to my microrendu and dac. i need to reboot the rendu to get a connection.
  5. Hopefully increased Naa HQP discovery is part of your plans.
  6. Theobetley

    HQ Player

    I listen to pcm at 352 and dsd at 128. Didnt try the higher sampling yet.
  7. Theobetley

    HQ Player

    i just tried the latest HQP with the M filters and I must say I never heard anything better in my system. So congrats! But I still have trouble with initial connectivity. I have a i5, 12 gb memory - microRendu. - Lio dac 2.0 setup but can’t seem to get connectivity.after a shutdown unless I restart the microRendu. Is there an easier way to do this?
  8. How do I check if Rendu is visible on network?
  9. So I had a power outage but got all powered up again but I cant get connectivity from my uptone LPS1.2 powered microRendu to my dac. Tried cycling my pc, dac, roon and nogo. Any ideas?
  10. I just purchased the LPS1.2 and very happy with the results. In a word ...'Magnificient'... You guys did a great job on this product.
  11. Ordered a new card. Thanks for your feedback. How do I send you a pm?
  12. I already have the 2.6 card. Can I get another one from you guys? How much?
  13. Oh btw I am connected to the uRendu through my router.
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