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  1. I'm starting to collect bits for the upcoming build and wanted to check if it will be around the ASUS WS C621E Sage Extreme Power Intel® Xeon® Processor Workstation Motherboard?
  2. Thanks for your comments, Nenon. I read your earlier comments re the sound quality of the Xeon Silver 4114 CPUs. I'm following this thread with great interest. Thanks for your efforts.
  3. My wish list for this server build is to be able to upsample to DSD512 using HQ Player to a T+A Dac8 DSD. Will this be possible, and if so, how far into the complex range of HQ Player options could it go? Also, what CPU options are on the drawing board and are there any hot contenders?
  4. My two 350W PSUs arrived yesterday without warning. Tracking info turned up this morning. Units were very well packed. Thanks. Ben for your hard work in pulling this group buy together
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